Tagg Romney Preparing 2016 Presidential Run

Feb 07, 2013

tagg_romney_rect-460x307Tagg Romney, the eldest son of failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is reportedly considering a run for president in 2016.

The hedge fund executive is said to be lining up key donors and hiring essential staff in an effort to continue the Romney family's political legacy in national politics.

Although 42-year-old Tagg has never held elective office and has never obtained a job without the help of his father, friends say he believes the time has come to claim his stake.

"Tagg has always been the kind of guy who follows in his father's footsteps," explains Rip Van Kelt, a college classmate. "BYU, Harvard Business School, high finance. Mitt made sure to buy Tagg's way into the same life he had.

"It makes sense he'd want to buy Tagg the presidency too."


I Ain't No President's Son

Romney the Younger is expected to heavily self-finance his campaign, drawing on his father's massive wealth to establish a ground organization in the vital primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sources close to the Tagg camp say he will run on a platform which emphasizes domestic economic issues over social issues and international affairs.

His signature issue is said to be the complete elimination of the inheritance tax, which he says "destroys the incentive for mommies and daddies everywhere to create wealth."

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Currant, Tagg Romney declined to confirm the rumors of his candidacy. But he offered hints of what a Tagg 2016 campaign would look like.

"America doesn't want an insider, Washington politician," he explains. "They don't want some boring, experienced governor. America wants someone with solid, private-sector experience.

"I've worked for my dad's company, my dad's campaign, and a hedge fund I set up with money from my dad's friends.

"And if I decide to run for President, I can ask my dad to give jobs to millions more people in America. That's how we can solve this unemployment crisis."

Aides to Mitt Romney say they're trying to help Tagg draft a outline for his campaign platform - but have been rebuffed by an increasingly independent young man.

"I'm a big boy now," Tagg explains. "I can do this part all by myself."

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  • Xylonjay

    Go away dumbass. Take a trip to Kolob and don’t come back.

  • http://twitter.com/DarrellPMWest Darrell West

    Of what country or planet that he is going run as President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1643186481 Kevin Koehler

    Let him run… No one but complete idiots would vote for the son of a loser. It will make the Democratic vote even stronger.