House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings

Oct 14, 2013
GOP Leaders Cite Inability to Halt Government Shutdown

bachmann-gohmert-king-presser-4a591e1a1c95b8773f7b75242e36e943dd302aef-s6-c30Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled impeachment proceedings against President Obama, claiming his inability to halt the federal government shutdown makes him unfit for office.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann introduced a resolution to impeach Obama this morning and referred the matter to the House Judiciary Committee. Senior aides close to judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte say hearings will begin Thursday.

"I think it's high time President Obama be held accountable for his crimes," explains Bachmann. "For two weeks now, vital government services have been disrupted, federal workers have gone without pay and national memorials have been closed, all because of the president's refusal to negotiate over Obamacare.

"This isn't just poor leadership. The Obama administration is corrupt to the core. The scandals surrounding the IRS, Benghazi, the Fast and the Furious (sic) and Solyndra have shown us this cabal will do anything to stay in power.

"But in shutting down the government President Obama has committed economic treason against the United States of America, and he must be removed before it's too late. The Constitution provides us the mechanism of impeachment. It's time to end this dictatorial regime and return the presidency back to the American people."

Sour Tea

The U.S. federal government shut down on Oct. 1 after House Republicans refused to fund it unless President Obama agreed to repeal his signature health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

Although most polls show that a majority of Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown, many in the Tea Party feel President Obama is at fault  for not immediately acquiescing to their demands.

"The tipping point for me was closing the World War II memorial," says Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, who voted for the bill which effectively shut down the government. "I can't believe Obama did that. I mean how dare he put politics ahead of our veterans.

"All this clown needs to do is repeal the most important law he ever passed, and then this will all be over. Why is that so hard? The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached -- he should be in jail."

Hearings in the judiciary committee are expected to last for two weeks, after which the committee will create specific impeachment charges and refer them to the full House. If a majority of House members vote to impeach the President, the matter is referred to the Senate, where he will face trial. The Senate's Democratic majority makes ultimate success unlikely.

"We probably won't be successful," admits Ted Cruz, one of the few Republicans in the Senate supporting the impeachment process. "But we have to try. This guy is worse than Hitler. We have to do something."

  • CML

    They are flipping stupid if they think this is Obama’s fault. If you don’t like the way something is being ran in Government then VOTE WITH AN EDUCATED VOTE, not one just based on your political affiliation.
    Secondly, this article makes it sound like Obama isn’t willing to negotiate with the Republicans, what ever happened to the Republicans compromising with Obama? It’s a two way street. Personally, I think the Affordable Health Care Act is brilliant, we’ve needed national medical coverage for all people for a long time.

  • Ryan

    ^^^ You have NEVER read the Affordable Care Act ^^^

  • Judas

    Wow u r stupid if u don’t think this guy is totally corrupt. Forget the debt ceiling or obamacare. He’s a war criminal and should be imprissoned.

  • Caroline

    The House would not be doing its job if they agreed to the raise the debt ceiling again for the ACA. The Obama administration is not working with the House to decrease our federal debt. Obama said in the beginning we could keep our doctors, we could keep our current insurance plans if we liked them, he said our insurance rates would actually decrease. None of these have proven true. Not only that, but the Obama administration had to go back to the House and say they needed MORE money to fund the ACA! It is a joke. You cannot socalize medicine and Medical care because it is on an individual basis. My health care may be more or less than yours… It would never cost the same. A single payer system will not work.

  • John

    Probably a reason why your parents named you Judas!!!!

  • Gerald Da Sylva

    Gee! The President won’t do what you, twenty three percent of the people in America, want? Any one in your gang has ever had a problem paying for healthcare? Oh, I guess, you can’t see why you should pay for anyone else to survive financially as well as physically a serious health issue… Yeah! Let’s impeach this megalomaniac who thinks that Americans should rise to the same standard as the rest of the civilised world: what a crazy ambition!

  • bennie

    thank GOD. I pray that can get him impeached

  • anthonyadams

    Hey John - more proof that the wackamoles are useless idiots who willingly display their gross stupidity.

  • Ed

    And people wonder why Obama doesn’t want to sit across the table to negotiate with these people?

    Well, if you want to bring up Obama on impeachment charges for not stopping the shut down… better add Imam Boehner to the indictment. Afterall, he secretly changed the house rules, not allowing any member of the House to call for a floor vote on the Senate bill.

  • Ed

    Caroline… do you understand that the debt ceiling has nothing at all to do with any costs associated with the ACA? That it only is about paying back loans against what was already spent?

    Like, I don’t know a couple of trillion for wars, a few more hundred billion for unpaid for tax cuts, add another few hundred billion for unpaid for drug programs… you know, stuff like that that the GOP spent money on.

    You can’t decrease DEBT until you deal with the deficit first. You do understand the difference between the two, right? And at the current time our deficits are falling faster than they have in more than 50 years.

  • bennie

    I don’t think you know what you are talking about. and are you a American.

  • ed

    A war criminal for what? Libya? If so, than I guess you feel that Bush should also be in prison, correct? Afterall there were a dozen embassy attacks during his tenure. Oh and lets not forget the bold face lies and twisting of information to start a war, costing 4000 American lives and a couple of trillion as well, never off set by any spending cuts.

    You aren’t Judas… your cluelas!

  • Caroline

    The debt ceiling has to be raised every month because they are spending too much money. The ACA will increase the debt, therefore they have to increase the debt ceiling. The deficit is the difference between the money the Government takes in and what the Government spends each year. Our debt is still piling up, the ACA will add to this debt. This debt which we as tax payers will be paying for. My family almost lost our health insurance this year due to the ACA. I went online to see what we might qualify for under the ACA. In my case my premium for my family was only 600.00 a year. However, our deductablewas 30,000. That isn’t affordable health care.

  • Christine Handy

    I think they all should be impeached! so why your getting rid of the president make sure you impeach yourself’s! your all at fault for our country! why people are losing everything they have built so hard for there family, You jerks are playing games and it’s all of you’s! This should of never happened are country is a joke be cause of congress! Shame on how all of you’s have destroyed the greatest country in the world! so please as you impeach are president put your names on that list too!

  • Christine Handy

    ALL OF CONGRESS IS CORRUPT!!! They all need to see what it feels like to be the hard working AMERICAN. These ppl are a joke! I think good impeach but should not stop at the president! we need a GOVERMENT that stands for the people and is TUFF but FAIR and believes in america and the back bone of our country!

  • Caroline

    Actually, obama could be considereda war criminal if the US attacks Syria. This is because of the treaties. So Obama would be considereda war criminal by the EU.

  • JMC

    Wow…you’re whole statement was an oxymoron. You are so clueless, it’s pathetic. It is Obama who REFUSES to negotiate. If you’ve been under a rock…he is going for full dictatorship, and that’s why he won’t work with congress. Turn your TV off and learn about Agenda 21….it’s our New World Order. Anyone who supports this terrorist Muslim in our WH needs to also be tarred and feathered.

  • JMC

    WOW…talk about clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    And the dems have done nothing of the kind, is what you are telling me!!!! It is because people like you in the Senate and the WH that we are in this predicament!

  • Me

    We were paying for all the illegal democrats healthcare before this was law and now the feds want to put their grubby hands in it to try and make a profit! Talk about adding insult to injury!

  • Eric

    I hope you folks get mounted by a rabid dog. oh boo hoo we don’t get what we want so we will harm the US. it is far time that all politicans start earning their pay. the republicans are a joke woth no leg to stand on so they create strife and then.pass the blame to Obama?!?!?! Get bent!!!!!!

  • LS Militia

    The Tea Party has been trying to change the status quo of our Congress. As long as people keep drinking the koolaid the liberal media feeds everyone, our country is doomed to become exactly like the european countries in which our founding fathers declared their independence.

  • Joanne Epperson Deist

    This is a satiric piece LMAO @ you low information people who don’t bother to confirm. By the way the words, I will not negotiate came out if obamas mouth … several times.

  • Joanne Epperson Deist

    This is a satiric piece LMAO @ you low information people who don’t bother to confirm. By the way the words, I will not negotiate came out if obamas mouth … several times.

  • Bill Moss

    we need to make sure the Senate knows that if they don’t impeach “We the People will rise up against them and remove them from office and charge them and Obama with High Treason…

  • Bill Moss

    Stupid is as stupid does and if you think socialized medicine is so only one responsible but the temper tantrum he is throwing shutting down War Monuments and other facilities that require guarding at the peoples expense when they normally are not is illegal under the law during a gov. shutdown. Before you criticize our voting claiming it is uneducated you need to study the Constitution.for the United States.

  • cj

    FOLKS! SATIRE. S A T I R E look it up

  • Kerwin White

    Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it

  • JamesPF

    EVERY STATE SHOULD RECALL THE DEMOCRATS THAT WOULD HOLD UP THE IMPEACHMENT IMMEDIATELY. That way the dems would not control the Senate if they were removed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kerwin White

    “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion,
    butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance
    accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders,
    give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new
    problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight
    efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects

  • Truth is fact, not opinion

    Typical liberal tripe. Wishing harm on people and no facts, only opinion. You should be ashamed. I would never wish harm or death on any one, especially for just having a different opinion than me. That just goes to show you have some seriously messed up values. Most republicans do suck, just as most dems suck. The government is clearly corrupt and it is all a game of good cop, bad cop. In the end, we are all chained to the world they force us to live in. Some people want to be led and controlled. I choose to be free to make my own decisions. Down with big government!

  • Truth is fact, not opinion

    It is not just the Tea party. Many grass roots movements are forming and fighting it.

  • Kerwin White

    The more you educate yourself the more you understand where things come
    from the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies
    everywhere. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth
    will set you free.

  • Ron Bedell

    I can think of a number of better things to impeach Barry on. Besides I think any impeach attempt will be stop cold in the House by Boehner.

  • R. Scott Stewart

    Actually, the Republicans have tried to negotiate. They sent several compromise bills over. They set up a meeting time. But its Obama who has repeatedly refused to negotiate. Why should he when no matter what he does his minions will find a way to seemingly justify it, and say he did nothing wrong?
    Like this poster?

  • R. Scott Stewart

    Regarding the AFA, in the Supreme Court’s own decision, it “gives Congress broad new powers.” It also gave the court the broad new power to literally rewrite legislation, and Obama has seized the right to pick and choose what law he will institute and when and how. The Court decision also creates a tax on…nothing. Government can now tax non activity. And the Act in effect nationalizes two of our biggest industries, health care and insurance. Yeah, brilliant like a mad scientist.

  • josh

    About Time The PeoPle Decided To Stand Up For This Country! Lets Bring America Back!

  • Barry Soetoro

    Impeach this terrorist or We the People will rise up and it won’t be good to anyone who stands in our way.

  • MicheleandMarty Zimmerman

    IMPEACH HIM!!!!! We want our Country back - before it’s too late!!!!!

  • Lynn Miers

    I think the people should be heard. Impeach Obama.

  • Coby B

    We already have national medical coverage. It’s called going to the e.r. and getting what ever wrong with you fixed. It is not the responsibility of everyone else to pay for others health care that are lazy bums. I have mouth cancer and no insurance if i die because of it then that is my fault for not working harder in my life so i could afford to get this cancer taken care of no one else just mine. If the good lord says it’s my time then it’s my time.

  • Rick Pellegrin

    yes you are stupid.

  • Jennifer

    I agree. Before Obama makes this a communist country, he should be impeached. One by one our freedoms are being taken. His brother is in the alcaida muslim regime and this poses a big threat. He is laundering money to our enimies and getting rid of our troops more and more. He is purposely making us vulnerable. America is the land of the free. This means we have the right to bear arms. Wehave the right to choose to have insurance or not. This Obamacare strips us of our rights. We have the right to have freedom of speechand yet he passed a bill to take it away. He took freedom of press away if it offends him. Other countries are becoming free while our President and his regime are making us slaves. A person like him should have never been elected and as far as we know he could be a sleeper cell put in America by the Alcaida so that he can inflatrate our nation and take it down. There are millions that want him impeached.

  • Suzanne

    Hitler???!!! Seriously???? There’s absolutely no comparison. I think it’s a disgrace to say such a thing!!

  • Jammie Bradford

    IMPEACH!!!!!!! Ask the people in a honest POLE how they feel! every VOTE count! Every person!

  • Rob

    I thought I was looking at replies when I upvoted you. You do realize that a lot of moronic republicans voted FOR Obamacare? They did more than compromise or negotiate. And, no, MR. Obama is not negotiating. He’s throwing a powty little hissy fit like immature piece of scum he is. This bill is not national coverage for anyone. It is expensive insurance that requires other insurers to increase their rates as well. And if you opt out you pay thousands in penalties. NO ONE CAN AFFORD THIS SO CALLED AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE.

  • Barry Soetoro

    Speaking of that 2 way street… Is that the same street Obama keeps skipping when he calls executive decision on 98% of his decisions? This IS Obama’s fault. If he cared any single bit about the People of the United States, he would have already ended this shut down but no, he still holds out. National Medicare coverage is nice if you can do it without hurting people but this has done nothing but hurt the people. People losing hours because their work place can’t afford to provide them Obamacare is just the tip of the iceberg! You are the kind of idiot Obama feds off of. The ones who see only the outter edge of what he’s doing, but cares nothing to read further in. Please cease to exist.

  • Edna Jackson Barefoot


  • Rick Pellegrin

    you can not decrease debt by raising debt limit. you do understand that do you.

  • Jason

    Dave Ramsey breaks Obamacare down… It’s just simple MATH, surely you smart people know how to add and subtract huh…

  • USA

    So your ok with the government telling you when and where you can go to seek medical attention?

  • MAH

    Someone posted this piece of satire on Facebook. I’m wondering if the people who “attaboy” this garbage have read this article or know anything about the ACA.]

  • Edna Jackson Barefoot


  • anonymous

    Another waste of taxpayers dollars geez when will you folks get a life

  • majordawg

    I’m as right as anyone and I hate the president, but this just makes the GOP look absolutely stupid.

  • Rioghan

    He is a war criminal for aiding our enemy in Syria. Supporting “rebel” groups with known links to Al Qaeda is treason in my book. And, yes, Bush is a criminal also. Obama, despite not looking like a complete idiot to the masses when giving a speech, has led a more war-like regime than Bush. It does not excuse Bush one bit though.

  • Katherine Rousseau

    You cannot argue stupidity. Most Idiotic article I have ever read so far. Waste of time.

  • Patricia Bedgood

    I do not believe for one minute that Louie Gohmer and Cruz said what is written here. Just because it is on the Internet doesn’t make it true.

  • Akir11

    Lol you are so dumb! A pole?????? You mean a POLL?? What is wrong with you, ya dumbass?

  • Akir11

    Lol yeah okay. He’s not gonna be impeached so I hope you’re planning this uprising. We all know you aren’t going to do anything so why bother saying you are?

  • L. Savage

    FINALLY SOMEONE THINKS LIKE ME!!!!!! He should have been impeached better yet he shouldn’t have been re-elected

  • Akir11

    You…where did you go to school? How do you exist?

  • Richard B. Long

    I hope, for the sake of America, that you all know this is satire (IE Not True), but given the demographic of the majority of Republican and Tea Party supporters, (and the comments I’m reading) I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you may not.

  • Akir11

    Yep! He won’t back down. Obamacare is getting passed either way so get over it :)

  • Denise

    Exactly! I just read this off of one of my Conservative Friends posts! This is satirical! -

    Unbelieveable how stupid people are! LOL

  • Barbara E. Ward

    Obama is the one who won’t sit down and negotiate. And this Affordable Health Care Act is not really affordable! If you’ve been reading about what’s been happening to people who have been going online to sign up you would know that the premiums, when they can get them, are high!

  • Kull

    I believe it, and I support this message. Impeach the beach.

  • Kenneth Browning

    Right here is what’s wrong with republicans. Instead of actually doing something, they just pray that’ll happen.

  • Jason Haggard

    Hey Bachmann I want him gone as much as anybody else, but you need to go with him.

  • Akir11

    How can anyone take your opinion seriously when you write “powty”? Did you mean pouty? Did you see the red line that appeared when you wrote that? It’s not there for decoration, it’s there to show you that you made a typo. Now, you’ve lost all credibility of being educated.

  • Bobby Shelton

    All I’m am going to say is this country isn’t nothing like is used to be. Put a hard working man or woman in the white house that has had to struggle to put food on the table for there families and had to earn an honest dollar and this country will turn around. We the people need change before this country is nothing more than a dirty dish.

  • Akir11

    You need to take your medication. Calm down. That’s not going to happen.

  • James Landry

    Jail time for Obama take no less

  • Akir11

    Seriously, why are you using caps? Do you think that helps make your point stronger? It doesn’t, it makes you look crazy.

  • Mark Best

    What a joke. Michelle Bachman? She runs a very close 2nd to Sarah Palin as the village idiot of the Republican party. And talk about using politics to further an agenda? You all suck!!!! Voting for NO incumbent ever again. Damn losers!

  • marvin

    as a blue collar worker i can see from my stand point impeach him and yes i dont say it easily but hes got to go now

  • Fay Jackson

    AMEN!! Ted,I’ve said that ever since he Ran the First time I also warned he would be worse than he ever was this time round,But who am I just a little peaon,No one listened to me But,was I right or was I right ? I Hope those Stupid Democratic Senators Get some Since about them and remove Him We the People want Him GONE!!! I don’t know how they could even Begin to think we Need or want him in OUR WHITE HOUSE..We As a hole didn’t want him to start with this time we all know he stole his 2nd term,No one is that stupid,No Maybe he is after all he though no one would know didn’t he..? Get After Harry Reid make him understand WE WANT OBAMA OUT!!!!!

  • Kenneth Woosley

    cml you must be one of those lazy leaches who think it is ok to live off the backs of others republicans have tried to negotiate but Obama and reid say they wont negotiate.IMPEACH THEM ALL they are oonly thinking of themselves how you know you like obamacare when no one can find out what is in it

  • madeuce42


  • constitutional

    You are Right ! America wants him OUT! He is an enemy of the state and an enemy of the people and freedom. We the people of the republic of the united states call for immediate action ! It’s our land, our lives, our freedom , our America. We do not bow to communism or islam.

  • Wow

    Have you read the act? it doesn’t give health care to us, it FORCES us to get it, also the plans are not affordable at all, it’s expensive health care for the working class, to give the too lazy to works free healthcare

  • Frans

    Nice and cool but who will be next… choice of anyone capable of………..

  • 5X_vet

    I have twice it’s a HUGE mistake

  • Fay Jackson

    Where Have U Been ,We All Heard Him Say NO way to sitting down.He Is The reason for this Country’s Problem’s when will People like U Wake UP,I Have eye’s and ears ,I see what he has done and Hear What Come’s out out his Lieing Mouth..U People are UnBelieve able..

  • Jeff Smith

    How can you decrease the deficit by borrowing more money? The debt ceiling also has nothing to do with whether or not we can make interest payments, contrary to MSNBC, CNN, and all the other gloom and doom “news” agencies. The US continues to take in funds via taxes, fines, interest payments being paid on money WE lend to other countries, etc. Those funds are currently sufficient to pay our outstanding funded liabilities.

  • Robin Wehrley

    It is if you have a catastophic illness/accident…which could easily be several hundred thousand in hospital bills-
    Especially if you’re opting to have a very low premium option

  • Fay Jackson


  • Bill

    Yeah lets impeach the President then we’re stuck with Joe Biden.

  • M

    The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. ONLY A DICTATOR WOULD REFUSE TO GIVE US EVERYTHING WE WANT LOL
    I don’t see “We the people here at all”


    July 2013 - Obama states the Affordable Care Act will put money back in the pockets of 8.5 million Americans.
    January 2013 - Census Bureau confirms there are 316.5 million Americans.
    So, who do you think the money comes from to go back into the pockets of the 8.5 million?
    Translation of Obama’s July 2013 speech - “I’m going to take money out of 308 million Americans pockets and give it to the 8.5 million pockets.”
    It’s just another tax. There are better ways to do this than Obamacare.

  • Akir11

    Something is one word. Honestly, everyone’s opinions on here are too ridiculous to even argue with because dumb people never listen or change their minds. However, when they make asinine spelling mistakes and misuse words, you can point it out and they won’t be able to deny they’re wrong. It also shows that they probably don’t know what they’re talking about if they say to ask people in a honest metal rod how they feel.

  • feh

    @cml just shows how flipping stupid you are……..

  • Fay Jackson

    Don’t forget His Speech’s are written For His sorry Behind..

  • tnbajb

    Instead of criticizing bennie - offer some constructive advice on what he should do to help the impeachment hearing

  • Grrrrrr

    Not stupid just hopeful lol

  • Billy Boylston

    YES! #ArrestObama #BenghaziBetrayal #DerelictionOfDuty #BOisBrokenOath

  • xntqzojf

    Obama isn’t even the problem you freaks, its the people who control (or try to control) any president we have, put your heads back in the sand. all of you are should be ashamed.

  • Billy Boylston
  • xntqzojf

    Rise up against a puppet. right Find the real problem. your like the medical industry taking care of the symptoms and not the problem.

  • Akir11

    Hahahahah you seem to be the only one who pointed this out.

  • robinseeber

    like that would matter anyway, there is no power or vote any longer, I figured that out 4yrs ago when changing the house over, it m ade no difference

  • disqus_dcwFI0hvgS

    Joe Biden is harmless compared to 0bama.

