Limbaugh Says He’s Moving to Costa Rica

Nov 07, 2012

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said tonight that he will be spending the next four years "in exile" in Costa Rica.

The controversial provocateur says he cannot fathom living another four years in Obama's America and will be retreating to a private villa near the Costa Rican resort town of Puntarenas until 2016.

During a live broadcast of his eponymous radio show, the veteran broadcaster explains that he may be leaving, but he won't be silenced:

"America I did not come to this decision lightly. It"s something I've thought long and hard about. Two weeks ago I made a silent promise to myself that if Obama won, I'd leave the country. And I plan on making good on that promise."

El Gordo Blanco

"The fact is America is no longer the America we grew up in. Obama has turned her into a socialist paradise ruled by the Marxists, the femminazis and radical transsexual pirates."

"I'm not giving up on America. But I am staging a strategic retreat in my fight against the left. Like General Lee at Gettysburg, we may have lost the battle, but we will win the war."

"I want every one of my listeners to know that I'm not going quiet. I've spoken to my producers, my distributors, and my advertisers and we've all agreed that the show will go on. I'll be doing The Rush Limbaugh Show live 5 days a week from Costa Rica."

Limbaugh won't be giving up his American citizenship, and will thus be forced to continue to pay 'confiscatory'  U.S. taxes. He has threatened to make the move to Costa Rica before, most notably during the debate on Obama's healthcare reforms.

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  • John Gilgun

    Hey! I’m a “radical transexual pirate!” Get out of my light!

  • Samin

    Why was he silent about this plan, we could have helped him pack earlier. This foul mouth character is going to pollute the airwaves of a beautiful place like Costa Rica, is there a way to divert him to a jungle.

  • JunkChuck

    Is General Lee’s tactical retreat at Gettysburg-and his vow to “win the war” really the simile you mean to evoke? I seem to recall that might not have worked out so well for Lee. Rush, though you’ve railed against much that I hold dear all these long years, I won’t hold a grudge. Just tell me, WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? I can give you a ride to the airport. You can borrow my old Ford truck to move…whatever it takes to get you going, I’m here for you. Buddy.

  • Jessica Neubauer

    I thought this site was satiric- please let this be real.

  • Mickey Houlahan

    Guys - appreciate the effort, but you really need to begin including some humor in these “satirical” pieces.

  • DailyCurrant

    I personally find idea of ‘radical transsexual pirates” hilarious. If you don’t go read The Onion or some other lame, low brow site.

  • DailyCurrant

    BTW if you’re not educated enough to appreciate a decent Civil War joke, go read The Onion. They’ll hold your hand through the jokes for ya.

  • stormkite

    You need to spend some time in the Old South. The war isn’t over, just suspended for a while. The South Shall Try Again. and again, and again, and again. They’re very trying.

  • Jeanne

    Costa Rica is an honest to goodness socialist country…does he not realize that?

  • Henry

    Good for him,wish I could do the same

  • Henry

    we git r done for sure

  • frog

    I’m a registered Republican in Georgia and you’re an embarassment. please go no later than tomorrow and don’t come back. all companies that support this pathetic rhetoric - I will not buy anything from you.

  • stormkite

    Fairly sure it’s not possible to include wingnut humor on the internet. Sticks and stones and so forth… this is just words. Nobody gets lynched or beaten, so the wingers won’t think it’s funny.

  • andres

    please come on, Costa Rica is socialist, expensive and although have some pretty beaches San Jose is ugly

  • Dave_Adams

    I think that may be the very first thing that he’s ever said that I like. Probably the last too.

  • Don

    Hey Rush, you’re a sly fox if there ever was one. You’ll be living in a country with socialized medicine. And you’ll be taking advantage of all kinds of tax benefits for the insanely wealthy like you and Mitt. Here’s the skinny from Escape Artist:

    “There are also many tax advantages to living in Costa Rica. Investors pay no capital gains taxes on real estate, business taxes are minimal and high interest bank accounts are tax-free. Property taxes are also reasonable when compared to the U.S. If you choose to go into business, the government offers incentives. You may also form a tax-sheltered corporation and write off most of your business expenses. Foreigners are not required to pay taxes on external income.”

