James Franco Denied Entry to Correspondents Dinner

Apr 28, 2013

jamesfrancoActor James Franco was denied entry to the White House Correspondent's Dinner last night.

According to sources at the scene, he showed up to the event without an invitation expecting to be seated at a VIP table - but was firmly rebuffed at the door.

Franco, the star of films such as 127 Hours and Springbreakers, arrived to the Washington D.C. gala about 20 minutes late and proceeded directly to the coat check where he announced himself.

"Hey what's up? I'm James Franco," he told the porter. "I understand this is kinda last minute so if you can't sit me next to the president that's cool. But can we at least do the vice president? Thanks boss."

Franco then proceeded to make his way into the ballroom, but was stopped by the Secret Service when he couldn't produce an invitation.

Freaks and Geeks 

Franco didn't take kindly to being blocked, and demanded the agents allow him in.

"Hey guys, do you even know who I am?," he protested. "This is James Franco. Like major Hollywood celebrity. Artist. Intellectual.

"Come on I hosted the Oscars. That's like way bigger than this. Just sit me next to Biden, I'm sure he'll like me. You let George Clooney in and he doesn't even have a PhD."

"I'm sorry sir," an agent responded. "This is an invitation-only event. You can't just show up and expect to be seated, no matter who you are."

"What? This is like some Franz Kafka shit bro," Franco continued. "No one told me I needed an invite. I got a speech prepared and everything. Just crack open the door, I'm sure once people recognize me they'll wave me in."

"I'm sorry sir, I can't do that." the agent repeated. "The president of the United States is in attendance, and no one gets through these doors without an invitation."

"Dude you're gonna be so embarrassed once you find out who I am," Franco replied.

"I know you are, sir. Pineapple Express sucked, James Dean was overrated and you're like the third most famous person to emerge from Freaks and Geeks.

"If you were Seth Rogen, I might consider making an exception. But no body really likes you, they just kinda put up with you. Sorry kid."

After several more minutes of arguing, a dejected Franco decided to go back to his hotel, where he faced questions from reporters.

"It's like you think you're on top of the world," he told them, "and then something crazy like this happens. It's like drama, you know? Like the definition of drama. I need to add this to my autobiographical screenplay. People can learn a lot from this experience."

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    What is this dumb story and why is everyone gone. Is it holiday today?