  • sherri

    all I can say is its about time!!! so ready to see him outta office

  • Robert Singleton

    you must be a freaking bum and dont work for a living

  • Akir11

    Speak for yourself. Please don’t say “America wants him out” and “we the people” because that puts me in the same category as you. You are not my voice.

  • Farleyagain

    How about impeaching him for his real crimes: Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of political opponents, Benghazi, aiding our enemies in North Africa and the Middle East, his outrageous mistreatment of journalists and whistleblowers, and for that very funky stuff with the nukes moved from Texas to SC followed immediately by firing the two top military officers in charge of our nukes?

  • fed up

    Excuse me…that is straight bs….my husband and I barely make it and barely can afford insurance…now my premiums have almost doubled for 2014 and I don’t get a pay increase….and i am supposed to be happy about paying for others healthcare? They need to get a job and stop living off this government

  • Nancy Evans

    We all know there will be no impeachment, so why keep harping on it. Just remember what is happening this year and vote with some intelligent thought and information in future elections. We are all to blame, we put them in office to do as they please and are paying the price now.

  • Fay Jackson

    No it’s Money In OBAMA’S Pocket ..I don’t care What some Idiot say’s I know the debt has gone up over 16 Trillion Since OBAMA came into office every one talks about that fact These people need to Clean out their Ears or some thing..How many time were we told about him giving money to some country or Guns of some sort what is wrong with these people he is giving Weapons to other Countries while he is trying to take our weapons away Is there some thing wrong with these People or what ?

  • Keith Kelly

    Hey House Republicans how about pass a jobs bill and stop wasting your time. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Michele Bachman says the President should be impeached for shutting down the government when they shut the government down. That is ludicrous. Republicans said if you don’t defund or delay Obamacare we are going to shutdown the government. This is after Speaker Boehner had already made a deal with Majority Leader Reid on the Continuing Resolution (CR), which reflected a budget number more favorable to Republicans. The CR has nothing to do with Obamacare. It’s one thing to have a problem with Obamacare and another to hold the government hostage to deal with your concerns instead of doing it through the regular process.

  • Babyboop

    it was Obama who said it word for word he will not negotiate. So while you wanna sit there and say the republicans are the ones who wont you need to actually watch some of what YOUR president is saying cause as far as I see it he is not our president he is trying to become the next Hitler and people like you are the reason he has made it this far.

  • Faith in America

    I am ready to sign a petition to get this clown out of office. Stand United!

  • dee

    these people are sick…..go sit down somewhere and go to another country….so tired of this foolish with these damn republicans….

  • Siege

    You honestly think that he’s the only one who has had his speeches written for him? Grow up. I don’t even like the man, but that statement was just stupid -.-’

  • elfykins

    um… hello… this site is a satirical site people… seriously.. hold your mouse over the site name at the top of the page.. little box pops up saying this is a global satirical site… poking fun..

  • MEL

    No Kenneth, that is what is wrong with the country because people like you don’t pray or keep God in it. “one Nation, under God” remember?

  • Valerie

    He must be impeached or us THE PEOPLE will get it done. Obamacare should’ve never been passed in the first place!!

  • Akir11

    Yes, those who can’t afford health care are lazy bums. You have no idea how long and hard people work low paying jobs to support their families. Maybe they can’t afford it because, I don’t know, they didn’t have the same opportunities as someone like me to be able to go to school. Just because you allegedly have mouth cancer and blame yourself for not working harder, which I’m 99% sure is a lie, doesn’t mean others who do work hard or don’t have the same opportunities don’t deserve a little help.

  • ryan

    Your grammar… :(


    if this happens , then what , Biden for the rest of the term, GOD HELP US!!!!!!

  • megan

    well yeah IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!! for running us into the ground. Clinton got impeached for having a relation with someone is was working with, we didn’t have all these problems when Clinton was in office

  • lynn

    i agree with what you are doing. he hasn,t done anything he said he would do and the jobs are not there. i think alot of us will be behind you.

  • CDS

    It’s really funny that you all are sharing it on Facebook and don’t even get that this is satire… nor do you know what satire is, probably.

  • ZeroSum1

    you obviously have no clue what so ever about what this self proclaimed “Affordable healthcare is going to cost you. This plan is disquised as a healthcare package but the more you read into it. over by 2017 it will be nothing but a HUGE tax that i know for a fact YOU would not be able to afford. you really need to read the whole healthcare bill NOT JUST THE SILVER PLAN. People like you listen to the currupt media you percieve with what you Want to hear but not reality that this is more than a health care bill its a huge PROGRESSIVE TAX! and Grows annually to the point basically your going to be even more poor than before. i looked at the figures if i pay the min required by the law would be around 300+ a month vs the insurance i have now that is 145 a month. by 2017 ill be paying around 1400 a month with the progressive tax increases.

  • elfykins

    going to the ER does not equal “medical coverage”

  • Alex Johnson

    Over his refusal to negotiate over Obamacare…….as if the republicans aren’t doing the same damn thing. “refusing to negotiate” means “won’t give into our demands”

    Ugh, I hate politics.

  • Robert Belcher

    That angry RealDoll with the terrifying, soulless eyes is RIGHT! IMPEACHMENT 2013!!

  • Brigitte Blackburn

    President Obama, doesn’t have to give into those GOP Radicals, the ACA was put into law by the Supreme Court. The GOP Radical’s are holding the Country hostage, using scare tactics, because in the next election, their going to lose their jobs.

  • Brian Baker

    unfortunately, you are right

  • Brian Baker

    I still agree with robinseeber

  • Fay Jackson

    Coby ,Did U work every day I mean Monday-Friday or what ever ? Did U do a good days work for what they Paid U ? If so U did all that U should Have,Don’t sit there and Blame UR self for Some thing U could do nothing about,There are Many People out there Working hard every Day and still can’t make ends meet it’s not because they are lazy they do the best they Can ,Rent is out of this world any more with Utilities also going up and Just go to the Gro.Store ,who has extra Money no one.And If the only Job U can get is a 7.50 a Hr Job at least UR trying not enough tho is it ? I know people working 2 Jobs and still just keeping above water.What can U do when Companies Raise Price’s for the Fun of it,They don’t give workers a raise they Pocket that money and Laugh at People Keep Buying saying it’s only a Dollar ,well 2 years 3 years down the road is it now Just a dollar ? No <All people had to do was stop buying and the Price wouldn't be like it is now,and now It's harder to make it.So,no don't sit there and Blame UR self their were More in it than what U seem to think…

  • Jammie Bradford

    You know whats the best about this page … It”s All fake .. Go to the “About” at the bottom of the page. :( Shameful.. To bad it wasn’t true . Unless some one has something from a creditable site. ? Hopefully?

  • steve

    CML,,,,Slink back under your rock…. talk about UNIMFORMED VOTER !!!!

  • Citizen

    Don’t want to get over it. Want to get it over with and get rid of it. The GOP is just doing what the majority of Americans want them to do. Defund the ACA and get the budget under control.

  • MEL

    Wow, I think you are the one who needs to be educated. I guess you are also the one who thinks we are getting free healthcare. yep, really stupid as quoted above.

  • Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier

    If this is true it will be the best event that has ever happened in the USA.

  • Robin Hill

    He should have been gone LONG ago…The hard working middle class can not afford him..Obama has NO respect for this country nor for the men that fought and/or died for this country! Jailed? He should be under the jail.I believe a lot more people are backing the republicans than really thought.Because I believe some American’s are afraid,afraid to take a stand so they sit like beat dogs…

  • Britt

    Mel, “Under God” was not originally apart of the pledge… Religiously biased “Christians” added it later. And I thought this country had Freedom of Religion yet every “Christian” shoves their god down all of our throats in every political aspect! Which takes me straight to Gay Marriage… The only reason it isn’t passed in all states is because “Christians” violate Freedom of Religion and expect everyone to conform. What a hypocritical bunch! A real person of God would know that the relationship between oneself and his/her God is a PERSONAL one… Not a political masquerade!

  • Alexandria Flint

    If anyone should have been impeached and compared to Hitler is Bush. he threw millions into the war effort, sided with oil companies and made a profit off it.

  • ed

    Belive it when i see it happen.

  • Akir11

    Why are you typing like a robot?

  • Jim

    Will never succeed but will raise a lot of attention and over the next few months as this debacle that is the ACA becomes more and more clearly a JOKE of the highest caliber played on the American people maybe we can raise some eyebrows in the senate. It could also help to set the stage for the 2014 elections.

  • Janie Branch

    While you are at it Get rid of the LITTLE STUPID KIDS that wanna run the GOVERNMENT their way instead of Running it like it should… Stop sending Money for Foreign Aid.. Get back to Running America not the Middle East, Not South America where all our Jobs have went too.. Stop paying Past Presidents $430,000.00 a Year and make them live on Social Security Like the rest of the Senior Citizens do…. Get Real People it is not all OBAMA’S fault.. Everyone in Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate are to blame for the SHUT DOWN…..

  • Skin

    I found out yesterday that my wife’s insurance is going up $2400.00 a year come the first of Jan. Over $6500.00 a year. Not sure about mine at this time. Just wanted to thank all of you who voted for Obama. But you know what’s funny, your insurance is going up as well. Enjoy…… and please don’t get pissed like I did, you know you voted for change, so change you got. Pay up like the rest of us! I’ll manage, lets hope you can as well. Just Saying!!!!!!

  • Joanne Epperson Deist

    that sounds word for word like what I’ve been seeing in the liberal media. Good to see you think for yourself.

  • Bobby N Chell Riha

    It is not affordable health care It is running insurance amounts up 360.00 a month for people in our area that do work. We can not afford healthcare that is well over 600 a month. It is only affordable to those who are not working and on welfare plus the fact that they are cancelling policies on those who have serious illnesses such as cancer and such. This is so wrong in so many ways

  • tamber2000

    He should of been impeached months ago over Benghazi, he is corrupt and craps all over our constitution! He has weakened and divided this nation like no president before him. Enough!

  • Janie Branch

    We have to get rid of them all if we want our Country Back…

  • Moreinformedthanyou

    I just laughed so hard at your expense. So you don’t want an economy like Scandinavia or Germany right? Because what you are saying is complete BS. Many European countries are in far better economic and diplomatic shape than we are. Perhaps you should also read a history book on the founding of our country because man we wouldn’t have achieved our independence if it was not for European powers aiding us (France, Spain, Netherlands). I bet you think Obama is a Muslim and from Kenya too? Read a real book sometime.

  • Jessie

    Wrong. The Affordable Health Care Act was bill that went through all the proper channels, and became law. The republicans are refusing to vote to fund the government, until it is repealed. Saying that Obama refuses to negotiate is like a bank robber taking a person hostage, and then claiming that the banker, who won’t give him what he wants, is the cause of the situation, because he won’t give him the money.

  • john

    obama needsto be impeached for all the lies he has told and shutting down the goverment

  • Alexandria Flint

    well said love it!

  • Blanton2

    I think Obama was a mistake and the dum people who voted him in should think twice before they vote from now on and he needs to be out of office for sure

  • JDC

    Cruz isn’t helping the cause comparing BO to Hitler. He’s pretty bad and impeachment would certainly put focus on the terrible leadership and potential crimes he’s committed, but he’s yet to commit genocide.

  • Moreinformedthanyou

    Not the EU idiot. Its the UN. Completely different.

  • Akir11

    Lol me and my friends did a dramatic reading of your post. It was hilarious yet sad that you are so dumb and that so many people agree with you.

  • SD Wheeler

    Yeah…read Oblamo’s books. Tells you all you need to know about the Muslim-In-Chief.

  • Tim McCullum

    What a bunch of dumb ass’s you tea baggers are Obama staying put it’s you losers that need to be Impeached but your not worth the time nor money it would take!! Go back in your trailers and watch Honey Boo Boo

  • Akir11

    Who are you calling dum? Oh wait, that’s not a word. There’s nothing more embarrassing than when a person spells words wrong while calling other people dumb.

  • Sylvia

    It’s past time. Richard Nixon was impeached for far less crimes than Obama has committed. The government never shut down during that time. It’s time for Obama to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the people finally know they did the wrong thing letting him back in office…….

  • dazzled

    thats the way I feel, why should we pay for the lazy bums that dont want to works insurance, thats a no brainer

  • ZeroSum1

    So basically they blackmailed the old supreme court guy into retiring so they could implant a constituent to there agenda and get rulings like this… i don’t see how its justifiable in anyone’s eyes….corruption in government is out of control. GREAT more power to a Very very class based supremacist group in office.

  • Cindy Beck

    I agree

  • Akir11

    Will? Who is Will? Did you mean we’ll? My god I can’t believe how stupid everyone on here is. All the people who write the misspelled words and have poor grammar all share the same opinion. Hmmm…..

  • Janie Branch

    Bill …. That needs to happen even tho they can Impeach Obama.. The Government wants a President they can lead around by the NOSE.. Michell already has that Job so he doesn’t need anyone else to do that for him.. The Government of this UNITED STATES need CHANGE all over Washington. Not just the President being removed…. Little Boys and Girls in Washington need to grow up and stop spending OUR money on the things that benefit them.. I am tired of Working 60 hours a week and not knowing if I will be able to retire in 17 more years… I need to know that I can draw my Social Security when I am 67… The way it looks now.. I am SCREWED…

  • Akir11

    What stand is it that you are taking sir? Writing this comment?

  • ZeroSum1

    You miss the point, its not about you paying for other peoples healthcare we have done that for years. its about the Hidden Tax increases and overpricing pay scales vs current and basic economic conditions just don’t allow for family to afford this NON affordable insurance….i will see a 45% increase in cost alone in my situation. my grandparents will just have to pay the IRS fines would be cheaper.

  • Akir11

    Obviously. There is no chance he is going to get impeached. It’s never going to happen. He will finish his remaining years without a doubt.

  • Semper FI

    Are you kidding? 2996 American Lives were lost on our Soil.. There is no twisting that. SEPTEBMER 11 2001. Get over your Anti Bush trash and deal with whats at hand. This isn’t about Bush or Abe Lincoln or George Washington or Truman or FDR it is about Obama. Obama is not doing his job and did look the other way and let those soldiers die.


    I Love your comment.

  • Cindy Beck

    Well I would love to see your face when Obama brings in martial law and i hope you stupid people go first. Impeach the evil one

  • Tim C.

    Worst than Hitler? That Ted Cruz just stuck his foot in his mouth.Going to suck to be him.

  • Tony R

    Before you call someone dumb, you may want to make sure your post smacks of proper grammar and spelling.

  • Akir11

    Did nobody see he other articles on this page? How did anyone actually think this was a real story. I thought it was clear that this wasn’t real and that it was just a discussion. Why did nobody realize that?

  • jon bob

    I think you guys are all dumb republicans democrats tea party gop are all dumb all parties want to blame each other push their own ideas and agendas id say theres dictatorship in that so anybody who wants to just blame obama is a moron

  • 4-t-ounce

    this site has been debunked so many times its hilarious idiots still think anything they post holds truth. you nose bleeds need to kill yourselves. not you daily currant providers, the users ;)

  • Micah Bringman

    worse than hitler? seriously?

  • Cindy Beck
  • Tony R

    Dum actually is a word. Its the name of a lollipop.

  • Diana

    So Republicans Voted FOR The Shut Down And Are Now Bitching Because National Parks And Monuments Got Shut Down. The Tea Party Represents A MINORITY Of The American People And Are Demanding Things Be Done Their Way. The President Definitely Is Not The Best One We’ve Had, But ALL Of The Jackasses In Washington Are To Blame And Need To Be Impeached Or Voted Out At The Least!

  • CaMaven

    Another spoof

  • John Gazarkiewicz
  • Heather Lindsey

    It would be great if it was an OPTION not being forced into purchasing it and forcing religious businesses to go against their beliefs in what they have to provide. The health care act is not being provided as an option but being forced with penalties for not complying. Second, why call it Obama care, why not America health care or something that represents everyone?

  • me

    Even if the impeachment is refused by the Senate, the fact will still go down in the history books that the Traitor known as Obama has been impeached . It will also go down in history the Obama was in charge when the government was shut down due to his dictatorial arrogance. His legacy will NOT be Obamacare, but his act of treason against the will if We, The People.

  • Ain’t Scared!

    I admire your action’s. It’s something that needs to be started. I just hope this Country isn’t so far gone with reliance that we can’t ban together and get something done that needs to be done for the good of all of us. I’ll do what I can amongst my peers. We have a lot of money and don’t want to spend it taking care of all of the lazy, pathetic followers of this regime. C’mon people! Let’s Go!

  • Beats

    You’re an idiot. This article is fake. Hence the satirical site.

  • Coby B

    No it’s not a lie i am not a liar my parents raised me better then that. I just didnt take the opportunities given to me when i was younger. I could have been just like my brothers and went to work in the plants and no be a foremen just like them, but i thought there was something better out there for me then that. I went to college and got my associates degree and just never went any further with it. Everyone has the chance to make a better live for themselves no matter where they live. when i was 10 to 15 my brother and i had a lawn mowing business and we made $300 to $600 a week. All it takes is drive and ambition to make it in America. But somewhere along the way of growing up i lost my way. Like i said before it my fault. All i can hope for now is that the with last $2000 i have in my day trading i can make it and become someone who can provide for myself and my wife.

  • Tim McCullum

    Just found out this story is bogus not true so I’m done wasting my time on this crap.

  • tekwrite

    The ones who whine about intolerance are usually the most guilty. As you have proven by your speech. What one does in their bedroom is between them and God (capital “G”). But when they try to indoctrinate our children I draw the line.

  • Zachary Tabor Walls

    Fast and Furious was Bush, a Republican.

  • Semper FI

    Yet we still borrow 30% of our money from china.

  • Steve McElroy

    You guys do know that “impeach” doesn’t mean remove from office right? This is like 5th grade social studies stuff.

  • Jessica

    Are you the grammar police? Who cares if someone doesn’t spell something right. We all have the RIGHT to voice our opinion.

  • Coby B

    Yes i know about all that and many people will be paying thousands of dollars more for less health coverage.

  • ajbtnb

    Clearly Obama is not negotiating - um hello??! The Republicans have disputed this act 40 times with no success - this was a way to really get Obamas attention by attaching the concerns to the ACA.. This didnt happen over night. Republicans are compromising - allowing to continue to fund the government and the “ACA” can continue to rule in a year. On top of that - there is not anything affordable about it - everyone’s insurance premiums is going up along with deductibles. There are are few good things - but some odd stipulations were added -

  • SCon90

    SATIRICAL. ARTICLE. THAT MEANS NOT REAL. Why is it impossible for people to check their sources? Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • tj

    what happened to james earl ray..cant we get another one of those. somethings got to give my grandparents arent going to get their social security check and when that doesnt happen you disruptive many peoples lives. my granny worked in a furniture factory for 35 years and 15 years before that in a cotton field. how she going to make it?

  • Deltarose

    Kick Wall St and the bankers out of government-get rid of the Federal Reserve for starters and all the commies ingrained in our gov. and this country-big job!

  • PGH

    Amen! Very well saidJMC. As for CML- you say we need to be educated when voting? Maybe you better get educated before speaking! It’s amazing how ignorantly stupid you are being.

  • Shawb

    Why in the world would you want to live on Social Security… Get out there and do something for yourself so you don’t have to rely on it…. Damn sick of weak people.

  • Huey

    Why not choose a new government! They can send money to other countries, but its a problem with trying to fix our own country! Bush didnt do sh**,They want the rich to stay richer! And the poor to stay poor! They need to kick all of them out of office! JUST TO SHOW THEM THE MEANING OF BEING UNEMPLOYED!

  • mary

    22% is not a majority- apparently the tea party represents the people with the lowest IQs in the nation.

  • JMC

    You, my ignorant piece of couch lint, have a HUGE surprise headed your way. I want to WATCH you laugh when our ONE global power takes effect. I can’t wait :)

  • Coby B

    Ok its not that i didnt work hard. i didnt work smart. I took the lower paying jobs in life because it was easier and that is the problem with a lot of people.

  • Jldawley

    How do you know you’re on the losing side of a political issue…? Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann are standing next to you.

  • JMC

    Take a NOTE here….there is NO 2-party system. It’s an illusion. Wake up. There is ONE party now…the Global Elite. You all better start prepping…Obama WILL crash the U.S. dollar very soon and everyone will be looking dumb and scrambling with the others causing chaos in the streets. Especially the couch lint below me…Akir11.

  • Traci Morton

    Americans want him gone, he is the worst president ever! Its time for us to take our country back!

  • dlf

    Have you read the affordable Health Care Act?

  • Mod

    You know this is a satirical website right? It is poking fun at people. People read this website to laugh. You take it seriously. Just like you said, “You are so clueless, it’s pathetic.”

  • heyarnold


  • Guest

    you should really do some reading, we added under god because of Russia, as communism, doesn’t have a god, so we added it because the Russians were “godless commies”

  • kparmans

    Thank you! It’s about time someone TRY to do something! Go girl!

  • Walter W Kennedy IV

    C’mon Cindy. I’m not on either side here, but be realistic for a second or two. Obama doesn’t have the stomach to do something that drastic.

  • JMC

    Mod…do you have a brain? I’m guessing NOT. What is about to happen to ALL of us is NOT satire. Turn your pathetic TV off and learn with the rest of the grown-ups.