    You don’t care about America. If you did, you wouldn’t bail out so cowardly and cravenly. And where do you go? To a relative paradise. Why not to a place where you could prove to the poorest of the poor how to get out from under?

    Bottom line, you did this as a business decision and for publicity, tell the truth. I can hear the headlines now, “Hello America, I hope you’re not in jail yet. This is Rush Limbaugh.” Ching, ching. You BS for money, plain and simple. You’re a shill, not a patriot. You’d rip the heart out of our country if you could make another $50 million.

  • Julia Krauss

    Please Ill even spend my last freeking dime to buy your sorry @shh a ticket!

  • Denise Raspberry

    First he was moving to Canada, they probably said Hell NO… Costa Rica is hard for tourists and money/

  • Brad Jordan

    Don, you act like paying taxes is a good thing. You lefties seem to think it’s your right to steal others people’s money, by “taxing” them. I don’t blame the guy for moving. What do you think made America so great, high taxes? No, people had the opportunity to come here and keep the wealth that they made… not steal it from more successful people.

  • jp

    then he will be an immigrant in another county

  • Fidel Castro

    Rush, you better moves to Cuba. Here, you will have the world best cigars, women, and free medicine for your addiction. I will let you broadcast your radio program from the best havana hotel with two tropicana dancers around you to help you make a good use of the cigars as Monica did to Bill.

  • Santi Smirnov

    Rush, I will donate my plane and pilot for free to fly you out of this country to Costa Rica. There is plenty of room for you to take your fellow nut jobs like Ann Coulter, O’Reilly, (Ins)Hannity, Karl Rove, Ryan, Sununu, the whole Fox Crew except Megyn Kelly for she is the only sane person in that bunch of losers. Don’t forget Roger A. and both Dicks Trump and Cheney and they can lead a revolution there. Maybe you will find the Iraqi WMD there. The US will be much better off without your kind. There is not an iota of positivity in any of your bones. You and your bunch are the most vile and destructive(to the US) animals the US public have seen in a very long time. There will be peace and tranquility in the US once you are gone. The whole country is so tired of your tirades and rants against President Obama. I feel sorry for the Costa Ricans though but they will welcome you anyway because of the way you treat people that is not of European descent. Maybe you’ll learn a little humilty. Maybe I will instruct my pilot to put just enough fuel to get a mile from the Central American coastline and then ditch the plane so you will have to do some work to get to shore. I wouldn’t want to make too easy for you guys. There are lots of sharks that populate their 800 miles of coastline. You will feel right at home. Good riddance to the whole bunch of you. Don’t forget to take R. Murdoch and the Koch brothers. i think America needs a long overdue vacation from all you guys because you have create enough pain and suffering to the American lower, middle and yes upper class too. Four years of your caca is enough. P.S. don’t forget George”The Decider” W. Thanks buddy.

  • Neville Paul Alliman

    Don’t the moron know that the people of Costa Rico are not white. I hope they lynch the slimeball.

  • LLENO22


  • Dylan

    You will die a very horrible death for that curse you satanic Marxist antichrist nihlistic tool.

  • Dylan

    Your reverse psychology attempts don’t work Marxist tool.

  • Mark Blakeney


  • Matthew Tanner

    Please, don’t go Rush. Please, don’t. Please. Don’t.

  • Matthew Tanner

    What’s stopping you?

  • Cheryl WykydOne

    Is he gone yet?

  • Counselorchick

    Is Rush still here? Can we deport him?

  • Marcus

    The stories on this website are completely fictional (satire), but thanks for playing.


    Don’t even think to come around here!