Bill Nye Releases Freestyle Rap Dissing Todd Akin

Sep 09, 2012

Science educator Bill Nye intensified his ongoing feud with Congressman Todd Akin today by releasing a freestyle rap video that calls out the Missouri politician for his controversial recent statements and his lack of knowledge about science.

The bad blood began when shortly after Akin's comments regarding "legitimate rape", he fingered Bill Nye's denial of creationism as a casual factor in the arrival of Hurricane Issac.

The 56 year old Nye responded by lambasting Akin in a live television interview and challenging him to a debate, an invitation which Akin accepted.

Now Nye has returned to his roots in music to taunt Akin ahead of thier scheduled showdown. The video shows Nye wearing a grey suit and his trademark bow tie freestyling to an old school rap beat.

The full song is expected to be released on Vimeo within days, but The Daily Currant has obtained an exclusive transcript for our readers:

Yo Yo Yo


So Todd Akin you say pregnancy from rape is rare

But science says you're wrong and you don't seem to care

You're ignorant of biology and medicine so I declare

That your mind is as empty as Clint Eastwood's chair


I have to say Todd your ignorance has me distraught

You ought to learn these things in high school when they're taught

But I guess you were sniffing glue in the parking lot

While I was in science class freebasing thought


Now I ain't trying to hate

Just gotta educate

All you dumb mutherfuckers out there

Who don't respect that science is great


We build planes and trains and spaceships to the stars

All you build are prisons of ignorance with blind faith as the bars


We've cured polio, and smallpox, and AIDS is coming next

Sorry just not impressed with a 2,000 year old text

That gets all the basic questions wrong and hasn't made one good prediction

Lest you challenge my conviction, I'll just say it -  your book's a work of fiction


So Todd listen to my diction and free yourself of this addiction

to ignorance and hatred - its a terrible affliction

Never mind the cruxifiction, its time for an interdiction

Reality is so much more beautiful than your inaccurate depiction


Galaxies, pulsars, bosons, and quarks

Light up my mind like a thousand sparks

And Darwin, Hubble, Crick, and Einstein

You ain't got heros smarter than mine


Nothing can match the knowledge science brings

But its not just for fancy, theoretical things

iPhone, Google, Facebook - orchestras of code composed on silicon strings


So Todd I'm not even tired yet, but consider your ass versed

You're still low on knowledge, but you're about to be immersed

Cuz Bill Nye's comin' to St. Louis - October 21st


A representative for Nye confirims that the debate against Todd Akin is scheduled for Sunday October 21st at the St. Louis Science Center.

The Daily Currant has reached out to Todd Akin for a response, but phones in his Missouri campaign office were reported as disconnected.

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  • Jim Harvey

    Nye, don’t quit your day job. Not every Christian is an idiot like Akin. Belief in God is not a preclusion for belief in science and as an educated guy, you know that. Don’t get all fundamentalist like Akin or you lose your credibility. Remember, Scientists once claimed that bumblebees were incapable of flight

  • nicholas

    i’m with u. i’m rooting for u all the way bill. give him something to think about. but don’t go bashing religion, i grew up with it, and i’m training to become a vet tech right now

  • Widow

    Love you Bill…bury him!

  • Scooter

    No bashing, just facts baby! Cred will always be intact when you tell the truth, not what you ‘beleive’ to be true. If feelings are hurt by the truth, then get a tissue. And yes, the math didn’t support bee flight but after a lot of documented research on actual bees, we know how they do it. We didn’t guess, offer an opinion, read it from a 2000 year old transcript. Hours of methodical recording of facts combined together from multiple independant sources led us to the answer. You are asking Bill to pull his punches, go easy on Todd, maybe throw him a bone? Won’t happen, it will be Todd who will offer a “agree to disagree”, slam dunk!

  • Jordan

    Childhood hero… Renewed his hero status today in my eyes. This guy ROCKS,

  • Amy

    satire! awesome satire!

  • James

    It’s a joke, Jim