  • felj520

    What country is that please tell

  • madopie

    We the people, the problem, need to set all this right. Impeach, then reelect mandatory vote. Vote or jail make sure 1 vote for1 person. And then only then will we have what WE want and NEED truth

  • General Chan

    Damn right. Just like what Iceland did and it solved all of the financial issues. The Federal Reserves should be DESTROYED if that is what you meant.

  • felj520


  • Jeffrey Spiva

    Actually it did not go through the proper channels. If you return to it, the bill was illegally written by the senate amd sent to congress to pass. From there it went to court where Justice Roberts deemed it to be a tax to make it constitutional. From there it should have gone straight to congress to vote on the bills taxable subsidies. Instead it went straight back to the senate to add amendments then for Obama to sign into law. Now #1 senate is not allowed to write laws. 2. It was passed on a Christmas eve close to midnight. While under cover of darkness as to make sure not to piss off the nation. 3.the bill itself is to destroy the constitution of the United States by using the bill to void out amendment. So please do all of us a favor. Before you send out moronic thoughts,know the arguments that you are going to have and quit listening to anyone. That includes myself. I urge you to study and do history before following blindly into the night as sheeple do while being wrangled by wolves!

  • bjj Congress seems to have set this up pretty nicely for themselves if everyone is blind …

  • felj520

    This is showing the GOVERNMENT what unemployment means and feels like. The isn’t the first time government shutdown, and if you learn anything in history your teachers always said history will repeat it self and at an even worst way. Slacker

  • Guest

    Why is all of this on Obama. The Congress is the reason everything shut down because those stupid idiots can’t agree. I think Obama is trying to do the things that other presidents didn’t have the nerve to do! He is actually trying to help people! Don’t forget the fact that all the people affected by the shut down probably won’t get that pay back like Congress will when they decide to quite being so stuck up and get back to work! I think they all should quit playing the blame game and grow up!!

  • Tabitha Stanford

    Why is all of this on Obama. The Congress is the reason everything shut down because those stupid idiots can’t agree. I think Obama is trying to do the things that other presidents didn’t have the nerve to do! He is actually trying to help people! Don’t forget the fact that all the people affected by the shut down probably won’t get that pay back like Congress will when they decide to quite being so stuck up and get back to work! I think they all should quit playing the blame game and grow up!

  • felj520

    What go suck your daddy penis

  • Beverlee Walkup

    Social Security is a great program for people who have put into it. If you’ve worked hard and have been a productive human being your whole adult life, when you get too old to keep doing what you were doing. You should get a pat on the back until you die. A good job for being awesome

  • felj520

    A stupid comment need a retarded answer

  • BushMaster63

    speaking of weak…that’s a great description of your comment…I understand the weak people part, but if you have paid into SS…then you have earned it…we aren’t talking about an entitlement…it’s paid for in advance. even the wealthy take it as dressing…I’m a vet disabled due to injuries from Iraq and am no liberal just to let ya know.

  • Heather

    **My friends and I

  • alldemsrloony

    about freakin time. Treason charges are even more befitting.

  • madopie

    Satirical or not wake the fuck upamerica. “Democrats” even say the n!!??a failed!!!!!!?!!

  • felj520


  • Todd Beaucoudray

    Take your Thorazine.


    Did you skip English class on a regular basis ?

  • Donna Daniels

    Obama and every individual working in the white house is a public servent.. I believe that we should take back our country and do what is right!! I am a daughter of a Vietnam veteran and I know what a slap in the face it is to see everything that our forefathers have fought for be set aside for self gratification!! now with that being said I want to say something to those who have commented about God and our country.. we as USA citizens have removed the hedge of protection that God had placed on us by setting our trust in Him aside and depend on man!! the word tells us plainly not to put our trust in anyone but HIM!! I pray for our people, our government and for those who have taken God out of the picture because in the end. EVERY knee will bow. EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus is LORD!! I love our country and I love God and I pray that I escape the wrath of God for the things that we have done and the things that we have allowed!!

  • bob

    What the Fuck is this? Lets impeach the person we put in this position?

  • Mrs. Silence Dogood

    Please explain how a law can contradict the constitution as an American citizen how can they force me to pay for something I do not want or do not get??
    The government needs to let people live their lives and stop borrowing money from a country that wouldn’t have made it through WWII if it were not for our vets that Obama and the Democrat party are mistreating. By the way if you want the government to stop borrowing money then buy american made products so that the money stays in the country and not being sent back to the country’s it is coming from.

  • The Drizzle

    You are some dumb people! If they impeach him who do you think takes over???? … Not a republican…. JOE BIDEN. Go ahead… put him in charge. Get back to me when that helps LMAO! How about you all start to realize the 2 party system is a complete failure and stop voting for whoever you hear you should on TV. Republicans are useless pieces of crap who do not give a single care about what happens to this country or its people as long as they personally make a lot of $$. Democrates are cry baby, butt kissing ignorate fools. They cant make up their minds and try to please everyone while not managing to please anyone. USE YOUR BRAINS. Of course, 10% of the anti-Obama people are racist anyways so its not like you even have a brain to think with…. the other 90% need to get control of this country back from the Media.

  • fedupwithallparties

    I looked into “Obama Care” for my mother who is in her 60′s and lives solely on social security. Yes she is currently on Medicaid but I was curious just to see how “affordable” it really was. My results were astounding. 75% of her annual pay is what it would cost for her not including deductibles. So please someone explain to me what makes that affordable health care? More like unaffordable health care. It is sad that we are losing our rights to make our own choices. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I AM AN AMERICAN and I am disgusted with both parties and what is going on in our nations capital.

  • Non-political

    so, rather than getting the government up and running, they’re going to hold thing up even more by having a sham of an impeachment process? way to go people!
    is there anymore proof needed that the system is broken?

  • Michael

    What about the vow he made to uphold the constitution of the United States during his inauguration, domestic and abroad. That’s Treason!! He has shreaded it and rendered it nual and void. Please forgive my spelling but I hope you get my message. He never has listened to “WE THE PEOPLE”. He’s the most corrupt president in all of American History.

  • Bryan Swink

    If anyone doesn’t believe there is a movement towards socialism and that the main stream media is not biased. I can’t help you. I believe there is a major push towards a NEW WORLD ORDER. I just wonder who will assist us in our effort to stay free from tyrannical governing. Read Thomas Jefferson’s quotes. They are prophetic of things to come and a warning for us to be aware. No President has shown such disregard for the Flag and constitution. He has no patriotism whatsoever. He uses politics as a weapon to punish the American people for opposing him by closing the war memorials then spits in the faces of the veterans and people by allowing an illegal immigrant rally on the mall.
    Call me what you want I know what I know and believe my good sense… that oh by the way GOD GAVE ME!!! if you choose to throw yours away or deny His Wisdom then now I understand you position. You are a fool.
    A fool has said in his heart There is no God.
    By the way… my God is way to big to be shoved down anymore’s throat just see it as an appeal to you for your own good. Our so called progress will be our undoing. Morality and reverence towards the Holy God of our founding fathers is laughed at. May God Bless America in spite of our rejection of His guidance and love

  • RowdyD

    He should have been impeached over the failure to act, then the failed cover-up and lies to American’s over benghazi!!! How he has lasted this long is proof money can buy you anything. He just gave away too much of OUR money to buy votes and gain favoritism for votes rather then concentrating on fixing America. He is truly unfit for office….Impeach!!!

  • Narda A Linn-Lewis

    Not everyone who is on Social Security is weak. There are real reasons for people being on it. My husband worked until 2 years ago then a Stroke took his work away. He turned 69 this year and by god he paid into it since he was old enough to work. He earned the right to draw his Social security Check! Now he has a pacemaker/defibrillator. We have both had major heart surgery. I worked for years with 5 herniated discs in my back and now I can’t work. I now have degenerated Disc Disease. I guess I am one of the weak people also. I draw disability. You should not judge everyone by a few.

  • CT

    So, why dont we let the citizens of the U.S. vote on this. It shouldn’t matter what the house members and senate want to do. We the americans should be the ones to vote for impeachment or not! Unless I read something wrong. I try to stay out of politics but unfortunatly it is hard to stay out of it right now with the “clown” running this horrible circus.

  • The Patriot

    The American People need to remove every single politician from office from the President on down to the newest congressional aid. We are their boss and they work for us! We should be deciding what health insurance plans are available for them! We should be deciding where and how we spend our money. If I can’t afford something, guess what, I don’t buy it, especially if I take out a loan and can’t make the payment! Wake up America, these knuckleheads in D.C. don’t care about us or the future of the USA!

  • woop

    I would like to point out how obviously this is satire, and that you’re all dumb. That is all.

  • Kat Wood

    Snopes claims this is false; I believe it to be true. I seen Michele Bachmann’s commercial on TV one time. Haven’t seen it again. Obama controls Snopes. Believe it or not, I believe it!

  • Billy

    This is so fake. It isnt even funny.

  • Doug

    One thing for sure, we are a more divided nation than I can remember in my 58 years of life. None of these comments matter to the other side. No one wants to admit they are wrong. Too much pride and ignorance. Try telling the devil and his followers or anyone else they are wrong and see how many agree. I don’t belong to any party. I can see what I want to see and not wear blinders. I can look for the truth and lies on all sides. If people can’t see the truth, it’s because they don’t want to. There is a lot out there if you really want to know and don’t limit your self to one side. You can throw being a Christian at me, and I don’t care if I misspell something or not politically correct. I have faults and admit it. I’m not the issue here. Neither is my spelling or grammar. I am an American. I care about this country. I have children and grandchildren that have to live with the decisions being made. These comments show exactly what is going on in politics. No one can give a little. No compromising. Instead it’s the blame game that gets us right where we are. We the people for the people by the people has been forgotten. I am a disabled veteran and served for 12 1/2 years. I have the right to care about America, and give my opinion.

  • Katjoy

    Can I just ask why it is so important to impart just what religion Obama is into this equation? So what if he really IS a different religion than a CHRISTIAN? He’s a politician, not a religious leader. Time to stop the idiotic mixing of politics and religion - so sick of this argument.

  • kelley


  • Frooble Rippers

    Hmmmm I see a lot of you actually “seem” to believe this is true, you do realise it’s a gag right? You’re not SERIOUSLY telling me you believe this guff? *smh*. Please read it again, properly this time…. That is all…


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide - now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence - which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Frooble Rippers

    Err it’s a joke… Lol Some people are so gullible!

  • RS

    How ignorant can people get?
    While any given president may have varying degrees of influence with any
    given congress, no president has managerial authority over Congress. Have people never heard of the “separation of
    powers”? The House Republicans shut down
    the government. This is like the
    arsonist seeking to charge the fire chief for failing to prevent the arsonist
    from setting a fire. And I see a remark
    about what people should do if the Senate does not impeach the President. “The House of Representatives . . . shall
    have the sole Power of Impeachment.”
    Article I, Section 2. The Senate
    can try impeachments only after the House has impeached, and the President
    cannot be convicted without concurrence of two thirds of the senators voting. Article I, Section 3.

  • Woodstuck

    Just do this! And if our Senators do not support the people on this then they also need to be removed ASAP.

  • RS

    This must be just a joke, but people are taking it seriously.

  • Rob Wade

    Some people are way too gullable. Check the site first, this is a political satire site that produces fake news stories.

  • Brandi Barritt Smith

    Impeachment!!!! Please

  • Woodstuck

    These Nobama supporters are so funny… What has he done for you or that you liked? Besides lie, kill innocent people with drones, make illegal executive order laws and do nothing good for our Nation. NDAA, NSA IRS, Benghazi, and so much more. Please tell me what he has done that you supporters approve of? And, are you an American and not employed by the government… That skews things a bit.

  • Deltarose

    Sure did! Worse thing to ever happen to us-except BO!

  • mbrooks2k

    Impeaching the president won’t get this country back where it needs to be. Get rid of the republicans that caused the government shut down in the first place.If the Congress wasn’t so adamant about getting back at the president over Obama care. There would be no government shut down in fact if it had been any other president there would be no issues here.

  • John Folks

    With texting and social media, English grammar has become obsolete. Not to mention dead beat dads with their heads in gaming 24/7. Americans - “we the people” - are sleeping at the wheel. Hope we wake up in time before the biased liberal media and all the liberal cronies destroy what was once a great nation but is now a laughing stock to the world. I’m becoming ashamed to be an American these days. It’s very sad.

  • Danette

    You apparently didn’t read Janie’s whole comment. ” I am tired of Working 60 hours a week and not knowing if I will be able to retire in 17 more years… I need to know that I can draw my Social Security when I am 67..”

  • Willard Ronald Sims

    It is about time we hold this tyrant responsible for his actions; he is destroying Our United States!

  • Willard Ronald Sims


  • Doug

    My comment is related to what I see here, not the article. You can’t believe most of what you see on here for that matter. The fact we are a divided country and fighting among ourselves is a fact.

  • Estella Heskett

    Why is drawing SS for weak people, I have said before and will continue to say this, If the federal government would just reimburse me all that I have paid in threw the years with interest, I would make my own retirement program!

  • Gemini

    I have an idea you are all so ready to compare us to other countries success, if you don’t like it here why don’t you leave we the people would not shed a tear over your absence.

  • Willard Ronald Sims

    Keep shineing obamas shoes you idiot!

  • pyhlock306 .




  • Michael Rocker

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should put on her space suit and get together with her outer space alien friends. LOL This article is to funny and I bet the GOPers believe all this

  • Kenneth Browning

    You do know, the “under god” part wasn’t added until 1954, right? You do know it was only added to indoctrine school children during the red scare, right? You do know the pledge wasn’t even adopted by the government until 1942, right? You do know the pledge was written by a socialist, right? You do know the pledge was something created to brainwash young kids with American nationalism, right? You do know it was something to be used during Columbus Day celebrations, right? Since I’ll assume you love to also go on about “In God We Trust,” you do know that was also made the motto to indoctrine young kids during the red scare?

    One more. You also do know most of the countries around the world who have left god out of everything have made the US the first world laughing stock in things such as education, healthcare, quality of life etc.? But yes, it’s because we’ve left god out of everything. Not because the priorities of the countries politics are screwed up, not because our government worries more about wall street than making sure people have healthcare or not because our government believes $1.5 million tomahawk missiles are more important than making sure there’s enough teachers to teach kids. It’s because god.

    Here’s the original pledge:
    I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  • bigblue

    @CML Are you (D) sure you are Obama n his croonies are running our country into the ground, but you would not understand any way prolly becuz you are to young and oh a Democrate……..

  • Kenneth Browning

    Why do you tinfoil hats always say this? Wake up? I’m awake, obviously.

  • Michael Rocker

    Spot on

  • Doug

    I agree. Love it or leave it.

  • John Folks

    We need a realistic and workable health care act, not this ridiculous piece of crap that was pushed through even before anyone knew what the ramifications would be. And, put our country so far in debt…well there are not enough words to put it all down right now, or I’d be up all night writing. Let’s just say, Obama Care is laughable and a sorry piece of work.

  • shawn

    I really don’t understand the ignorant people in this world everyone hollering the shut down is because of obama but if im not mistaken its the republican fault he don’t have to negoiate with them he is the leader of our country and PEOPLE need to respect him them the main reason why a lot of people don’t like him cus the color of his skin but if it was the other way around we wouldn’t hear people bashing him all day people are really sad

  • bobsolla

    let`s not leave him a choice but to leave!

  • Name

    Ye gads… all this from a parody site. And besides, blue states are not going to recall their Senators, any more than red states are going to recall their intransigent teabaggers.

  • Kenneth Browning

    Google operation wide receiver. It happened under both Bush and Obama. But I doubt fox news told you about it happening under Bush.

  • Deltarose


  • Vince

    No offense but this sounds like bs. First bathhouse barry was born to an American and a foreigner then adopted by his American Mothers second husband another foreigner making bathhouse barry a citizen of that country, Indonesia. He is not, never has been a Natural Born Citizen of any country.

  • Ladonna Kirby

    Stop it, nobody cares about grammer, only the issue at hand! Get over it!

  • American

    No, We The People are not Idiots and will not stop until your Dictator is Impeached for treason and his supporters should be imprisoned for supporting an enemy of America. God Bless the USA.

  • Kenneth Browning

    Most corrupt president ever? You have a source for this other than your brainwashed thoughts? Could you tell me again what president initiated the “patriot” act?

  • sherri

    IDIOTS!!..The persons who wrote this article…IDIOTS!!

  • matt orr

    This guy is worse than Hitler. We have to do something.” For real Ted Cruz? I know about 11 Million people who would disagree with that statement if they were alive.



  • Whit

    My favorite part of this is all of the comments of people who are arguing and thinking this article is serious and not a satire. Arguing over a funny satire article that people are taking seriously… Priceless… Thank you idiots for making my day!! :)

  • Kenneth Browning

    You obviously have no odea what socialism is. Could you tell me what is so terrible about it? Could you explain to mw how countries that are socialist are doing much better than the US is right now? Why they have better healthcare, education, quality of life eyt? If it’s so bad why are they better in these areas? Of course, some turd on fox news called Obama it, so it must be bad, right? Or are you confusing communism with socialism, which aren’t the same thing?

    Could you tell me what Obama has done to the flag? Could you tell me Obama has done to the constitution that other presidents haven’t done?

    I’m curious, are you referring to the flag with Obama’s picture on it? Which by the way, isn’t an American flag. An American flag has 50 stars on it, that one dont.

    Is it any worst than this?

    Or this?

  • Pam Campbell Garmon

    this person wants her Social Security at retirement at 67 which she paid into with her own money all her employed life. She earned way more than she will ever be paid from it. It is not a sign of weakness. The Gov will automatically send her forms for it at her retirement birthday. It’s HERS.

  • Lacey

    People who agree with this are dumb. He is not the reason for this. The Republicans are! Saying that the reason is because Obama won’t reach their demands is just selfish. They are just as bad. Point blank. And he is worse than Hitler. Seriously??? He has not forced anyone to death. If anything, and I don’t completely support Obamacare, he is at least trying to save lives rather than take them. Ok, my rant done.

  • Kenneth Browning

    Yes, but Obama wants people to have healthcare. Don’t you know how terrible that is? Oh, the humanity!

  • Michael Trofern

    More lies. This is another website that publishes fake news.

  • Pat Dlouhy Dusek

    You can’t be serious! Our president is responsible for this shut down. not the Republicans! And I’m not even a republican and I can see that. President Obama wants to dictate us into what he wants us to do! He is demanding and taking away what little the American poor, what one could barley call the middle class have to become even poorer. While he has a high paying job and great insurance that we the people pay for. You don’t see him ever cut back on any of their pay! To President Obama its his way or the highway and he does not care How many poor and middle class people he has to run over and squeeze blood out of to get his way. It’s totally the President choice not to give any on his demands on his baby the Dictating Obamacare Insurance that will not work to help us Americans except into the poorer house! please impeach him!!!!

  • Kenneth Browning

    Oh yes, my favorite type of “patriot.” You love your country so much, you love what it stands for so much, that when someone exercises their right to free speach you tell them to leave! Real patriotic of you! God forgive someone actually tells you the truth and crushes your idea of how great this country really is.

  • Adam Donnelly


  • Kenneth Browning

    Well, like I tell all of you patriots, you buy my passport and plane ticket and let me get some cash to get on my feet and I’ll leave you all to sulk about how terrible the gubment is.

  • Shawn Johnson

    Uhh,,, Maybe YOU should do some reading since Russia is primarily Orthodox Christian… Not sure where you got the notion that Communism has anything to do with religion beliefs… By the way… the Nazies were primarily Catholic and Protestant as well.

  • Pam Campbell Garmon

    have to do more than impeach him. have to remove him legally from office.

  • Chris

    The tea party sucks and are nothing but trouble makers. The Republicans are solely responsible for this shut down. The Tea Party is a joke and aught to be imprisoned for tression.

  • Sick of this

    impeach him for what?

  • Ric Jarvis

    Anyone that has worked and payed for it is ENTITLED to it, get that ? It’s an entitlement, in every other country worldwide it’s referred to as a ‘State Pension’ .

  • Sick of this

    I like and agree with this comment.

  • Lucky

    I also am on social security disability due to being diagnosed w stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to my spine and various other organs which make me not able to lift more than 5 lbs nor stand very long so I can’t work I was diagnosed 8 days after my 24 th b day I have worked since I was 14 legally and worked extremely hard and multiple jobs at once but even before that so yah I’m not weak I fight everyday to live and I have paid m dues to collect my social security. So think before u start calling people weak for being on soci security or wanting to retire ! Ss is nothing compared to all these people popping out7 kids and relying on the governor ment to take care of them in every aspect of their life just so they don’t ever have to work !

  • Ric Jarvis

    Well said. Bad grammar doesn’t invalidate a good point !

  • Kenneth Browning
  • Kathleen

    This article is satire. If it isn’t, then the country is in worse trouble than it knows, and not from President Obama.

  • Sick of this

    Ha…that will NEVER happen…instead I see republicans being gathered up and put in camps for their own safety…call it Greedy white man looser camp…

  • Shawn Johnson

    What if they don’t believe in God?… Does that matter?… If not… then why do you think your opinion would matter to them?… Please know that “because the Bible says” isn’t a valid argument… Thankfully our Constitution assures us that no legislation will be passed based on religious doctrine.

  • ssims

    should have been done a long time ago. Kick his sorry butt out of office and into a jail cell.

  • Ric Jarvis

    Tell Obama to stop mixing them too then !

