CNN Runs Segment Praising Jerry Sandusky

Mar 19, 2013

1363640049454.cached CNN aired a startling segment today praising convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky and lamenting his harsh prison sentence.

The bizarre exchange on Candy Crowley's State of the Union comes just days after the network hosted a similar conversation many accused of sympathizing with the Steubenville, Ohio, rapists.

CNN correspondent Poppy Harlow was reporting live from the prison in Greene, Pa., where Sandusky is being held to mark the six-month anniversary of his conviction.

After running a brief clip of Sandusky going about his daily business inside the supermax facility, Crowley asked Harlow for her take on the situation.

"I think what really gets lost in all this Candy, is that Jerry Sandusky is a human being," she replied. "Here's a 69-year-old man who's never going to see his children again and who can't watch his grandchildren grow up. That's the real tragedy here.

"How can society take away a man's hopes? A man's dreams? How can we as Americans be so cruel?"

No Apologies

Crowley then turned to CNN legal contributor Paul Callan for his expert opinion on the subject.

"Jerry Sandusky did so much for his school and his community,"  added Callan. "He was a coach. A mentor. A philanthropist. Yes he made a few minor mistakes, but he didn't deserve this kind of treatment. I think probation would have been a fairer sentence."

"I agree Candy," Harlow chimed in. "When you see him in this tiny cell, unable to communicate with the outside world. I have to tell you, it just breaks your heart. No one deserves this. No one.

"And the worst part is that children - the people Jerry says he loves most in the world - aren't even allowed to visit him in prison."

"Oh I can't agree more," interjected Callan. "I think the fact Sandusky can't bring children into the prison for visits is a travesty of justice. It's the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment, and I hope is attorneys are suing to overturn that restriction."

Crowley nodded as the two made their pro-Sandusky points, and closed the segment with a personal plea to the notorious rapist's jailers.

"That's Poppy Harlow reporting live from Greene, Pennsylvania. Tragic story Poppy. Let's hope someone in the state's prison system is listening today and can help Jerry Sandusky live out the rest of his days in comfort."


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