Will and Jada Smith Adopt a White Baby

Jun 26, 2013

20100430-tows-smith-family-6-300x205Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have revealed they are expanding their family by adopting a child.

The proud parents told People magazine that they are in the final stages of adopting Nicolae, a 1-year-old who hails from the Eastern European country of Moldova.

“We are super excited that we’ll be adding another source of joy to our lives,” Jada and Will told People columnist Maya Gallo. “We have visited Nicolae dozens of times and he’s just a lovely, wonderful baby. I’m sure he’s as excited as we are that he’ll be coming home with us.”

Will, 44, and Jada, 41, have been married since 1997 and have two children together, Willow and Jaden, and a son from Will’s first marriage. The couple often boasts of their superior parenting skills and devotion to their children.

Will and Jada said they were inspired to adopt thanks to fellow actors such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna who have adopted children from foreign countries. The Smiths looked at adoptions in Romania, Ukraine and Serbia before a friend suggested Moldova, a former Soviet republic and one of Europe’s poorest countries.

"Interracial adoption is just so hot right now," Will explained,  "It's done wonders for Angelina's career, and following the whole After Earth thing, I'm hoping for a similar boost."

The Smiths said they fell in love with baby Nicolae when they met him three months ago at an orphanage in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau.

“I saw Nicolae in his crib and I was instantly taken with him,” Will said. “He had beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and wrinkly pink skin. I turned to Jada and I said, ‘Honey, this is the one.’ ”

“We find magic in the mundane,” Jada said. “Some people might think going to an orphanage in a poor country to look at abandoned children is sad. But we saw it as another reason to grow closer together while bringing joy to another child.”

“It takes a great man to have that instant feeling toward a child that’s not your own,” Will added. “The fact that it’s a white baby makes our adoption much more inspiring to people who strive to be just like us.”

The Pursuit of Pretentiousness

The Smiths’ two children Willow, 12, and Jaden, 14, have already entered show business: Jaden is an actor and Willow recorded a hit song, “Whip My Hair.”

“Both of are children will be 18 and living their own lives before we know it because we’ve prepared them so well for life,” Jada said. “But Will and I have no desire to be empty nesters. We have too much love, compassion and wisdom to offer.”

“Why wouldn’t you want us to raise more children,” Will added. “Just look at how great our own children have turned out.”

However, Will and Jada declined to say if they plan to have Nicolae follow them and their children into entertainment.

“I want to inspire Nicolae to become everything he dreams and even the things he never dreamed,” Will said. “If he wants to be an actor, a director, a musician, a dancer or something equally amazing, it will be his choice.

“I think Nicolae is going to be the greatest child in the whole world thanks to Jada and me."

  • bob loblaw

    Maybe this one will have some talent. Too bad it will have a Moldovan accent.

  • Catalina

    LOL. You nailed it. The only problem is, you read “quotes” like this every day from real people who are adopting real children and believe all their own b.s. They don’t care if they are using a corrupt agency to “save” a trafficked child from a corrupt country, they just want that kid.

  • Moldovan

    and USA is not corrupt? )))))))))))))))))) can u even find Moldova on the map ? )))))))))))))))))))

  • Nicoleta

    i’m so sorry for this kid, they are just using him to create a reputation, these aren’t inspiring people, these are just sick-for-attention people.

  • Gene

    This Moldovan will speak better English than you !

  • John

    This child will speak any language any accent, depends on the country, as he is just one year old!

  • Alex

    I’m wondering how they managed to adopt a one year old as Moldovan legislation does not allow for children younger than 2 to be put for international adoption?

  • Suzy

    You do know this is a satire site, right? All of it is a joke. Nicolae from Moldova is a play on the Left Behind books. In other words, he is the Antichrist. A wonder baby, indeed! :)

  • #funny people

    following the path of Brangelina.

  • Chuck Freiberg

    what a bunch of idiots thinking this is real

  • Pavel Bodeanu

    for you it’s fun and games but for our officials and the Communist Party in the Parliament it became a serious issue



    ps: you can try google translate Romanian -> English :)

  • Eric Mwacalimba


  • http://www.delawareliberal.net/ Joe Cass

    I would have adopted Carlton.

  • John Doe

    I hope they are careful, millions of kids stolen from their families all around the world, placed in orphanages or ‘care centers’ owned by adoption agencies and labelled as ‘orphans’. I hope they really do their homework and become activist in the end, protecting families who have been victimized by the multi-billion dollar business of separating children from their mothers (be it ‘forced/manipulation/lying/stealing/coercion’) with the end result of selling children to the couples who have largest amounts of money. I mean, did they really do their homework? Will the child’s birth certificate have the ‘Smith’s’ name on it as the parents or the child’s actual parents name? If the Birth Records are falsified then that is the first lie of the child’s origin. That is a violation of human rights and is stated so in the United Nations.

  • Mary Christina Smith

    I’m sad to see Will’s comments about the chance of this adoption boosting his career and what a great man he is for thinking of this baby as his own. Is this about the child in need or about Will and his need to have his ego stroked and career revitalized? Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family, but your heart has to be in the right place. Selfishness and self centeredness make it tough to be great at parenting. I wonder if he can even hear the conceit in his comments? Disappointed in him…

  • Seanjay

    Hilarious! I think that is Will & Jade’s point exactly. When Angelina “as a white woman” adopted black babies, the world saw it as cute & now W & J want to adopt a white baby..there is all this commotion and judgement. Wake up people! What tells u that Angelina’s adoption was not a desperate move for attention that she got?

  • Alley

    You are reading what he said. You aren’t hearing it. Will jokes about everything and pokes fun at absurd situations all the time. He was probably laughing the entire time he was saying all that stuff. I’m sure he knows it is nonsense.

  • James Russel


  • Candy

    Will is a comedian. He is just being funny. Lighten up!!!!!!!!

  • Dani

    You do know this is satire right! As in it’s not true?

  • Dani

    Thanks Suzy!

  • Dani


  • Thinker

    You know what’s weird? What’s weird is that, in spite of SEVERAL people commenting to the fact that Will did not say these things, and that this is a SATIRE, people STILL read the article, read the comments…and then comment on how awful Will and Jada are for being so selfish. Really people? Use. Your. Brains. Both sides!

  • DJ J

    I figured this was fake, because last time I checked, Will and Jada aren’t even together anymore.

  • Scream

    I can’t believe that you actually believed any of this was true! LOL

  • Scream

    No, YOU stop. It’s beyond ridiculous that anyone thinks that Will is actually going to adopt a child, or that he said any of this. Eric is right.

  • Nyc Lowrent


  • http://thephotographer4you.com thephotographer4you

    WONK WONK Romney family adopted a black baby. > http://www.vibe.com/article/smh-news-romney-family-adopts-black-baby

  • NewJERU973


  • karen

    Why can’t these famous people adopt from the U.S. There are plenty of children out here that need a home and help too…smh…

  • Kevin

    I stopped reading but still have a smile on my face. It was little funny :-D

  • Tori


  • Michelle Finnie

    At least the baby is going to a Loveing and careing family that will give him all the love an care an attention he needs, not to say a fab future big up will n Jada.