  • Bee Man

    i agree every politician should have to work construction for atleast 4 yrs before getting in office, then they will no what it takes to run a country

  • Kenneth Browning

    Apparently they delete comments here?

    But I’ll ask in a shorter post. You do know that “under god” wasn’t added to the pledge until 1954, right? It was just to indoctrinate kids during the red scare. Go read the constitution, which is far more important than the pledge, and tell me how many times the word god is in it.

  • Katjoy

    So, exactly HOW is he doing that? Do tell. And don’t know how you think I have his direct ear to let him know you want him to stop. I am from his home state, but have no access to him, sorry. Your comment sounds like it’s coming from a child.

  • Kenneth Browning

    Republican or not, you’re still blind.

  • Shawn Johnson

    “All this clown needs to do is repeal the most important law he ever passed, and then this will all be over. Why is that so hard? The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached — he should be in jail.”

    I can’t believe all the people who think this is real… You guys are funny.

  • Mr. Grogg

    You don’t think it’s constitutional for them to make it the law that you pay for something you don’t want? Seriously? Do you drive a car? What if you didn’t want car insurance? A lot of people don’t. Some people don’t get it. And, when they are caught, they are punished under the law. Why aren’t you screaming from the rooftops about that “contradiction” of the constitution? Oh, because it isn’t one. And neither is this. Before you start decrying violations of constitutional law, you may first want to learn about constitutional law. It will make you less likely to embarrass yourself again.

    By the way, you DO realize this article was satire, right? The Daily Currant is currently reporting that the Pope has resigned because he’s announced he’s gay, and that Dennis Rodman won the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you treat The Onion as a news source too?

  • Ric Jarvis

    I might have to disagree with you there Walter. I think Obama is looking for a reason to impose martial law. It’d enable him to suspend elections and stay in power and become the true dictator he has shown the potential to be.

  • best9rfan

    Not just impeached, but REMOVED from office AND put in jail for the rest of his life. Let him rot in jail, he will have plenty of time to think about everything he did wrong to the country. Once impeached and removed from office, remove ALL benefits he would have had for being a former POTUS.



  • Matthew James Hale

    What has Obama done that the last 10 presidents haven’t done?
    Your anger is misplaced and unproductive.

  • NotForReal

    “worse than hitler” ???????? are … you sure?

  • Jim
  • Ric Jarvis

    The affordable care act should be required reading for anyone who cares about their freedom. The health care and premium issues are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m willing to bet most of you don’t realize that it destroys the 4th & 5th amendments, giving the fed’s the right to search and seizure without the need of a warrant.

  • lindy

    Yep talking to republican party is like trying to blow air into a balloon with a hole in it!!! Its pointless a waste of time!! Some americans !!!! :(

  • Matthew James Hale

    Sure, let’s get rid of everyone in office. Who are we going to replace them with? The same people who voted them in. We get no where by simply throwing the bums out. It’s short sighted and if anything it would just make things worse.

    That’s not to say I’m content with the way things are. I’m as upset as the next person, but I also realize that there is no simple fix to this mess and that ultimately, we as citizens are responsible. Therefore, we are the ones who need to figure out how to fix this properly instead of resorting to knee jerk reactions that more than likely got us into the problems we have now.

  • Blueeyes

    Where are all the Dudes who think they are something special???? Hey its time to stand up and be truthful about how So summer is the worst President EVER!!! All the Celiberties, Jessie Jackson, All sharp ton… stand up and yell the truth…

  • Matthew James Hale

    Iceland’s debt is at %100 of GDP and they are having an incredibly hard time paying for it because they’ve run out of cash. They are indebted to the IMF for at least the next 50 years.

    Yeah… let’s do what they did.

  • Jadedknight

    Are you really that freaking retarded???? BO= Barak Ovomit….STUPID…….

  • theo 7

    we may all hate obama (which most of america does) but if u think about it, its america’s fault for voting him in. in order to change the government, we have to change the american voters.

  • General Chan

    Damn…that blows. They shouldn’t owe anything to anyone.

  • James

    There all dirty sons a batches

  • Eve Ashworth Parmer

    Dear God I hope this is true !!!!

  • JYD

    And they just now relizing this sh!t?? Come on!! Everybody in Congress shouldve seen this 4yrs ago

  • Kenneth Browning

    Why is my response to Mel being deleted? Is poor Mel flagging it because the truth hurts his feelings? Is Mel upset this country didn’t revolve around god like he thought until Eisenhower was president? Poor Mel.

  • Dee


  • hatesobama

    He is MUSLIM and is from KENYA!! We all know that except for maybe all the idiots like yourself!!!

  • Sharon Kidwell

    Please write you congressmen in the senate so they know how your feel. We aren’t not letting them know how we feel. Unfortunately this post is not real, but we should still write our senator in office and also the House.

  • Johnathan Ford

    Worse then Hilter!!!!!!!!!!!! IM so sick of all the BS in both parties i think we the people should impeach all them and start a government ran by people born after 1970. This 50 term crap has gone on long enough. No one has done what they should have. Dont forget the House is ran by the republican party and they had ZERO votes. CRAZY.

  • Kenneth Browning

    It’s funny how people are blaming solely blaming Obama, saying it’s his way or no way. You just show ignorance and that you haven’t followed this at all. Who shutdown the government because they couldn’t stop the ACA? Who tried 41 times to stop the ACA and couldn’t? Who added bs legislation to the budget because they knew with it there was no way it would pass? How many budget proposals have made it to the presidents desk and been vetoed?

  • Si Simmons

    The Mainstream Media will not stand for this !!!!!

  • kkamy

    Ho bout the elderly? They can’t work you dumbass. They worked hard for tthat money

  • kim

    I personally think if you can’t spell you shouldn’t post your worthless comments

  • Michael Aronson

    It’s satire. Obama has done nothing impeachable.

  • Michael Aronson

    No, “most of America” doesn’t.

  • Mr. Jingles

    We need to 1) Get rid of our war addiction. 2) Create a universal healthcare system so everybody gets healthcare like the Europeans 3) Legalize drugs so we don’t have the highest incarceration rates in the world, and lower the punishment of all crimes. 4) Tax the Big Corporations more - which will never happen sense all of their lobbyist make our congressmen rich. We need to limit the amount of money corporations can give to elections, or eliminate it.

    Right now our entire country is being taken over by 22 percent of the population. The Tea Party is the dictators and are bringing down the entire nation down on them. We need to split the authority of ‘the speaker of the house’ into 3 elements. The president/The Senate Leader & The Speaker” So that we can have a vote on the entire house on wither they want to open the government or not, instead of catering to the 22%.

  • Kenneth Browning

    So do you think the NSA was created by Obama? What about the 13 attacks similar to Benghazi under Bush? Where was the controversy then? Please tell me what any president has done for me?

  • pissed off

    I am down WITH BILL’S IDEA

  • Murica

    How about we try the tea party terrorists who hijacked this country and are bringing it to ruin and then send them into the sun? And while we’re at it deport every idiot that thinks like you. Also, go back to first grade. This is a satirical article and only idiots believe the crap you’re spewing…actually that explains a lot.

  • pissed off


  • Postol Front

    O`bummer should be impeached for using the park service as his own personal gang!!!

  • Dianne Johnson Proctor Leonard

    Everyone who has sensibility about our current governmental rule should realize that our president is NOT for America nor its beliefs — this demon has perpetrated such undeniable acts against this country — may I remind you: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, depolarizing our military by firing major officers in charge of nuclear weapons, hiring muslims w/o Congressional approval, passing bills w/o congressional approval, bowing down to our enemies, his being a laughing stock because he doesn’t have the knowledge to govern - and allowing President Putin to make a laughing stock of him! If I were given a day instead of just a few short minutes, I could make the case against him. He has done absolutely NOTHING for this country since his presidency — Obamacare is a farce!!! Everyone who tries to access it, can’t — and if they did, it would cost them more than they’ve ever paid for their own insurance! Obamacare is a ruse, and it is his baby! PEOPLE, YOU MUST REALIZE THAT THIS MAN IS NOT FOR YOU — HE IS HERE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE AND MY LIFE THE MOST MISERABLE AS POSSIBLE. HE MUST BE STOPPED!!! GOD, I PRAY FOR YOUR BLESSINGS BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT WE CHRISTIANS LOVE YOU AND LIVE BECAUSE OF YOU! Certainly not because a foreigner who believes in Islam — a cult that only believes in HATE!!!

  • Postol Front

    He used the park service against us for spite and petty political points, and then he goes and servs food to the same people at a soup kitchen?? He’s got some nerve. I would tell him to go screw himself right to his face!!! This ape just thinks he can do no wrong!!!

  • CommonSenseguy

    What a bunch of BS. Don’t fall for the liberal media attacks and anti-conservative propaganda hype. If you do, your ignorance is greater than your intelligence. And I know each of you on this site are smarter than you really know.

  • Matthew James Hale

    Politicians are petty and spiteful. How is Obama any different from past presidents? Their actions may vary, but in the end they all have done something reprehensible. In many cases it’s multiple somethings.

  • the truth

    An impeachment led by Michele Bachmann are you serious ? Last time i checked obamacare was passed by the house which the majority is republicans, and upheld by the supreme court which has more republican judges than democrats. But you blame obama, blame your party the repubs or retards. Gotta be cause he’s black

  • the truth

    Ted cruz was born in canada, i guess hes american too

  • IronicRhetoric

    LOL…”Illegally written by the Senate and sent to Congress to pass”. Sooo the Senate isn’t a part of Congress?? I was reading all the ignorant posts, but yours caught my eye for you seemed a bit too adamant. While you are correct about the bill passing on Christmas eve, it only passed the Senate on Christmas eve. Guess where it had to go to next for approval (cue Jeopardy music).The following year in March, that would be March 2010, it passed the House. Upon passing the House it was signed into law by the president a couple days later. Oh and I’m quite sure any congressman/woman can introduce a law, so I’m not quite sure what you mean by “illegally written by the Senate”. Any of those bastards holding office can write a law. By the way, which “amendment” is being voided by ACA?

  • the truth

    It was the republican who were smiling and laughing that THEY shut the government down

  • Karin

    Our CHILDREN who are in their twenties and working and paying for Social Security will never see a dime of it! That is so unfair! I dont want my child paying for it for someone else!!

  • the truth

    I guess you rather continue to pay for people who went to the hospital who dont have health insurance… idiots

  • sheri herman

    Go to my twitter feed and see where Cruz has been all night @SheriLHerman for real!

  • sheri herman

    Thanks I’m cross eyed from talking to Cruz all night. Missed that

  • Karin

    Most people dont WANT to live on SS but when you are in your 80′s and sick…what do you do? LAY DOWN AND DIE? moron.

  • BDH1


  • Karin

    Most people making NEGATIVE comments about SS are young and dumb. Wait till they’re in their 60′s and then they have NO Social Security that they are paying for RIGHT NOW!!!

  • the truth

    How ? His agenda has been filibustered 379 times most than any president, how is he ruining this country when his bills cant get passed congress

  • Mr.2000

    This is BULLSHIT!!!

  • Russell Dee

    What a laugh!

  • jerry

    Who do you think is paying for the health insurance? If you think it will be free, that makes yiu the idiot.

  • the truth

    Take back your country, where did it go,

  • the truth

    Continue to support the people that where tea bags on their heads, lol f’n crazy

  • EvilNorton

    This is called “satire”. It’s making fun of all the nut jobs on this thread supporting it.

  • fadedexistence

    Just going to point out… The Republicans are holding the united states government for ransom… This is literally what is happening… The Traitors refusing to vote on a budget are committing high treason and can face a firing squad on the white house lawn… This is actual fact… Obama, is doing what the united states does, WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST… Your republican GOP is a terrorist, who actually pays for and controls the tea party…

    Seriously… Firing Squad, white house lawn, treason. Obama is not commiting treason… Obama gets to preside over your terrorist movements literal death…

    Its plain idiotic that most of our government doesn’t pay attention to this law… Even better… any American can carry this out… We the people are allowed to remove the traitorous men and women in congress who are doing this… Not just remove them, but literally bring them to the white house to have them shot for treason LEGALLY.

  • Herman Reynolds

    why do these dumb fucks report these lies? but i wish it were true

  • the truth

    What muslim did he hire. ?Benghazi, wasn’t there a commitee who investigated this and found nothing in the hearing

  • Infamous Jroc
  • FlutterbyNight

    When an irate citizen demands that a disfavored public official be impeached, the citizen clearly intends for the official to be removed from office. This popular use of impeach as a synonym of “throw out” (even if by due process) does not accord with the legal meaning of the word. As recent history has shown, when a public official is impeached, that is, formally accused of wrongdoing, this is only the start of what can be a lengthy process that may or may not lead to the official’s removal from office. In strict usage, an official is impeached (accused), tried, and then convicted or acquitted.

  • Rebecca Anne Inkster

    Oh, lovely.. They want to impeach him for things THEY did??!!! Stupid dumbshit MORONS!!!

  • Geo Garcia

    thing is if the government would pay back the money they took out with interest it wouldnt be a problem.. in the early 60′s JFK set it up so the federal government could use it as a piggy bank.. if he had known that the crooks in DC was going to empty it im sure he wouldnt have done it

  • Will Seay

    I am also disabled… I was hit by a logging truck and have been unable to work ever since. I wish I could… but if you think a weak person could deal with the daily pain that we do, you have another thing coming. Lucky I hope your health improves… God Bless!

  • Sacora

    Are you kidding me?!!! You have made it obvious that you are incompetent, Janie DOES work you moron!! I am sick and tired of dense worthless scum such as yourself walking this earth

  • This guy!

    Considering the actions that are actually occurring in Washington, its far more likely that the House Republicans, and Eric Cantor in particular, will be brought up on charges of Treason… y’know, because the Republican Lead House put through a rules change that eliminated democracy therein and gave all powers to ending the shutdown to Eric Cantor, and him alone, as no one else, Republican or Democrat, can call the issue up for a vote to end the shutdown. Listen to Fox News and the GOP propaganda machine all you want, but know that the real criminal here is Eric Cantor, as he is the only one currently in a position to end the shutdown, and he is refusing to take those steps… Obama is powerless in this situation, because the President is not an all powerful position… its just one cog in the machine.

  • shelly

    I completely agree with you! I get so tired of trying to get people to actually make legitimate comments as to what he has actually done wrong, that I finally gave up. Everyone wants to pass around the false stories to discredit him, but where is the proof, where is the research? None, they pass it around because they don’t like him. Not sure what the deal is because during EVERY presidential election someone wins that someone did not vote for, but I have never seen or heard so many people be so rude and disrespectful towards a president before. Other countries look down on us for the negative reactions of many in this situation.

  • shelly

    That has got to be one of the most ignorant comments I have read so far,

  • Sergeant Infantrymen

    at the age of 67, when retirement is due, how about you learn to read before bashing someone’s good point?

  • shelly

    got that right!

  • shelly

    This article may be fake but this is real. This shows why the government has not been reopened. How can you argue otherwise when it is from their own mouths?

  • Zac Cooke

    Its not going to happen obama is to protected by the people who put him there in the first place so it doesn’t matter were all screwed

  • Duane Steckler

    the threat of uprising puts us on the same level. No different. There is no easy solution. After Obama we have Biden, and then if necessary, JOHN KERRY!!!! Wow. time to start completely over!

  • Duane Steckler

    lol, that is, impeach to remove from office, yes sir, it does mean that! He will resign and be free, or stay and go to prison, you realize that, right!

  • SJean

    There are people who abuse the system and then there are those who truly need and deserve SS, I have worked full time since I was 16 for 36 years and have paid into SS all that time. Yes I am only 52 but am unfit to work anymore and I deserve to collect those payments I have paid into all my life. So you young man need to not group everyone together and judge. I pray that you never are faced with something that keeps you from working cause for some of us it’s not an option and it is a very hard thing emotionally to come to terms with when you have been use to working hard all your life and now you cant. I hope you never have to experience that.

  • Duane Steckler

    Amen to that, Me 56, heart attack, stroke, I earned maximum disability pay, as I paid in the maximum early, I hope that gentlemen is healthy until very old. :)

  • Duane Steckler

    because originally they cared. We American’s are quite undisciplined and end up not saving and then become the cancer that tugs on us now, Takers without giving in, and we will take care of them, because we care. The crime here, people who are dishonest, bold and vain becoming nothing but red tape in gripes. If you want a nest egg saved for you, then do so. You have the power Luke!

  • Michele

    No, sadly, I think most of these heartless and cluelessly socialist young people would prefer everyone old was just euthanized.
    This article was biasly written to make republicans sound whiny, stupid and uneducated.

  • DeepSouthOtaku

    I think Obama carries a lot of blame but its ignorant POS politicians who say stuff like this: “All this clown needs to do is repeal the most important law he ever passed, and then this will all be over. Why is that so hard? The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached — he should be in jail.”
    its stupid “spoiled child” minded polititians that make the government TOTAL CRAP: they want him to compromise when they aren’t willing to also??? WTF?! At this point i’m willing to just say throw them ALL out and start over.

  • Tonya Lynn Lopez

    Not a bad idea however snopes says this article is false…………We could only wish it was true

  • Duane Steckler

    You either believe in where you call, HOME, or move on, it’s a free world for us to travel to. Stop complaining and be frickin happy you are working so many hours. You haven’t worked until 26 weeks at 80 and 90 hours to meet deadlines building Children’s Hospital, and then, 60 and 70 hour weeks regular. Idle hands with pay is the Devil’s hands. With so many good, honest, hard working, non griping are not working, be humble!

  • Duane Steckler

    it is a way to help those less fortunate, be humble about it. We should be happy to work a lifetime as I am disabled now at 56. I want to work. I am going stir crazy. I paid in and am happy to have done so. I paid in the maximum amount. It is like buying bonds and investing in your home so it is assured to have good American’s, when your Grandchildren grow to working age.

  • Duane Steckler

    young yes, dumb, no. Ignorant to the reasons why is all!

  • hm

    Wow, the house republicans are dumb. Lets close down the government because we can’t get our way, say its because the president won’t talk to us when he tries to don’t show up then blame the whole government shut down we inflected on the people on the president and try to impeach him. And these are the people runing our country. How can we impeach the house?

  • Duane Steckler

    Man, we American’s can be quite rude. you are young, it shows!

  • hm

    Actually it doesn’t you know the only president ever to be impeached was Clinton and guess what he finished both of his terms.

  • Duane Steckler

    ok, it is because we baby boomers at 71 million strong set to retire at 19,000 a day for the next 19 years, that paid in the money that criminals in the government raided with excuse after excuse. We are all at fault for that! So shut up and work harder!

  • Duane Steckler

    you sir are the rude arrogant idiot that is a cancer to hard working, happy American’s lol

  • Iron Man

    I can’t stress enough to my friends and family about this man… This has been a plan for a very long time now… The wars and the chaos have just started… I feel He’s gonna gain dictatorship and start WW3 … Already tried to take our means of protection… People that receive government assistance will be cut off . Access to your bank or “money” which I might add is the root to all sin , will be denied.. everyone will go into a panic and start fighting amoung themselves to survive… He will then declare Marshall Law … More than likely another civil war will take place … The chain reaction will go world wide while this man tries to play Hitler !!!Who really knows ?? I hope I’m wrong … I hope my kids don’t have to deal with any of this horrible crap… Something really needs to be done before its to late … If its not already!!!

  • Roger Rabitt

    If this were real it would even be on all the “MAIN PEE STREAM MEDIA” NOW OWNED BY THE GUY THEY WANNA IMPEACH!

  • Duane Steckler

    All have to go to prison with him. Law is straight forward. If you know and participate in the big picture, continue to let them rape the common person in America, you to are as guilty. All have jail, some if I believed in the death penalty, need to be set in front of a firing squad! God will be a better dealer there, Prison is good!

  • thumbsdowntogovernment

    For not bowing down to he republicans. Its pretty plan and simple. They don’t get there way and they act worse then a two year old that has to eat spinach.

  • Rebecca Rader-Black

    this is the 18 th time the government has shut down 2 with Clinton 1 with George h w bush 6 with carter and 8 with Reagan and never has a president been impeached these f—-ing republicans will do anything to disgrace our president hes in office so get over it

  • Duane Steckler

    Plus, good folks here have known of the level of tyranny that has existed. Denial plays a big part. All of Government at this level knows what goes on and they ALL still play the game, keeping their piers in check so they all get a piece. Power and Money corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the society we live in, everyone would and will corrupt, even me, even you. It is human nature following economic classes in society today. The problem is more complex then the surface issues, or is it! :)

  • Gregg

    If you cant Physically Work then you Should be working on Strengthening your Mind. Not to be rude but maybe its a sign from Someone above telling you to gain knowledge and quit the Mindless grunt work.

  • hm

    This is my issue… Both Bushes were way worse then any other president I have ever seen in my lifetime but no one wanted them impeached or called them evil. But you get a black democrat in the white house and everyone is trying to find every reason he is evil. Who the fuck cares what religion he is this country has no religion if he was white and rupublican yall would be for everything he said. Why can’t people just treat him right. Give him credit for what he does and stop blaming your congressmen’s decisions on him.

  • Guest

    Clinton wasn’t the only President. Andrew Johnson was too. Both were impeached by the House, but the Senate did not vote to impeach, so they both stayed in office.

  • Frank

    Andrew Johnson was impeached also but never removed from office. Nixon resigned before his impeachment.

  • Savannah

    To add to this, when a someone is impeached the House of Representatives first has to vote on whether or not they will accuse (impeach) the person of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors” by a 2/3 vote - at least 218 votes. THEN, the government official will go to trial as every person in this country is granted the right to when they are accused of a crime. After that, the Senate votes on whether or not they were guilty, and it has to be by a 2/3 supermajority vote - at least 67 people have to say the person is guilty. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached and remained in office because they were acquitted. Nixon resigned before he could ever be impeached. So just because someone is impeached does not mean they will be removed from office and conviction on impeachment does not mean criminal prosecution. They would have to have another trial to convict the person of crimes and sentence them to jail.

  • Joseph Abdallah

    I hope you all relize this is a parrody site. Like Weekly World News or the Onion.

  • scared*of*whats*coming

    altho I wish it were true… says it is FALSE :(

  • MargieM

    I Know there are a lot of People who agree with you,I am Praying for God to give you wisdom, and to open that door that NO MAN can open, and to close that door that no man can closed.
    Thank You !!!! for hearing those of US, in America.!!!
    WE Are sick of How Obama Dismisses All Our For Fathers, He has NO respect for Our country and has had this Planed for this to happen to the USA,it open’s to many other doors for things we do not want here in America,He is acting as a king not a servent to Us ,This country is “For the People, and By the People.
    Please make this Happen !!!! He Needs to Go !!! As of Yesterday ,Also someone needs to step in ,and clean all that he has done to Our Country ,Please , Put it back to the People !!!

    I ask you to do this In Jesus name !!!!

  • Savannah

    You can rest assured that this will likely never happen as Obama only has until 2016 and the Constitution + the House and Senate and Supreme Court would never allow a President to gain a dictatorship. The term limits and checks and balances were put into place in this government to ensure that no one person has complete power over a country. Now, I’ll admit there is a lot of arm twisting from both sides - i.e. “I’ll veto your bill if you pass it.” “If you even try to veto this, we already have the 2/3 majority vote to override.”

    Obama is asking that everyone (literally everyone, not just a select group of people) has access to health care to help keep them alive. That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to kill everyone. I feel like the people who bitch about the health care thing are the people who are: 1. well-off with a well paying job with benefits who have never struggled a day in their life and 2. have never been seriously ill without having insurance necessary to seek medical attention, and in both cases it’s an inability to to realize that not everyone has the exact same life as yours or the same opportunities. Just because you have health insurance does not mean everyone can get on insurance and some people are struggling just to get by at the only job they can find to get food on their table for themselves and their children. “Obamacare” would be an alternative to the Social Security (which includes insurance for people who cannot have it) that you all bitch about so much.

  • Savannah

    You don’t need Snopes to tell you that a news article on a self-proclaimed satirical site is false, darling.

  • rosscoo

    The article reads: “Although most polls show that a majority of Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown….”, BUT, what about the polls showing the majority of Americans are AGAINST the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare)??????!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Spiva

    The house of congress is were laws are written and the senate does the amending or approval or denials then sends it ip yo the president or back to congress to be tweaked or reworked. As for the aca violating or constitutional rights,let me explain. First off your freedom of choice has just been negated by wether you choose to have insurance or not. The 4th amendment is due to under this law you no longer have a right to be secure in your person. 1st amendment was just ratified as we can no longer assemble peacefully. They also ratified the 5th amendment claiming we no longer have the right to remain silent ruled from the supreme courts. Now they are back to focussing on the 2nd amendment. If they get that one they will have all of them follow very easy from there and Obama will reign King,at which point they can introduce their on Communist bill of right and rule supreme under a dictatorship. By.all means at this point with the sheeple flow that we have in this country its happening faster than we think. To b fair in me saying this i also have to say, they all need to go and we need to have term limits and no lifetime subsidies for politicians. That means Republicans and Democrats, Independents across the board. Like i stated in my first post. Do not take my word study what this law does to our freedoms and livelyhood. Then if it starts to make you shiver and piss you off then you will truly know what is going on . At which point you will no longer be a sheeple being led blindly to the slaughter.

  • Louie G Ruiz

    Harry Reid also better stop playing his games.

  • God is the ONLY truth % light

    NO politician can be trusted! They all fall short of being accountable and the American people should have took a stand during the Bush Administration!

  • rosscoo

    @ Shawb …. You are lame, with a very weak, lame comment. I don’t expect to live on it, but by God I was “FORCED” to pay into it for the entirety of my working life. I didn’t CHOOSE to have that money taken out of every paycheck for the entirety of my working life, it was taken from me by law! I have the right to get it back too, and so do you, whether we expect to “live on it” or not!!! We are all, including your lame, weak self, ‘DOING SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES” when we are WORKING and that money is BEING TAKEN OUT OF OUR PAYCHECKS.

  • Ryan

    Yet every congressmen has gotten their paycheck. It’s not that Obama needs impeached its that our government needs impeached. To serve our government was a service not a way to get rich. That’s all it is these days though. Show me any different, please.

  • rosscoo

    @ Michele … Amen! You hit the nail on the head.

  • BARBbolar


  • Lynn Czerniawski

    Too bad you’re too ignorant to even spell correctly. We should jail you for being a dumba@@ & slaughtering the English language.


    More pure b.s. lies all across the board!! They should all be impeached and thrown in long term prison boxes, remember these same so called Government Officials let patients all across the globe suffer daily and a high % already dead from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia as a result of ‘internal ionization radiation injuries’ in Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so called ‘Lyme’ disease lies…They all should be locked up for life and charged with murder!! Hate them all with the biggest of passions they are all Cabal evils everyone one of them!! 120 tons of high grade plutonium weapons dumped on innocent people throughout Iraq plus we had Chernobyl go across the entire food supply now we have Japan that will kill millions and these corrupt fools have the gall to say Obama is a criminal where it was he who tried to do so much for sick veterans, these are the criminal Hitlers…People need to wake up and charge everyone of these animals now!! I will never ever forget the lost decades I have endured since June 1990 and pray I die and not get well so help me God…Look at yourselves before you point fingers you are all ‘evil’ cold hearted people who need jail ‘now’, Obama is not the only blame here and that’s a fact!! If the USA has no money then why not surrender the stocks that are trading in all of our Capital Letter names when the Bank Gangsters traded us on the New York Stock Exchange and do not tell me there is no stock, I already did a full audit and yes some of those stocks are worth billions so don’t tell us there is no money that is 100% lies…WAKE UP PEOPLE TO THE CABAL GANGSTERS IN OFFICE THEY ARE CRIMINALS…

  • Wingus

    *facepalm* Republicans…

  • John Wilks

    I think that President Obama’s time in office has been a three-ring circus of gridlock, bad decisions, and broken promises- but being bad at your job is not grounds for impeachment. Some of my fellow conservatives have taken leave of their senses.

  • Will Bascue

    The word “impeachment” derives from Latin roots expressing the idea of becoming caught or entrapped, and has analogues in the modern French verb empêcher (to prevent) and the modern English impede. Medieval popular etymology also associated it (wrongly) with derivations from the Latin impetere (to attack). (In its more frequent and more technical usage, impeachment of a person in the role of a witness is the act of challenging the honesty or credibility of that person.)

    The process should not be confused with a recall election. A recall election is usually initiated by voters and can be based on “political charges”, for example mismanagement, whereas impeachment is initiated by a constitutional body (usually a legislative body) and is usually, but not always, based on an indictable offense. The process of removing the official is also different.

    Impeachment was first used in the British political system. Specifically, the process was first used by the English “Good Parliament” against Baron Latimer in the second half of the 14th century. Following the British example, the constitutions of Virginia (1776), Massachusetts (1780) and other states thereafter adopted the impeachment mechanism; however, they restricted the punishment to removal of the official from office. In private organizations, a motion to impeach can be used to prefer charges.[1

  • Willis

    As much as I agree with this article, it is an understood rule of writing that you never compare anything or anybody to Hitler. Very unprofessional and makes for a terrible closing statement.

  • Christine Handy

    I would rather get rid of ppl who have destroyed american lives than keep these ppl around! I’m not saying all of them are horrible but there all at fault! A jerk reaction no I think finally congress should bd cleaned out american ppl are smarter and know what they have been through to choose new ppl! Why would u keep these ppl there and just put a bandaid on the problem when finally maybe get real ppl who care about america in office and beleive in the american ppl not dictate!

  • Will Bascue

    In the United Kingdom, it is the House of Commons that holds the power of initiating an impeachment. Any member may make accusations of any crime. The member must support the charges with evidence and move for impeachment. If the Commons carries the motion, the mover receives orders to go to the bar at the House of Lords and to impeach the accused “in the name of the House of Commons, and all the commons of the United Kingdom.”

    The mover must tell the Lords that the House of Commons will, in due time, exhibit particular articles against the accused, and make good the same. The Commons then usually selects a committee to draw up the charges and create an “Article of Impeachment” for each. (In the case of Warren Hastings, however, the drawing up of the articles preceded the formal impeachment.) Once the committee has delivered the articles to the Lords, replies go between the accused and the Commons via the Lords. If the Commons have impeached a peer, the Lords take custody of the accused, otherwise custody goes to Black Rod. The accused remains in custody unless the Lords allow bail. The Lords set a date for the trial while the Commons appoints managers, who act as prosecutors in the trial. The accused may defend by counsel.

    The House of Lords hears the case. The procedure used to be that the Lord Chancellor presided (or the Lord High Steward if the defendant was a peer); but this was when the Lord Chancellor was both the Lords’ presiding officer and head of the judiciary of England and Wales. Since both these roles were removed from that office by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, which created the Lord Speaker to preside over the Lords and made the Lord Chief Justice head of the judiciary, it is not certain who would preside over an impeachment trial today. If Parliament is not in session, then the trial is conducted by a “Court of the Lord High Steward” instead of the House of Lords (even if the defendant is not a peer). The differences between this court and the House of Lords are that in the House all of the peers are judges of both law and fact, whereas in the Court the Lord High Steward is the sole judge of law and the peers decide the facts only; and the bishops are not entitled to sit and vote in the Court.[3]

    The hearing resembles an ordinary trial: both sides may call witnesses and present evidence. At the end of the hearing the lords vote on the verdict, which is decided by a simple majority, one charge at a time. Upon being called, a lord must rise and declare “guilty, upon my honour” or “not guilty, upon my honour”. After voting on all of the articles has taken place, and if the Lords find the defendant guilty, the Commons may move for judgment; the Lords may not declare the punishment until the Commons have so moved. The Lords may then decide whatever punishment they find fit, within the law. A royal pardon cannot excuse the defendant from trial, but a pardon may reprieve a convicted defendant. However, a pardon cannot override a decision to remove the defendant from the public office they hold.

  • Will Bascue

    Impeachable offenses[edit]
    In the United States, impeachment can occur both at the federal and state level. The Constitution defines impeachment at the federal level and limits impeachment to “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States” who may be impeached and removed only for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”.[9] Several commentators have suggested that Congress alone may decide for itself what constitutes a “high crime or misdemeanor” especially since Nixon v. United States stated that the Supreme Court did not have the authority to determine whether the Senate properly “tried” a defendant.[citation needed] In 1970, then-House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford defined the criterion as he saw it: “An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.”[10] Four years later, Gerald Ford would become president when PresidentRichard Nixon resigned under the threat of impeachment.

  • robster

    what about my 70, yr old father who is retired and has 2 knee replacements? does he deserve SSI ? !!! i agree there are alot of phonys collecting SSI so lets at least word it right

  • BlessYourHeart

    Um, are you people aware that Daily Currant is a satirical site and not real news?

  • Clay Slape

    I will just say this. If the DEMOCRATS, having been given the facts of high crimes and misdemeanors, REFUSE to IMPEACH Obama, they will all be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors themselves and at that point, the Republic is in danger of becoming NULL and VOID under TYRANNY !

  • Michelle

    Obama has been nothing but disrespectful to american patriots. I could go on, but my time would be wasted.

  • boogsmama

    The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment.[1] A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.[2]

    The Daily Currant - The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record
    “The global satirical newspaper of record”.

  • Wolf and buggie

    This is the way I see it ……YES get rid of the Obama……Then as a country demand that our government take their pay checks for one whole year and put them toward the deficite. that they have created themselves. We as a country would be better off. But you will not see any of them doing with out their money while those of us not far from retirement may not get S.S. While our men and women of the armed forces are wondering if they will get paid for the service they are providing for this country. Obama needs to be more then impeached. We as a nation need to start a petition to have Obama removed from office now, not when he decides to leave. This is just my opinion and like so many americans our thought and voices don’t mean a f**king thing. We are suppose to be pawns on a chess board for whom ever in government to do with as they want. IT IS TIME FOR US AS A NATION TO STAND UP TAKE BACK OUR CONSITUTION, OUR RIGHTS. Put the pledge and pray back in to schools, demand our right to bare arms and our right of free speech. But this can not happen as long as we sit by and let our government use us for puppets.

  • Disgusted With Humanity

    This is just racist hiding behind politics

  • Sarah Hill

    you are right. “Impeach” means to “be accused”. Once he is “accused” of treason and his other crimes, then he can be “removed” from office, or choose to leave.

  • concern

    You know all these politicians get”paid for life after they leave office. Every senator president or house rep.paid yearly for rest of their life.they aren’t worried about social security or us they are set. I agree with most libertarians on number of things…the more government regulations you have the less freedom we have. Didn’t know so many Ppl need their hands held.but Ppls morals have changed we now have Ppl “proud” to be in the crime times, or to talk bad about their”Baby’s daddyy with everyone on social media, or brag about being on welfare and selling drugs.I guess that’s it we are so divided as a Ppl that or government has run off and whatever they wanted.liberal or Republican or libertarian or whatever you are we should all see our nation is failing from or government being pout of control with no worry about cause and effect

  • J

    tea party republicans make america look so stupid! “But we have to try. This guy is worse than Hitler. We have to do something.” Seriously!?!? wow. crazzzyyyyyyyyyyy coocooooooooooooooooo lol wow.

  • Brian Braden

    Let’s do it, its now or never.

  • Amanda Lanning

    And you deserve the SS. And Thank You!!!

  • Sha

    I just keep my mouth shut about this devilish man anymore. his “followers” stick by him, which is ok but they don’t quite understand what’s going on. Just wait until FEMA comes for you people. Invading your house, seizing your property, shipping you off to FEMA camps. It’s gonna happen. & Martial Law, yep that’s headed our way too. Just wait, it’s coming. We haven’t hit rock bottom yet, but we’re almost there.

  • Jeneen

    I don’t just want him Impeached, I want him arrested or Fraud, War Crimes against the American People and the World,Embezzlement of the American People’s Money for his own gain, and everything else he has done. I want his Mooshell, Holder, Biden, McCain, and every other piece of chit that has been working with him arrested as well.. They all need to have their bank accounts FROZEN and the money returned to the American People. I want them tried for their crimes and executed for their treason under Constitutional Law… THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOT HIS !!!!!!!!! I want ALL Muslims and the Brotherhood OUT of OUR Government IMMEDIATELY AS WELL !!!!!!!!

  • Gavin Pritchard

    That’s like saying it is your fault for your car getting stolen while you were asleep.

  • J

    o please Bush already did that when he created blackwater smh

  • Gavin Pritchard

    so we shouldn’t get anything back that goes to the government out of every paycheck? I guess you don’t get tax returns either because it makes you “weak” correct?

  • JD

    While I am certain of the scandalous administration, and would like nothing more than to see Obama removed from office, this article is not very well written. It lacks some factual information, and stretches some of its “facts” to the point of lies. Besides, both sides are corrupt, both sides are working for the same corporations. Removing the standing President will not solve our problems. I believe that everyone is to blame.

  • Dtbest

    Sen. Cruz is a babbling moron. “Worse than Hitler”. Really? When’s the last time Obama ordered mass genocide? High treason? The republicans are the ones who held the budget hostage. Impeach themselves that be the best use of our money.

  • j

    muslims and brotherhood? You seem nothing but racist and uneducated. You make this country look bad.

  • J

    finally someone smart

  • Gavin Pritchard

    No he is just dumb. Anyone with disabilities can be considered “weak” (not that I approve of that way of thinking). People who think like this generally think that all weak people need to die because if you can’t work you are useless.

  • Brandon Lyon

    House resolution 368 made it so that only the majority leader of the house (cantor a repbulican) can call a vote to reopen and fund the govt. This was passed to change house rule 22 clause 4 that would allow any member to call the vote. This was passed 3 days before the shutdown. So…take a guess who planned the whole thing and now wont let anyone change it?

  • Brandon Lyon

    What crime did he commit?

  • Brandon Lyon

    What crime did he commit that would warrant impeachment?

  • Joey Aldridge

    The Senate doesn’t impeach, the Senate convicts, a quick read of the Constitution would tell you that but like all you types you want to scream CONSTITUTION without actually reading the damn thing… and no you won’t, you will sit there and whine and bitch like you’ve always done.

  • James E. Manley

    I agree that if they stand with Obama they are quilty as he is they are harboring a fugitive and all go to FEDERAL prison for TREASON.

  • Titus

    Shawb was successful in getting everyone off of the subject. Congrats Shawb, you made the people look away.

  • Scott Stiffler

    I totally agree with you. He has done what was expected of him with what he was left, the war, banks being bailed out, wall street crumbling, all of this happened before he took office, all of this is what is the cause of our economic state, yet Obama is being blamed for it. Obama care has been put into effect because the majority voted for it not because just said it would be. Grow up people, and handle this like adults, and put it up to vote again like it is supposed to be. Do not shut the government down and blame it on Obama.

  • Gavin Pritchard

    Drone strikes on civilians. Spying on the american populace out of fear of terrorism. Yet obama is stll better than mitt romney would have been. We would be on the verge of economic collapse if we had republicans in office.

  • Joey Aldridge

    I suggest you look up what impeach means and read the Constitution, even if a public official is impeached then voted to be removed it is no assurance of judicial charges against them and as such no assurance of “prison”. Read, damn you all, read.

  • Kathryn Hildebrandt

    Amazing…all these comments, and so far, I have only seen one where the person understands that this article is satire.

  • Brandon Lyon

    All with clearance from congress. While they may be immoral or deplorable, they are not illegal.

  • Gavin Pritchard

    Drone Strikes on civilians and spying on the american populace. (doesn’t matter whos citizens they are) I wanted bush impeached too though.

  • Seriously


  • j

    What has Bush done? I bet we can list a lot there.. lol

  • Lizzie Lewis

    This is ridiculous. More frivolous acts that will be paid for by the taxpayers but they cannot help the deceased military families. Anyone who falls for that bull will fall for anything. They need to end the furlough so people can get back to work. This Congress should be impeached.

  • Debra Diroll

    Never going to happen. Keep dreaming.

  • Bill

    Make the gov.stop spending that money like it is there’s and that money will be there.They use the money we pay in S.S.I for what they want and it does not matter that it is your money or mine they have the money to do with what they want to do and we have no say so over it so we the people should IMPEACH all of them for taking our money among other things!

  • J

    get educated look at what is happening

  • J
  • Woodstuck

    So that one department is what you pulled from what I said? An obvious supporter… It was what they did, not when they began. Thanks for answering the question though -

  • jon

    as many have said, to impeach is to bring to trial. this person, obama is a pseudonym…real name being barry soetoro, has spit in the face of America, and all it’s citizens. and now spit in the face of our veterans….the people who fought bravely to protect our nation, as well as our world allies from hostile aggression, and beyond that, has CAUSED our volunteer soldiers to commit atrocities against defenseless citizens of foreign countries who have never risen against the United States, and this, all to promote a globalist agenda. he has forged his legacy, and it will be having made America the largest illegal drug producer, and money launderer in history, that with the aid of unwilling soldiers…the greatest perpetrator of fraud through illegal banker bail outs….and the second greatest murderer of innocent civilians through drones and illegal occupations, next to hitler, but his policies, if allowed to continue, would have made hitler blush in insignificance…it is well time, and far past to send this man to his just deserts, whether it be determined to be removal, and shame, or the gallows….let the people decide….

  • Hollyp

    I think it’s hilarious that so many people believe this.

  • skiple

    uh in no way is he worse then hitler.. that statement is outrageous. pretty sure its not just him.. we need a enitre new DC if you ask me..

  • proudmomma

    Definition of impeach (vt)
    Bing Dictionary
    [ im pch ]
    accuse official of offense: to charge a serving government official with serious misconduct while in office
    cast somebody out of public office: to remove somebody such as a president or a judge from public office because of having committed serious crimes and misdemeanors or because of other gross misconduct
    bring charges against somebody: to charge somebody with a crime or misdemeanor
    Synonyms: accuse, indict, arraign, charge, inculpate, denunciate

  • Lee Jacks

    You sound really stupid just thought I would let you know

  • joy

    Impeach for his “crimes” Although she’s been out of the limelight for a minute, I think Sarah Palin is becoming crazier and crazier.

  • Lee Jacks

    What a joke how can you call yourselves american with the disrespect and slander you continue to give to our Commander and Chief

  • Kard

    LOL! I love how the reps are trying to blame Obama, when it is THEIR fault

  • Woodstuck

    Anyone still supporting him is not aware of all the damage he has done to our Constitution and personal Rights. He has been proven to be a HUGE liar - But I guess some people like HUGE liars.

  • Michael34786
  • jon

    i just tried to send that post below to der fuhrer….guess what???…the email is closed due to a government shut down….that means that someone was payed to stop the emails, as opposed to just ….shutting down the government…..i hope they hang him in a public square and put it on pay per view….let the money go to the homeless and disabled….

  • Woodstuck

    You make me laugh. He is a FRAUD. Let him go back to Kenya and be Commander and Chief over there. At least we ARE American (born and raised in the U.S.)

  • jon

    the president is not the commander in chief, unless congress DECLARES WAR AND APPOINTS HIM, BY VOTE, TO THAT POSITION….you uneducated moron….drink that fluoride water, lil boi….

  • Lee Jacks

    Can you yourself support that with concrete facts instead making an emotionally based comment???

  • proudmomma
  • Ron An Loni Williams

    It does not matter by choice or by force Obama needs to be removed from office. He can not lead us down this road no longer. When his administration choose illegal aliens over the American people and not allowing death benefits for military families he turned himself into an enemy of this country. Every military personal is sworn into service to protect the U.S. Constitutions from enemies both foreign and domestic. All Vets have a right to stand up for this country and Obama crossed that line closing vet memorials and trying to hurt military families. THIS IS JUST WRONG.

  • jon

    yes….hilarious that WE4 THE PEOPLE BELIEVE THE TRUTH….as opposed to some sniveling drivel your masters payed you to post…

  • Woodstuck

    As well as be charged (then) of civil or criminal charges and penalties.

  • jon

    if you were actually informed, you would know that the entire per house said go ahead, obama….we give up…let your obama care and everything else go through….but…HE DIDNT ACCEPT IT!!!!~ HE WANTS TOTAL DICTATOR POWERS!!!!! AND THATS WHY HE IS GOING TO BE IMPEACHED AND THROWN INTO THE GUTTER!!!!

  • Joseph Abdallah

    You idiot, this is fake news.

  • robdicken

    Jon, this article is a joke. Literally, it’s satire. You also clearly watch too much FauxNews. More reading, less watching, please.

  • Joseph Abdallah

    I can’t wait for this to hit Faux News. They really have a record of posting fake news. Seems the bubble believes it. This is a fake news article, posted by a satire site.

  • jon

    IF barry soetoro had tried this stuff in his home country kenya, EVEN THE MUSLIMS WOULD HAVE CHOPPED HIS HEAD OFF WITH A DULL MACHETE!!!

  • Jamie Putnam

    I can say I’m an American because I am committed to the constitution, not the President.

  • Kimberly Smith

    Obama needs to be taken out of office all he has done is make Americans suffer


    This crazy woman and all of her right wing, anti-American, coconspiritors need to crawl back under theor rocks and disappear. George W Bush was gulity of far worse than they are TRYING to say Obama has done, and Pelosi let him slide, with enough votes in the House and the Senate to get him gone as he should have been. The American people voted him in with the largest majority in history, and he hasn’t done a bad job. Obstructionist republicans, who care more about party politics than the nation, have caused the shutdown and its continuation. Anyone who can’t see this is either blind or stupid.

  • jon

    HE IS the GREATEST enemy this country has ever had….WORMED HIS WAY IN…and should be left to eat rotten flesh, and drink his own blood to stay alive….DESPICABLE!!!

  • jon

    abdallah??? ok…im going to have to declare shananigans, here….like we believe anything “ABDALLAH” says….good try…BUWAAAHAAAHAA!!!

  • tee

    You sheeple, I mean people realize this is another fake news site, right? Did you read the “trending” stories list ——-> obama announces plan to forgive all student loans, NASA finds a message from god on mars, Pope Benedict comes out as gay….I would love it if these were true but alas they are not.

  • george234234234234234234523

    We could all be so lucky but it will not happen.

  • jon


  • jon

    LETS SEE HERE…. over a MILLION bikers rode on DC 3 weeks ago….and A MILLION TRUCKERS this week…….OBAMA….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, LILL PUPPY!!!

  • Lisa Tunnell

    I suppose you dont have parents that paid taxes their whole lives paying toward their social security that are old now and unable to work. Nor does your best friend have a child that recieves child support from his dead fathers social security in which he paid into thirty five yearts before his death. OH right I guess they are just undeserving. Well at least you will never need it . You are far too ignorant to survive that long.

  • Lee Jacks

    Wow your not so stupid after all

  • Joe Skeen

    And you realize this is bunk. He has done nothing that rises to the constitutional statute of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” So if we do decide to impeach, shouldn’t we impeach those truly responsible for the government shutdown- that being Sen. Ted Cruz and his Tea Party ilk?

  • Lee Jacks

    And once again what FACTS are you able to provide to back up the horrible job the PRESIDENT has done???

  • Scott Sherri Kaeck


  • Woodstuck

    NDAA - HE signed (while we slept) - Can put ANYONE in jail (anywhere) without charges, without a phone call, jail them indefinitely, includes U.S. citizens - Directly against my Constitutional Rights! NSA Spying on any citizens email and phone - without court order - Directly against my Constitutional privacy Rights. ANY laws he made with an Executive Order - Against the Law without being run by the other two Branches of Government (you remember them? He does not). Beginning WARS without the approval of Congress. Killing innocent people and children with drones - His direct orders. I could go on, but maybe you see my points (?) Oh, and an emotionally based comment is telling people they sound stupid in your opinion (just FYI).

  • jon

    robdicken??? is that really your name….regardless….google this
    bachmann impeach obama
    i got 275,000 results….


  • Sharon Jeanette Merrill

    It may not remove him from office but it prevents him from doing anymore damage!

  • pratt

    It’s about time!! This Man is the Devil.

  • Kevin Seiden

    We need to make sure we get rid of these morons in the house. They are trying every cheap tactic out there. There simply are no grounds for impeachment here when the Republicans shut down the government.

  • Scared to death

    Thank you for sharing. This needs to go viral.

  • jon

    REALLY??? so…giving weapons to al quieda, our enemy isnt treason??? are you a complete idiot, or just stupid….this is a multiple choice question….

  • jon


  • Joe Skeen

    Jon, if he’s done it, show us the evidence. I am not the stupid Tea Party sycophant here. It’s called evidence, genius. So where is it? Where is it so Rep. Issa, in all of his investigative glory, can find it. He hasn’t. On anything. So again, where’s the evidence? Show it to us and until you can, shut up.

  • Josh

    This is ridiculous… They are all a bunch of babies that should be thrown out. Why not focus on the problem at hand instead of all this crazy business. Get them all out of office from the President on down. Bunch of self serving children.

  • robdicken

    jon apparently lived on Mars when George Bush was in office. Same stuff, different name.

    This article is satire, and Michelle Bachmann does not have enough support in this country, let alone in Congress to get an impeachment bill through. It won’t pass through the Senate.

    BWAHAHAHAHA…no…you’re an idiot.

  • jon

    The Social Security Act was signed by FDR on 8/14/35….GOT GOOGLE?

  • jon


  • lloyd pell

    Impeach him or we get all of you out of office! It is time the AMERICAN PEOPLE TOOK THEIR COUNTRY BACK

  • john pourciau

    I agree with Mr.Bill Moss. We the people is for over due.I personally dont know why congress let this go so long for anyway.But not only federal jobs an getting those people back to work ,obama cut a lot of jobs from our people an then in return hired 10k people to work IRS just to collect our money.Something very wrong with this president.An why did they allow him to keep spending all those trillions of dollars.need to put a stop on a lot of things going on. An get this country back upright an fast.

  • lloyd pell

    Who cares what impeach means TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  • jon

    SCHWAB….LOOKS LIKE YOURE WELL HATED HERE…LET ME ADD….I HAVE 4 HERNIATED DISCS IN MY BACK FROM WORKING CONSTRUCTION, AND KEPT WORKING TIL I could not DO IT ANY MORE DUE TO THE extreme PAIN…so…what kind of work do YOU do, limp pecker boi??? and i bet i can STILL whip YOUR weak ass….lil bitch…

  • VetAmerican

    Yes….and Wikipedia is such a reliable And valid tool for research.

  • Cyndi

    Question: If a woman worked from the age of 17 til the age of 30 then stayed home and kept a house full of foster children for the next 20 years, now can’t work due to degenerative back disease, should she qualify for disability? Mind you , she’s been married since she was 15 and her husband has worked since he was 16.

  • Aram Vartian

    And all from the comfort of your keyboard! What an impressive coup that will be.

  • john pourciau

    Either way he needs to go.and hopefully he understand that this country isnt a playground where you can bully the people around.

  • Matthew James Hale

    Using a ubiquitous term like “American Patriots” tells me nothing. You have to give me details or your statement rings out as an empty and generic talking point that could be said about anyone.

  • slamradio

    it’s about d*** time

  • Ted

    But it’s right in this case. You could also, y’know, pick up a book.

  • jon

    bush and obama are war criminals…whats up with the chocolate vanilla extreme??? a war criminal is war criminal!!!

  • David

    It means a trial will take place. For him to be removed the senate would have to vote 2/3rd’s majority guilty for him to be removed. That’s not going to happen, but they still need to do it just for the principal. It needs to be done because that is what the people are demanding and at least the republicans can say they tried.

  • Ted


  • David

    It means a trial will take place. For him to be removed the senate
    would have to vote 2/3rd’s majority guilty for him to be removed.
    That’s not going to happen, but they still need to do it just for the
    principal. It needs to be done because that is what the people are
    demanding and at least the republicans can say they tried…

  • Matthew James Hale

    Before Obama, there was Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. There may not have been the overt angst and hatred, but those two were certainly slandered and vilified to the fullest. I knew the talking point that Jimmy Carter was the “worst president in history” before I actually knew what a president was.

  • Matthew James Hale

    Reagan and JFK’s list would be just as long.

  • Xzamilio

    They’ll figure it out.

  • Chester Fester III

    You all realize this is a fake article …….right!?


  • Bilbo Baggins

    To be honest, Wikipedia has become one of the most trusred sources these days, even academically. Since they got their credibility act together. Not foolproof but much closer then rest of internet it seems.

  • wethepeople

    I’ve read so many comments on this article but half of you people are complete idiots and for those giving the definition of impeachment you people are what America should be filled with not these left wing or right wing nut jobs who all they want is to promote their hate

  • john pourciau

    I really dont know how he got this far in office .Other than just let him ramp around till they cant take it no more .There were other people that probly could have done a way better job . Than obama but were told dont run now.Kinda odd you ask me.The gov. does a lot of things its own way .But were still in finance issues ,need to pull our millitaries back from over seas to help with our spending .The other countries just have to do there own for now we got some probs that need to be looked after before they get any worse.Cause of obama.

  • Lee Jacks

    Are you people educated on how the Government truly works or are you so bent out of shape on trying to find every little thing that the president does wrong that you just put stuff up with out at least doing SOME form of research. President Obama did not make the decision to NOT allow death benefits. When the bill was signed for military to still be paid the death benefits were expected to be apart of that but since it was not put in writing it was not upheld. So when the government shut down the funding went along with it. In order for the money to be used a bill had to be established allowing funding to be allocated for the use of benefits. Initially the government was going to go with a private charity company that offered to cover the cost of the benefits. When this knowledge was brought to the President attention he pushed the issue to have a resolution. Also as I hope you would know bills are originated in the house the President is just the final approving factor in which he signed to allow families to receive benefits so your point there by is null in void. Go back to the drawing board to find another issue you dnt like about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!

  • Arnie Wolf

    Actually Balack Obama cannot be impeached as he was never vetted as an American citizen eligible to become POTUS. The mechanism for removing Obama is found in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

    To Whit

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,
    that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That
    to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving
    their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any
    form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of
    the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,
    laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
    such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and
    happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long
    established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and
    accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to
    suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by
    abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train
    of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a
    design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it
    is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards
    for their future security.

  • Suebee

    Maybe they should take a good look in the mirror and see theyhave aa lot of blame in this situation. They Aldo need to start looking for a new job. We have been in this situation four four years and I do not support Obama and neither do I support any of this disgraceful Americans

  • Lee Saffold

    It is about time! I thank the republican leaders that have
    the courage to fight against this type of tyranny especially when it seems that
    the fight is against insurmountable odds. At least someone is trying to do what
    a large number of Americans want done. The
    fact that this process is now underway is a warning to all who would attempt to
    “rule” rather than serve the American people in this government of
    the people, by the people, and for the people.
    Whether it will succeed in the senate is not as important as the fact
    that the possibility of impeachment is always there to check the behavior of
    anyone attempting to “rule” over us against our will! When Americans elect a president they elect
    one to serve the people, we do not elect a king to rule over us. The impeachment process is the very
    embodiment of that concept and exists for the very purpose of maintaining the
    power and control of the people over the federal government. Let the process take its course and let the
    people have their say and keep the pressure on and never let up. We simply refuse to have a dictator over us
    and this process lets us remind the president, and all future presidents, of
    that simple fact! This presidents treachery
    evidenced by his learning of the attacks on the embassy in Benghazi at 5 pm and
    going to bed at 8 pm and sleeping without any concern whatsoever about the
    American lives that were at stake in this attack and leaving them vulnerable
    calling for help and receiving none resulting in the loss of 4 American lives
    and his recent attempt to block our WWII veterans from visiting a memorial in
    Washington built in their honor when it cast him the government more money to
    do so then to leave it open must receive an adequate response from the American
    people. The NSA spying on the American people and the IRS deliberately
    targeting conservative groups who oppose the President are additional crimes
    against the people of this country that deserve a fitting response from the
    people. And it is my opinion that impeachment is the proper response to such
    behavior by an American President. Such treasonous behavior by a sitting President
    definitely “rises to the level” of “high crimes and misdemeanors” worthy of

  • Chester Fester III

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.


  • JC

    If they are serious they should also impeach Reid, he is just as guilty.

  • Ashley

    What ended up happening with the National Black Republican Committee, when they filed to impeach Obama back in August?

  • Matthew James Hale

    By all means, we should get rid of them, but that would only help if we had people that could take over without falling into the same depravity that current members of Congress have.
    It’s not a simple process and it’s not a fast one either. But to get real change we have to work from the ground up instead of working from the top down. That means we have to start at the State levels and start vetting candidates by actual policy stances and not by their ability to give vague answers or their stances social issues.

  • Dud

    You also know you can only be charged with treason during war. Also, to be proven guilty of treason they must prove you intentionally harmed the state. Unintentional consequences of an action that result in harming the state cannot be tried for treason.

  • Drew

    No, you’re just ignorant. The impeachment process that was intended to be used as a tool for investigative freedom. Just because the word has become bastardized and the public is ignorant does not change what impeachment actually is. It wasn’t intended to become a rare thing, it’s a check. Impeachment does not necessarily mean a desire to remove from office. There are many calling for such action, knowing that removal wouldn’t occur. I’m not one of those, but don’t spread your ignorance as fact.

  • SgtRay

    Add giving the order to detonate a Nuclear Device in the Charleston, SC harbor. Only a Mad Man would do that to his own country. When the device was detonated in the Atlantic Ocean, He fired a few Admirals and Generals. He is irresponsible and I question his mental stability. He needs to be removed from office immediately before He commits another act that endangers this country and our people.

  • HeyNow

    Republican a$$holes are the blame for this mess, not the president.

  • Lee Saffold

    It is about time! I thank the republican leaders that have
    the courage to fight against this type of tyranny especially when it seems that
    the fight is against insurmountable odds. At least someone is trying to do what
    a large number of Americans want done. The
    fact that this process is now underway is a warning to all who would attempt to
    “rule” rather than serve the American people in this government of
    the people, by the people, and for the people.
    Whether it will succeed in the senate is not as important as the fact
    that the possibility of impeachment is always there to check the behavior of
    anyone attempting to “rule” over us against our will! When Americans elect a president they elect
    one to serve the people, we do not elect a king to rule over us. The impeachment process is the very
    embodiment of that concept and exists for the very purpose of maintaining the
    power and control of the people over the federal government. Let the process take its course and let the
    people have their say and keep the pressure on and never let up. We simply refuse to have a dictator over us
    and this process lets us remind the president, and all future presidents, of
    that simple fact! This presidents treachery
    evidenced by his learning of the attacks on the embassy in Benghazi at 5 pm and
    going to bed at 8 pm and sleeping without any concern whatsoever about the
    American lives that were at stake in this attack and leaving them vulnerable
    calling for help and receiving none resulting in the loss of 4 American lives
    and his recent attempt to block our WWII veterans from visiting a memorial in
    Washington built in their honor when it cost the government more money to do so
    than to leave it open must receive an adequate response from the American people.
    The NSA spying on the American people and the IRS deliberately targeting
    conservative groups who oppose the President are additional crimes against the people
    of this country that deserve a fitting response from the people. And it is my
    opinion that impeachment is the proper response to such behavior by an American
    President. Such treasonous behavior by a sitting President definitely “rises to
    the level” of “high crimes and misdemeanors” worthy of impeachment!

  • Crystal Lynn Duplechain

    Why isn’t this on the news.

  • Libby Traxler

    The whole congress should be IMPEACHED. We need people who CARE about the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  • pmilla

    I’m not a fan of Obama. However, comparing him to Hitler is one of the extremes that causes a loss of credibility to the cause. Lots of mistakes. Lots of ridiculous scandals. His ideology scares me. But lets compare him to what matters - other presidents. He is making enough mistakes that there is no need to sensationalize him. Just keep speaking truth with out hyperbole so the truth doesn’t get lost in the extras. Facts speak louder alone.

  • Annette Gardner

    I think that government has too much power as it is now. I am ashamed that this country is on the verge of another civil dispute. I don’t care about republicans or democrats. It’s all about who can do the job and none of the politicians are doing their job. All of them are VOTED in and they all will come up for re-election. I don’t see them getting voted back in office - none of them! I can’t speak for everyone but I do not feel that anyone has done what my tax dollars are paying for. If the government is “shut down” then why are taxes still coming out of my check. If they’re not going to do their jobs, what am I paying for? I hope Obama gets impeached and removed from office along with everyone else that has played a part in getting this country to this point. It’s not one man’s fault but a combination of people that seem to only be out for themselves in office. This country as a whole has forgotten what this country was founded on. We have lost our way from our founding principles and maybe we all need to go back and actually read the declaration of independence because I truly don’t think this is what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote it. We all need a reality check!!!!!
    —-Very appalled tax paying, law abiding citizen——-

  • VW

    Thanks Steve for the clarification…..intelligence is at a premium these days

  • Xzamilio

    Because it’s satire, that’s why. Sites like these and The Onion thrive on stupid people that suck this crap up

  • Lee Jacks

    Then why is there a government shut down idiot??? No the house did not agree to let the Obamacare go thru…they rejected the proposal that the senate established on numerous occasions. The house refused to establish a budget to fund the Affordable healthcare act

  • Wellstone

    No, silly. He has to be CONVICTED in a trial by the Senate first. Back to 6th grade for you.

  • bart

    The point is he can not repeal the Obamacare because it is already a law voted and passed by these same people-It is another waste of taxpayer money-The whole darn lot of them should get out of there and common people need to raise up and change things not these stupid rich people who live in country clubs. Obamacare is a law now..the only thing that should have been done was the people should have been able to vote on it.

  • Ron An Loni Williams

    If you actually keep up with the news Obama stated that he was going to VITO any bill passed if his medical bill was not passed the way he wanted it to stay….Keep up with how long it took him to state that he was going to take care of the families of the departed soldiers….Plus the death benefits are something he could have signed with executive orders and passed instead of waiting for a while before saying he was going to take care of the families. So unless you are a VET you don’t know what they are going thru!!!!

  • cherykie

    I’m all for Impeachment if he is removed from office and imprisoned for all his acts of treason- but this , the government shutdown, is just stupid. EVERYBODY is involved in the shutdown! He needs to be brought up on charges that he alone owns, and there is a long list of dirty laundry to charge him with.

  • Wellstone

    No one is demanding this except for TeaParty extremists and Conservative dittohead knuckledraggers.

    But please, proceed. You remember how well this “principal” went for you airheads last time. You can say goodbye to the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for many years to come.

  • Lady Lar

    Good for a sad laugh! And instead of focusing on the definition of “impeach”, I looked up what you pretend Bachmann said- “..this ‘cabal’ will do anything to stay in power.” A cabal is “.. a group secretly united to bring about an overturn in public affairs…” My goodness, that would be the pot calling the kettle black!!!! But this could ring true, as these tea twits dwell in Delusional Auda City. I wish I could meet one so I could laugh and point, but all my friends are rationale and sane.

  • Kym

    false, I hope everyone knows this is not a “real” source

  • jsfox

    I wish I could say I was stunned at the number of people who have read this story and thought it was true. However given the level of ignorance that exists within the Tea Party and Right, in general, sad to say I expected no less.

  • justafribbler

    took the words right out of my mouh!

  • Wellstone

    This is just a right-wing lie. The Social Security Trustees’ report says the system is good for another 30-40 years with no changes, many more years if the Economy stays healthy.

  • Kay

    That’s how it was set it-one generation pays for the one before it. We have screwed the system-yes my generation did it. Your job is to get those idiots ALL out of office. Term limits start at the polls.

  • Wellstone

    Estella, if you count the amount you put in, it would not go very far if you make the wrong investments.

    The Federal Government’s SS check is guaranteed. The Stock Market is not.

  • Admiral America

    Nothing will come of this. Barry has too many people bought off, and blackmailed. Same reason he’s got away with so much all these years while the Republican leadership spews their fake rhetoric with no real action. If we really had two opposing parties Barry would have been impeached a long time ago.

  • susan_oconnell

    You do realize this is a satire site, right?

  • Ron An Loni Williams

    he is the enemy and all like him congress included only in for themselves

  • NoBamaNoMo

    Excuse me, congress???? You mean the Senate lead by this dispicable loser Reid and this commie muslim Obama. If you really were to take a very good look, you would realize that the Republicans ARE the ones that CARE about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Kyle Clark

    pretty sad that Nixon is a bigger man than Obama

  • jsfox

    sigh. This is satire. The story is not true. American this is why we can no longer have nice things; too many of you are gullible, ill-informed and not terribly bright.

  • David Robinson

    It’s apparent, Bachmann forgot her Haldol again.

  • jamey rothe

    yes you do deserve ss. why in the world would you talk to a VET like that for he is a good man for going to Iraq .I have prayed over them when they were in war. so Shawb you have no room to talk. BushMaster I look up to you and I say Thank you so much for all you have done for our freedom and god bless you

  • Lemonkitti

    Why can’t we just shoot him? He is a terrorist right?

  • Monie in the Middle

    Suuuuure “we” will.

  • Wellstone

    Wrong. Most people get more out of SS than they ever put in. The average person collects $1250 a month, $18K/year. If you collect for 15 yrs up to age 80, you would get back over $270K.

    You really think you put in 270K over your working life? Remember, this is not FedTax withheld here, it’s just the FICA/SS part.


    Since Obama inherited the Afgan situation I can’t give him enough blame to make it criminal. However it is time to bring em home.

  • NealD

    Not a huge deal, but this picture is from 2011.

  • susan_oconnell

    Yeah! Screw all those losers who are born with disabilities. No work = no money!
    p.s. you’re all outraged over a satirical article. The Daily Currant is a parody news site a la The Onion.

  • breanna Do your research DUH! it doesn’t pay to be ignorant and believe everything you see on the internet!

  • jon

    dude…spelling monitor?? gotoa preschool and show your real talents….thats just freaking stupid….go somewhere else…WE hate you..

  • Rich

    It will never happen. Too many RINOS not enough Tea Party. Were going to have to try to limit the damage until we get rid of the traitors.

  • NoBamaNoMo

    OMG, its about time. Did it really take almost six years to figure that out? I made that suggestion after the first year, when I realized that he and his wife were America hating commies and racists. It’s about time to remove this evil cancer from our daily lives.

  • Nebokenezzer

    Amused people are falling for a poor copy of the Onion.

  • Ingo

    Are you Guys serious over there, i used to admire the US and it’s Democracy, were is your “government of the people, by the people, for the people” because what is going right now is certainly very different of what your grandfathers had in mind, such a shame to watch…

  • ntdstym

    You’re just all kinds of stupid, Bill Moss.

  • ryan o’dwyer

    *sigh*…it is a satirical article, you guys.

  • Jonathon

    As a collegiate researcher…if you trust “peer reviewed” journals to be accurate, valid and reliable, believe me wikipedia should definitely on be on your list of valid and reliable. Not only is it peer reviewed but the review happens from multiple people on a daily basis. Although there are few obscure articles and titles within wiki that are blatantly incorrect, most articles that have any form of substance give a great base of information to then dig deeper.

  • Jimmy Bowles

    Republicans are just as much to blame for this as Democrats. Get off your high horses. Both sides are ridiculous. I am true Independent. I don’t have time for children’s games. Republicans are being just as treasonous just depends on what side you agree with more.

  • kathy

    That is not going to happen! We all pay for someone else. If someone doesn’t have children, they still have to pay taxes that support schools and the programs that go with it. We pay for all the government programs. That money comes from taxes confiscated from the working peons. Most people seem to think the government has money, it does not! IT TAKES FROM THE WORKING PEOPLE.
    Better that you complain about their money being used to support ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country. And, the welfare recipients, generation after generation, in some families! Just take a look at what their taxes are being used to support. Their paying into THEIR social security fund will be the least of your worries!

  • Amy Brundidge

    If it has become one of the most trusted sources these days, even academically, then why is it that in all of the college classes that I have been taking, the instructors always say that Wikipedia is the one resource that you can’t use?

  • susan_oconnell

    Actually, lots of people DO care about grammar. You know what else people care about? Humor. This article is a work of satire, yet the funniest thing about it is the outrage it has spawned in the misinformed masses. You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the giggles.

  • Eddie
  • Mike Connie Duncan Norrell

    OK, IF he is impeached on charges of TREASON, how can he remain in office? The punishment for TREASON is either DEATH or LONG IMPRISONMENT. The only way to avoid such is that he be pardoned for any crimes stemming from his actions while in office, by the incoming president. Some members of Congress may truly be in love with this (very bad) man, but when/if it comes down to his head or theirs on the chopping block, they will GLADLY sacrifice him to save themselves. Yes, I think the Washington politicians can feel a shift in the dynamic of politics, but they are too arrogant to believe that their power can be stripped from them. They have forgotten that they SERVE and CONTINUE TO SERVE at the PLEASURE of WE THE PEOPLE….No matter the outcome of any impeachment proceedings against obama, there NEEDS to be a BIG change of personnel in Washington, not to more of the same, not to people who know how to “work Washington”, but to people who can MAKE WASHINGTON WORK.

  • Michael Chandler

    About time. If he wasn’t US by birth, then perhaps the nation can force Obama to open all his records and whatever else he fought to keep hidden ever since announcing his run for presidency.

  • 19Superman38

    It’s funny that people criticized Obama because of his skin color. Took you clowns long enough to realized it wasn’t because of his dark skin. It’s because of his decision making and or his muslimish ways lol idk. I’m not disrespecting my president. I’m just happy that race isn’t in this forum so far

  • disqus_kfieT5umNU

    Why doesn’t the military just removed him from office? He is not US born and is not qualified to serve and is destroying our country…

  • Manna412

    “The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment. A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.
    The Daily Currant is a competitor to The Onion. According to Quantcast, the site garners over 1.5 million page views a month.”

    1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize
    people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary
    politics and other topical issues.”

    Sadly, this article is not true. Though, that should be obvious to most of you considering the dialog used in the supposed interviews.

  • Lee Jacks

    No I am not a VET YET…Im currently deployed and still actively fighting for this country…but I see the country needs a fall guy when in retrospect this great House that we have truly held the key and they are the reason we are in this situation to begin with…The president has agreed to renegotiate to open up the government but to no avail the house keeps stalling not to mention they themselves have established that only the Republican leader of the house can decide to open up the government rather than any member of the house as it was originally established…this goes a lot deeper than a medical bill being passed and we all know it.

  • Tina Thorpe

    Wellstone, the economy hasn’t been “healthy” since Obama started giving money over to “clean energy” corporations that went belly up (actually before then, but that definitely put us in a worse position). I don’t know where you get your funny math, but why don’t you factor in all the new welfare recipients and people on disability that keep steadily increasing. Let’s face it folks, Obama is getting exactly what he wanted in the first place - Socialism! I work my rear off and a huge chunk of my money goes to people who sit on theirs and do NOTHING. Tell you what Wellstone, if we “right-wing” “knuckle-dragger” idiots are so wrong, why don’t you tell us why the average welfare recipient actually gets better benefits than the average social security recipient? I know a few of both … my social security friends don’t have smart phones or money to buy cigarettes, they have terrible health coverage (that they pay for btw). Meanwhile, the Obama welfare crowd gets free healthcare, free groceries and an Obama Phone! Most would be better off to quit their jobs and go on the dole … thank God there are people still out there with good morals that have too much pride to do so.

  • Lydia Crandell

    No you tea party members need to be impeached, you are anarchists. Be gone, seed of the devil.

  • sampson

    impeach, nah… bring him up on the crimes he has committed, closing the government, I didn’t get my way bah…look what he has done to the American people, open yr eyes people, read, read, read, not having our soldiers protected, letting them get slaughtered, because of his and Mrs. Clintons negligence. always covering up his dirty tracks with some lame excuse. we the people need to rise up and demand his exit from the Presidency.. The White House is getting smelly and its not just from personal hygiene!!

  • jon

    Dear Gawd in heaven….impeach means to accuse, and be brought forth to a court to address charges. That court would be the congress, which is BOTH the senate and house of representatives….GOT THAT PART?? then BOTH houses vote on whether OBAMA’S TREASONOUS TRAITOROUS EVIL FILTHY ANTI AMERICAN GUTTER SCUM ACTS….are illegal….and then we hang him by the neck until dead when he is convicted according to this very lovely law, whether you like the nasty traitor, or not, just because you’re stupid……

    Title 18 U.S. Code section 2381

    When in the presence of two witnesses to the same overt act or in an
    open court of law if you fail to timely move to protect and defend the
    constitution of the United States and honor your oath of office you are
    subject to the charge of capital felony treason, and upon conviction you
    will be taken by the posse to the nearest busy intersection and at high
    noon hung by the neck until dead…The body to remain in state till dusk
    as an example to anyone who takes his oath of office lightly.

  • Niko

    It is.. try to edit something without citing a source and see how long it stays there.

  • Kaiser Edmond

    You get to vote (Thank God) for one Congressman and two Senator. If you live in one of those gerrymandered House Districts, my guess is you already have your person. You vote on YOUR Senators if he doesnot vote the way you desire and I get to vote on mine. We the People voted President Obama in two elections. No Gerrymandered House of Representatives is going to remove him. Impeachment will This will never happen because you have enough Republicans, 45, who represent “purple” Districts whose constituents won’t stand for this foolishness. With the 201 Democrats in the House that’s more than enough to exceed 2/3 of 435 (Do Your Own Arithmetic Genious).

  • Liza

    that’s okay, here is websters definition…

  • sissy48

    God help them all ..I pray Gods will be done not man’s .

  • Jim

    Can you please give supporting facts and arguments that specifically PROVE that the TEA Party and Conservatives are extremists and knuckledraggers? Please enlighten the masses afterall we would not want to lower our standards to raise yours. I thought so !

  • Jamie

    Yep George W. Bush.

  • Lee Jacks

    This country is not in shambles because of the government alone but because of the ignorant sorry citizens this country houses as well!!!

  • Lisa Glass


  • Ron An Loni Williams

    Well both of us are vets and suffering. I would be still on active duty but was hit by an IED in Iraq and was not able to stay in and when I see that the vets are suffering it pisses me off I have done my time and got hurt and Obama don’t care about us. It is not about his stupid medical bill he just don’t care about the vets and wants to cut what little we get

  • repubnut

    Politics at it’s worst !!! All of the serious claims should have been included not only the ones that will not hold water !!! this is only B.S.

  • Lisa Byrd


  • Michael Gann


  • Admiral America

    So many people want to believe it. I thought the article seemed to good to be true. I was directed to this article, and didn’t know this site was satire:

  • Derp

    If I accuse you of being a child molester, can we have you removed from YOUR job? After all, it’s not like trials are important or anything. If you like, you can have the option of leaving yourself.

  • Kaiser Edmond

    Nixon committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors. He resigned because he saw the Handwriting on the Wall. No, the first African-American President is not resigning. Get over it. You might make it to 2016.

  • eltoro

    because I paid into it for 50 years? and would be willing to take a lump sum of what I paid in. It’s easy to talk crap if you have nothing invested. SS is just like anything else the government handles, they mismanage it and then blame someone else for it. The buck stops at Congress, they run the committees, or should I say mismanage again? The problems are all based on years of “we can print money as long as we want” regardless of the consequences, well we can’t, it doesn’t work, and one doesn’t have to be a genius to figure it out. The politicians have long figured out that as long as they can keep us divided they will continue to rule us. Problem with that is that they are there to serve the folks that elected them, not the other way around. The country is the UNITED States, not the divided states, we have achieved our greatness by working together, and unless we get back to that we are lost. Bet on it.

  • JaylynS

    1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision,or ridicule.
    3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    In other words: a big round of applause for all of you die-hard Reps ranting about something that isn’t actually happening - in fact, this article is specifically making fun of you. Well-done, folks ;)

  • nicole

    Shouldnt they concentrate on just getting the government reopened rather than adding another issue to the table!! I am soo sick of how they blame the president when its not just the president it is the people in office that arent willing to help the American Public and are only doing what is best for themselves. People need to realize that he is not the only one who runs this government if he was then why do we vote people into office?… They just need to come to an agreement and get the government reopened stopping pointing fingers and just get something done rather than go back and forth on who is right or wrong. If we didnt have the “title” Republicans, Democrats, etc i think life would be a lot easier. I really feel that if you are defined by a party you are obligated to vote for what your party stands for instead of what you feel is right or wrong.

  • Betty Meyers Kenny Taylor

    You said “The U.S. federal government shut down on Oct. 1 after House Republicans refused to fund it unless President Obama agreed to repeal his signature health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.”

    So it sn’t the President it is the House.

    The Republicans refuse because the rich doesn’t want a higher tax rate. They could careless if american’s has health benefits, food or jobs as long as they don’t have to pay higher taxes.

    I think it’s like Robin Hood taking from the rich and giving to the poor. That’s what Obama wants for the american’s. He wants the poor to be able to have the medical benefits the rich has.

    If this impeachment goes through it will be because the republicans made the poor american suffer and it’s better to have it the way it has always been then to have nothing at all.

    On the other Hand I am with the republicans that the Obamacare should be a choice and not a law.


    GET HIM OUT OF THEIR…..GOD go before them and make a way where there seems to be NO WAY!

  • brenda l

    maybe he wouldn’t be removed but this would bring to the front all of the power crazy things this administration is cappable of doing. if we don’t hang together the future of all children and real americans is in jeporady.

  • Kaiser Edmond

    These Teapublicans are always talking about the Constitution of which any ot them have a clue. They hate Obama and life is over as they know it if he is not removed.

  • Mon0xiide

    I liked reading the comments more than the article

  • lloyd pell


  • Jessica Brubaker

    does no one understand or have read the constitution?! The president cannot be impeached because of the government shut down. It is CONGRESS’ fault that the government is shutdown not the President. It is congress’ responsibility to get the bills paid they control the money and how it is spent not the president. Get educated people and get your facts straight. The people that need to be removed is the idiots running congress who are only out for themselves.

  • Cynthia Ray

    This is probably satire. Believe me i wish it were true. but i doubt it is

  • Myra

    I assume you are trying to be funny. Of course, you’re aware that a majority of readers from both parties will accept your stupid column as fact. Jerks like you just make things worse. Why not try to educate your “followers” instead of playing games?

  • AlRetd

    Way to go Girl, he needs to be held accountable for his actions and inactions in putting America’s security and safety in harms way. He took the Oath!

  • Government eyes


  • Cyndi

    If this is so true then why does he not want to use the same health plan?

  • Ron

    Move forward Michelle, Ted and group. Impeachment must be in process now. the people will force the issues with the congressman and women that are in support of our country…you are exactly correct in stating this Regime is as Hitler structured as anything has have ever been. We have no choice, the uneducated voter will understand when they actually read OC.

  • Just_another_brick_in_the_Wall

    Don’t Forget Benghazi, I’m pretty sure we were arming the bad guys to fight other bad guys who killed our guys… and well I’m thinking that is at least misdemeanor..

  • Franklin Crittenden

    This man is no leader!

    Any man that would purposely punish and burden the majority of Americans just to satisfy the 37% that still support him doesn’t even understand the basics of being a true leader!

    The needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few!

    I believe he is the most divisive, dishonest, and corrupt President in modern history and has done more to damage this once great nation than many of our enemies have…

    His resume reads like a man that is trying to overthrow a Government, not serve its people

    Needless to say, I am for Impeachment 100%!

  • Kristina

    You DO realize this paper is satirical…right? Wow. People as dumb as you are allowed to vote?? That is terrifying.

  • SatireReader

    Um… The website you are on now is completely made up satire. Nothing on this site is real. Denouncing Wikipedia in support of your debate over fictitious news is not sound logic. Click the “About” link at the bottom of this page.

  • Michelle Phillipson

    My school does not accept this as valid research…just saying.

  • Jean Amick

    more reliable than your sources..

  • Maximus Max

    The Gohmert & Cruz quotes are priceless…

  • Kaiser Edmond

    And Republicans want the raise the age to 70.

  • Kline

    if anyone actually thinks the president deserves to be impeached then you are a moron and need to be removed from life

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    “claiming his inability to halt the federal government shutdown makes him unfit for office.”

    There’s more to get him out than just that!!!

  • Jeremy Farve

    Amen! Impeach!! Time to take back our nation!

  • Kari

    Very good question…that’s one big question I want answered that I have not been able to find anywhere!! If this “Affordable” Healthcare Act is so great, then why are the president, other political officials, and other elite exempt from it?? I have my own health insurance because I work and get it through my employer…BUT, I am in no way rich so your point of “taking from the rich and giving to the poor” is moot!

  • Michelle Phillipson

    Though your example is extreme it is right on the money.

  • jsfox

    So many people want to believe it, because so many people listen to the likes of Palin, Bachmann etc etc and actually think they know what they are talking about it. Please stop.

  • Kari

    Sorry sissy48, that reply was meant for Betty Meyers Kenny Taylor :)

  • Established_1781

    Olmert; King; Boehner; Bachmann; Cruz; Cantor. These are the Five names to remember.

  • Meg

    You all know this is not a real news article, correct? Fighting amongst each other over a story that is fake makes you all look a tad ridiculous.

  • GriffonClaw

    Even though schools don’t want students to sight Wikipedia as their source the schools do say Wikipedia does list resources the child can then research. It is a starting point for many reports :)

  • chamuiel

    Because most of those college instructors are libtards.

    sheesh! that was easy.

  • Kari

    WORD sissy48!!! They need to wipe the slate clean and start over…with new members and NO labels!!!

  • dont worry about it

    I really hate the media’s horrible reporting of this entire event. The ‘Tea Party’ never wanted to try and repeal the entire Obamacare law and this is a bold faced lie by the media to protect democrats. They only wanted the same postponement for general citizens as big businesses were granted. A one year delay in the enforcement of Forced Healthcare. Big business lobbied for it and got it, but Obama won’t even think about applying it to the American citizen? That is crap!

  • Dat Dam Dem

    Well, let’s see, there’s a pretty high (or low depending on how you look at it) for impeachment, Bush lied to the American People to get us into 2 wars, fed sweetheart deals to cronies. St. Ronald illegally sold weapons to Iran to finance an illegal war in Central America. So, unless these folks can find an intern that will claim to have given BO a BJ, they’re just pissin’ in the wind… AGAIN!

  • GriffonClaw

    You have to look at Wikipedias sources, then research those sources yourself. At least that’s what my daughter’s teacher told her class….

  • Richard Askew

    It is the (Rich) Republicans Fault for the Government Shutdown. It isn’t Obama’s fault. Fuck them Rich Illuminati bastards

  • smbrince13

    he wasn’t even born a u.s. citizen. does that count.

  • chamuiel

    Both were impeached by the house. At that point impeachment was finished.

    the senate decides the punishment of the person impeached.

    In the case of Billy Clinton and Johnson, the Senate decided upon no punishment.The punishment can range from a verbal or written reprimand to removal from office to Prison time. Or nothing.

    Haven’t you ever heard the old saying, The House impeaches, The senate deposes?


    Go back to School.

  • Savory

    this article is a joke right?? Phucking morons. All of the HOR GOP should be fired. This HAS to be a satire post?!?! And Bill Moss, you sound ridiculous. He’s not going to get impeached b/c he didn’t do anything wrong you delusional racist.

  • Wowyouaredumb

    My question has remained the same the whole time. For years now, Democrats have said that Republicans favored big business over average people, and they did based on the laws that were passed, most importantly that involving Citizens United. So why are those same Republicans now mad when a Democrat caters to big business. I am not taking a side on the issue as a whole, but I do not see the logic used by the Republicans. Also, they have wanted to repeal Obamacare, many times over. Specifically, prior to the shut down, they wanted to either defund it or have the one year postponement.

  • chamuiel

    I don’t think they know how.

  • Drumguy

    Wow, it’s scary how believable this one is! I’m sure many people will think it’s real!

  • chamuiel

    B.S. Not if the Senate refuses to give him any kind of punishment.

    I cannot believe that people are so ignorant over the impeachment process.

    The house can impeach obama 20 times.

    It means nothing if the senate refuses to punish.

  • ChristCrusader

    would like to see document forgery in there re: birth certificate, etc.

  • chamuiel

    Nope, not if the Senate refuses to remove him, or punish him.

    Do you really think Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate (The majority) will punish obama in any way?


  • internetrambo4U

    This is not a real news website and this story is bogus! Do some research people.

  • H.Ammons

    Everyone reading this does have enough sense to realize this is a mockery and is NOT a true news story, right? No wonder our government is running this country into the ground. 80% of it’s citizens are stupid and believe everything they read on the internet.

  • Fletch

    Obama is worse than Hitler? He should be put in jail? Maybe if the Republicans didn’t so vehemently oppose its leaders, then we might have some actual peace and understanding in our government. Name-calling isn’t going to get you anywhere, Cruz.
    And what would impeaching Obama really do? Isn’t Biden on board with Obama-care just as much as Obama? I personally think both sides are at fault, but impeachment is beyond extreme.

  • chamuiel

    Back to 6th grade for you.

    the House impeaches obama.

    The senate punishes him.

    If they (senate) do not punish him, it does not matter how many times he is impeached.

    Why is this so difficult for so many of you to understand?

    first the House impeaches, then the senate punishes.

    there is no trial in the senate first. Sheesh!

    were you asleep the day they taught that in School?

  • Julie Hakes


  • Pamela Collins

    never seen so many dumb Americans in all my life SMH!

  • chamuiel

    How long have you been delusional?

    I offer proof you are delusional.

    You think you are the Kaiser.

    Next, you will think you are Napoleon.

  • Mandy Gagliardi

    So your 22% are going to “Rise Up”? Republicans themselves are ashamed of their own party. Your party has a 75% DISAPPROVAL rating. Where are your masses? Where is your “Rising Up”? Your party is laughable at this point. At least most forward thinking “Republicans” I know have disassociated themselves from the party and now call themselves Independents…

  • Michelle

    I hope this is true.

  • TJ Castillo

    They say that cause ANYBODY can go and edit an article, but who is gonna take the time to screw up a wiki page? Unless you’re on a witch hunt, I don’t see this happening.

  • Steve McElroy

    Yes but you have to do definition 1 before you can do definition 2. By the way “economic treason” is a made up word.

  • internetrambo4U

    I imagine the folks at the Daily Currant are having a great big laugh at these comments!

  • internetrambo4U

    It is not

  • chamuiel

    I see you are also a infantile name caller.

    I bet obama is proud of you.

    you have learned well.

    I do not hate obama.

    I hate what he stands for, and his unAmerican actions.

    Why do you also insist upon lying?

  • internetrambo4U


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide - now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence - which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

  • Dave Montgomery

    Obammy will not be removed from office unless Dims lose control of the House and Senate in 2014. But, the list of “high crimes and misdemeanors” will be ready and hanging over his presidency until he is out of office. And, at minimum, a formal public record for all time. So, list the charges and pursue it!

  • Peanut

    that pretty much sums it up, yup. let me guess… you qualify for welfare & obamacare subsidies, right? and it has NOTHING to do with him being black or white, he’s the antichrist regardless of color & i, personally, at this point would be just as happy with assassination proceedings as impeachment proceedings

  • Peanut

    If you work with children then yes, you can be removed from your job until acquisition is proved either true or false.

  • Mik

    Do none of you realize this isn’t even a true story? Its a political satire posted to freerepublic?

  • chamuiel

    I heard that same crap back in 1965. Man, you people like repeating the old stories.

  • John

    Correction: 2/3 of 435 is 290. Probably not likely. But worth a try.

  • Joey Astrotürf

    American or African they can’t be both, you can only be one race……

  • chamuiel

    It would be in better shape if the 2.4 trillion in I.O.U.’s were paid back.

  • Woodstuck

    I sent you facts to another post of yours (saying we sound stupid), but I
    did not hear back from you - Only listening to what you like?

  • Steve McElroy

    First, it’s Congress that’s doing all the damage currently. Second, read chamuiel’s post.

  • Daniel Hutchens

    Duane Steckler: You’re completely out of your mind. I will bet you any amount of money TODAY that Obama will neither resign nor go to prison. Put your money where your mouth is, hoss.

  • chamuiel

    Nope, I cannot afford a smart phone, and I cannot afford cigarettes, and I am on S.S.

    My heathcare is paid for each month.

    I do not get free groceries (food stamps) either.

  • wade


  • Admiral America

    You need to stop watching mainstream media news which is nothing more than government propaganda. Lord Barry Obama is a destructive little baby who works for multinational corporations, and banks to install a police state. Although he poses as a socialist to appease his liberal lovers. All Americans should unite to impeach this traitor!

  • chamuiel

    It has nothing to do with weak people.

    there are many people on S.S. who are not weak.

    What you said is the same thing if I said all Shawb’s are idiots.

    Quit being an idiot.

  • chamuiel

    You still claiming to be the Kaiser?

    I thought you would have changed to Napoleon or woody woodpecker by now.

  • ctleng76

    The only reason “most people” blame the GOP, is because these same people rely on the main stream media for their news. They are being led to believe that the GOP caused the shutdown. WHhn in reality it was the Senate and the president that allowed the shutdown to occur by not negotiating.

  • vicky

    your all IDIOTS!!! its all your fault this is happening!!!!! STOP Blaming someone else!!

  • chamuiel

    Is there a sickstone?

    Just asking.

  • Don’t Mess With Texas

    Impeach or Lose your seats in Congress

  • Rebecca

    maybe it has something to do with Nixon NOT being a tyrant dictator.

  • chamuiel

    So, I gues you would say mentally ill people are nuts?

  • Bring America back

    Yes Steve we all know this. The last paragraph states, “We probably won’t be successful,” admits Ted Cruz, one of the few Republicans in the Senate supporting the impeachment process. “But we have to try. Reading and comprehension is like first grade studies.

  • Daniel Hutchens

    Well, let’s start with Michele Bachmann. Who said about the govt shutdown, “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it,” and who now wants to impeach Obama over it. Or how about her little comment that Obama is about to bring about the end of the world, but that for Christians “rather than seeing this as a negative, we need to rejoice.” That’s some textbook extremism right there. And the whole govt shutdown fiasco is knuckledraggin’ 101.

  • Brian Bertha

    Only the ignorant cannot blame Nero sitting in the WH after all they voted for him

  • chamuiel

    Silly, at the age of 56 in this economy it is unlikely anyone would hire you.

    you comment is very immature and shallow.

  • Steve McElroy

    Oh Bring America back, first of all I don’t know what we’re bringing America back from but then again I’m a patriot. Secondly, this article is from a satirical site so quoting it, and then acting intellectually superior about it makes you look even more silly, Thirdly, my response was to the people who are commenting on said fake article stating that impeachment would kick Obama out of the White House, which you probably would have realized if you used “reading and comprehension.”

  • Steve McElroy

    And working with Tea Party Republican is like working with children. They read Dr. Suess and they throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

  • Paul Holland

    This will only bring on the prophecy by Maxinne Waters that will result in Marshall Law imposed on American citizens. This is the only way for the democrats to avoid a slaughter in 2014 elections after the reality of Obamacare sinks in to the national public, if the MSM has the guts to report the truth. For example, numbers I have heard to date is that 60,000 people have registered for Obamacare, but “not” purchased. only 5,000 have actually purchased for a less than 10% sign up. The reality is the exchange does not allow you to see the true costs before the government subsidies are applied. This is the lie. And the astronomical deductions before insurance kicks in is very unreasonable for the typical middle class.
    The truth will set us free from the dictator and liar in chief, not to mention the “barrycade” police that put up obstructions to the memorials for our veterans. May God, not allah, help the USA.

  • Chell

    You do know impeach literly means “throw out”, right? That’s 5th grade stuff. Maybe you should go back and re read about it. I’m assuming you voted for Obama?? Lol.

  • William jenkins

    I love it when the KKK oops tea party hates black that’s why you’ll never have another Republican president any time soon..get some hateraide.

  • jsfox

    ROLFLMAO. We are done now. But look up epistemic closure. You are suffering from it.

  • chamuiel

    Shut down open air veterans memorials. closed national parks, kicked people out of their own homes (Lake Mead) Threatened to not send out S.S. and disabled veterans checks.

    Supported muslim terrorists by giving them aid and comfort (money). Taking the side of The muslim brotherhood and Al Queda in Egypt and other countries. Standing with the muslims and illegal aliens, and gays instead of American citizens.

    Mathew, should I go on?

    I cannot believe you even asked that question.

  • TLK

    Michele Bachmann is as dumb as Palin!

  • chamuiel

    see above, educate yourself. quit drinking the obama kool aid.

  • Max Xavier

    You people ARE aware this is a satire piece, right? It isn’t real.

  • Pat

    You wish.


    “This guy is worse than Hitler” Only a republican would have the audacity to make such a heinous comparison. Yes, a man who has given millions health care who couldn’t afford it (with the intention of saving millions of lives) is worse than a man who murdered 7+ million people with bigot/racist reasons. Not really ever been much of an Obama fan either, but some Republicans….wow their bigotry and ineptitude of how a government should work seriously still shocks me.

    -A proud American & Vietnam Veteran

  • Ms. T

    Wow. It is so funny, to me, how “We the People of United States of America” have it SO BAD, it is horrible to be living here, not. (Forgetting about the other countries and their people that are killing each other over the smallest things and how some children are left without families and food, for the moment). How, because of our president we are now “damaged”. Because of 1 man we are not Untied. Hmm, I honestly feel we are not United because of our government and the childish temper tantrums that are taking place within itself. Listening to the news and reading the reports makes me want to send everyone to a corner for a major TIME OUT! Since the want to act like children, they should be treated as such. Pity on me for believing I live in the country that gives us the ability to have our own choices (including the president). I guess that only applies to a selected few. Silly of me to think we live in a somewhat land of the free. It saddens me to know that the United States main worry is to make it’s own people suffer. I do not care who is right or wrong anymore, but to be considered as an adults in positions of power and cannot come to an agreement between themselves worries me more and more. I have children growing up and to worry about my children’s future because of this STUPID tug of war that is going on upsets me. I think it is wrong to hurt the people of the united states by taking away their jobs to support their families. To feed their children and keep a roof over their heads. I believe in fighting for what is right but when it comes down to the people, (without us their would not be a United States of America (just to point that out) we should be the absolute last option for the government to hurt. Whether it is the doing on either side. As the people we need to remember what the word UNITED me and stop letting the people in power be so SELFISH. I promise you this at night the sleep fine because the know that they are going to have food to feed their children and will still have a roof over their heads no matter what the out come will be. Just my opinion :)

  • chamuiel

    supporting gays, muslim terrorists, illegal aliens, trying to bankrupt the country by uncontrolled spending.

    Yeah, that is all bush’s fault.

    How old are you? 10?

    No one expected that of him, then again you lo info people who voted for obama might have expected that.

  • Gene Parker

    put the baster in jail.

  • Jackson Powers

    its about time,please get him out we want our country back and some one in there that will run our country properly and faithfully in accordance to the constitution.thank you and now maybe we all can sleep better at night knowing he will be gone.i garanty this is what the majority of the people want

  • internetrambo4U

    This is fiction.

  • chamuiel

    And we are not on the verge of economic collapse with obama in office?

    How long have you bee asleep, Rip?

  • Disappointed at leaders

    I think they should ALL be fired! Everyone of them. They impeach Obama and we get Biden!?!? Are we trading the witch for the devil?! Get rid of every cotton picking one of them! Start with new senate, congress, president, speaker, etc!! if they hold an office in Washington, get rid of them! No benefits go with them either!!!

  • chamuiel

    giving mnoey to al queda and the muslim brotherhood in egypt.

    Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is punishable by impeachment and hanging.

  • internetrambo4U

    What did the baster do to you? Did it not remove enough of the juices from your food?

  • justshootmenow

    What is the Daily Currant another The Onion? Staffed by paid liars?

  • Louie

    Is this woman completely bonkers, or is she just a vindictive bitch looking ahead to the next presidential election?

  • J

    You guys know this isn’t real, right?

  • chamuiel

    you have that statement down pat.,

    Next, we are going to teach you how to count….one, two.

  • Min Han Kim

    A lot or most things on wikipedia is true and they are citations at the end of the page for the users to look it up. It’s basically saying Washington D.C. is not the capital of united states if i told you i got that source from wikipedia.

  • Josh Phoenix

    Does Hawaii not count as a state anymore?

  • Ginger

    It is about time. What took you all sooooo long??

  • chamuiel

    lynn, how about we jail you, until you learn to quit slandering people?

    sounds fair.

  • Pat

    You really did drink lots & lots of the Koolaid, didn’t you?

  • Unhappy VET

    Wow, there are a bunch of whiners in DC who will pout and stamp their feet because they are not getting their way. What about Bush and the lies he told to get the US in the Iraq war? How many veterans died? How much money was wasted on looking for weapons of mass dextruction? Obama is trying to help the health of this nation while the GOP and tea party #$%* are dragging down the very fabric of the US for their own greed.

  • Stac

    American isn’t a race…

  • chamuiel

    simple, are you?
    and I see your loyal sycophants (suck ups) are here to support you.

  • internetrambo4U

    You could call the customer service of the company that makes the baster and ask them to send you another one. I’m just saying.

  • feedupwithcongress

    We probably won’t be successful,” admits Ted Cruz, one of the few Republicans in the Senate supporting the impeachment process. “But we have to try. This guy is worse than Hitler. We have to do something.”
    Worse that Hitler??? Did’t he killed 6 million Jews. and Obama is worse than Hitler. Sen Cruz you’re a fool

  • Jon Hutcherson

    Mandy you’re a part of the problem. If you believe that Republicans are the problem at this point then I am sure that you still think Santa drops down your chimney on Christmas. While I have no horse in the race because I am neither Republican nor Democrat, Bill never states what his position is either. He states, “We the people” and if you’re not part of this category then have fun being a sheep and living in a concentration camp. But hey I heard there will be free wi fi.

  • The Magician

    The problem Steve, is that the liberals and their “core cirriculum” agenda do not want Civics Classes (not social studies) taught any longer. These crooked bastards do not want ANYONE to actually know how the government is supposed to be functioning. Not like the days when I was in School and actually had to take and satisfactorily pass a test on the United States Costitution or I could not graduate!

  • Dawn Walker-Goggins

    Since we the people vote the president into office why then if impeachment proceedings are started can we the people not vote him out of office.

  • chamuiel


  • classy

    You republicans are the one’s that shut the government down. Because he wont give in to what you devils wont. Now your mad. all this has a lot to do with is his race your mad for one because a black man is president and your gonna fight him on everything because of it. Republicans you can end it if you wont but you wont him to give in first. Wow!!!!

  • Sharon

    I am on welfare, and government insurance. I have health problems so I can not work. I went to get my presciptions yesterday and found out that due to the ACA that I now have a co-pay. I do not have a problem paying it I would have just liked to have been informed before I went to get them that I had it. However when it comes to removing him from office I am all for it. I think what he has done to this country is wrong. I never voted for him and feel the ones who did was not paying attention to the facts. I agree with you 100% but just because someone is on welfare and needs help from government agencies does not mean they agree with what he is doing. Please do not put everyone in that category.

  • chamuiel

    sycophant two

  • Old Idaho Gal

    I get so tired of the Leftists labeling anybody who doesn’t agree with Obama as a “Tea Party” member. I’m not a member of the Tea Party…but that still doesn’t make Obama honest!

  • Unhappy VET

    Easy answer, the content of Wikipedia can be changed by anyone, That is anyone who knows or does not know what they are talking about. SO, as I tell my studnts the infomration is not reliable and accurate as you would find with from a primary or an emperical source.

  • All just a bunch of bullies

    After reading this it looks to me like The Republican’s are holding everyone hostage!!! They were the ones that voted to shut down and they blame it on the President! Seems like you don’t play the way they want then they take their ball and go home!!! Grow UP!!! Sit down and work this out and stop playing the blame game! To me your all at fault

  • LearnEnglish

    You do know that American isn’t a race right?

  • chamuiel

    wait until the ice melts

  • luckysnap

    Finally! He need to be impeached and imprisoned.

  • Min Han Kim

    Obama is worse than hilter? when did obama kill millions of people. Instead of trying to impeach the president, why not put all that time, effort, and energy to trying to fix it? Billions of dollars are lost everyday because of the government is shut down, obamacare may not be perfect but most developed countries does have healthcare system for their citizens. What crimes? he is doing everything by law. People who passed the shut down is as guilty as the president. trying to over turn all the laws obama passed? do they know how long that is going to take? lol They are all trying to stay in power as well lol

  • Mary Lou

    So have anogther trial, convict and imprision!!

  • G Pomeroy

    Can we also toss out everyone of the Republican or Tea Party as well. I would like to see them tossed out as well. Because if you are going to toss the President out over this you need to also toss out the other trash in Washington which are those who committed treason in the first place. The Tea Party needs to go. Bring back the old fashioned Republican Party, not these obstructionist that are in office now.

  • internetrambo4U

    Before you comment, please realize that this story is FICTION, it is NOT true!

  • Max Xavier

    This is a satire piece, it isn’t real regardless of what political side you are on. Good grief, why is that so hard for people to understand?

  • chamuiel

    I don’t want to be forward thinking like you communist progressives.

    that is what forward means.

    Lennin used it in the 1920′s, and here you are still parroting Lennin.

  • chamuiel

    but no computers or laptops.

  • Paul Derosier

    Inability to Halt Government Shutdown ? I believe there are MORE reasons than a petty disagreement to call for his removal .How about the Inability to listen to the people or adhere to the Constitution . Just another BS smokescreen to move on and force more crap on the American people.

  • Mandy Gagliardi

    Well our part of the problem lives in reality (and a 75% majority). Not a satirical news site. I am not a Democrat. I am a free thinker. I am someone that has read the PPACA and I watch both left and right wing news. I am sick to death over lefters and righters throwing their scare tactics and propaganda bullshit at people. I believe that politicians and lies are part of the problem. And thank you. You have provided absolutely no talking points in your response other than to talk…BUT we all have a horse in this race. We have a future to give our next generation. The hate the propaganda and the temper tantrums. They are NOT what I want to leave my daughters.

  • sam

    professors still tell me its an automatic F if u site Wikipedia. Academically they want peer reviewed citations. Wikipedia can and is changed by anyone who wants to weather they know anything or not.

  • chamuiel

    you voted obama in two times.

    I was not that stupid.

  • Kyle Clark

    Lol you are a f***ing tool. Truly we should have another election because of all the fraud that was committed by the African American and Hispanic communities. How about you go run with some scissors; I heard it combats stupidity. This piece of sh*t who is half white, needs to be tried for treason!

  • Dan S.

    I say impeach the freak, throw him out of office, imprison him while he awaits his date with a firing squad!!! All this for the president and ALL his political cronies.

  • Kyle Clark

    They don’t want to be called American, it wouldn’t give them that victim card anymore.

  • Crystal

    Someone on my FB feed, a known Tea Party enthusiast, just posted this as actual news. Sadly, everyone “quoted” in the story is just crazy enough to actually say those things out loud so he couldn’t even tell that it’s satire.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Impeachment can lead to criminal charges as well, since Obama has committed treasonous acts of interfering with our economy-which is a threat to our national security.

  • Max Xavier

    This is a satire piece, and it is NOT real. I repeat, this is NOT real. Go to Fox news and see if they are reporting it. No? Okay then. You better believe if this were true it would be all over Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc..It just isn’t true no matter how much you want it to be.

  • chamuiel

    The house impeaches.

    The Senate Deposes (decides the punishment).

    Where do you come up with this stuff?

  • Pat

    SS check is guaranteed? What planet are you living on? How about your stock market account if you made the right investments?

  • Max Xavier

    Sorry, people. This is not a real news story. It is SATIRE and not actually happening.

  • Mandy Gagliardi

    As I read through these “comments” (actually they mostly appear to be hot air from people that have no concept of education) I am beginning to believe they do not know HOW to read. I mean they “read” but comprehension is beyond the given skill set.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    They impeached US District Judge Harry Claiborne years ago for tax evasion. He was impeached and then jailed for the tax evasion.

  • Danny Bailey

    If you aren’t smart enough to click on the bracketed source material[1] and use it as your source, then you deserve to fail

  • Mandy Gagliardi

    Oh dear, I am sorry I confused you…I meant forward thinking as in “One day a Republican would like to win an election again”. And I am a “Communist Progressive”? Wow…people that actually know me would laugh at you, although I have a feeling you are used to that as I read through your troll comments. It is what you do…try to just get a rise from someone. I’ll pass thanks.

  • chronoduck

    I’ve seen this passed around by conservatives, saying “I hope it happens” or “Get this Muslim out of the White House”. If you actually read the story, it is written to make the conservatives causing this shutdown to look like fools.

  • petunia

    haha this is bullshit. LOL. good luck with that impeachment

  • Chelsea Palmer

    I feel like this can go both ways, the article says that Obama is not negotiating but I believe it was congress who forced the shut down and they are also not negotiating with the Obama care plan. These people need to share the blame and not just make the president their constant scapegoat.

  • Andrew

    Jesus christ can people not recognize satire?

  • Pat

    You need to recheck your math. $1250 a month only totals. $15,000 per year not $18K/year. No wonder (with those math skills) you are confused!

  • Anke Cheney

    Why the devil aren’t they going to charge him with the more serious crimes against the US Constitution and the citizens of this country (institutionalized violation of 4th Amendment Rights, arbitrarily signing the 2nd Amendment away to the United Nations/act of treason in granting power over the citizens of this country to an outside power, Benghazi, and the list goes on)?

  • Florida Girl

    That’s what my professors teach as well. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. You want to look for sites like .org and .gov

  • dapowellii

    “Worse than Hitler”…right, because Obama killed more Jews.

  • Bryce H

    Double jeopardy still applies. You can’t just have another trial just because you don’t like the original verdict

  • Pat

    It is really strange how you libs can see Obama throwing tantrums on TV and think it is the Republicans. Apparently, you need glasses to see clearly.

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    If he replaces all of those high military
    officials he fired with comrads from the muslim brotherhood then I should hope he is also charged with high military crimes against OUR country.

  • James

    Hawaii is a state but Kenya, Africa is not part of the USA where even his grandmother said he was born.

  • Bryce H

    Wikipedia has put their site on lock down, so yes it actually is a reliable source and is now being accepted in colleges to use for research.

  • fuckthedevil

    I hate you devils yall are evil how are we surrpose to pay fohealthcare with min wage fuck red neck devils evil only thinkijg bout the money n ypu already rich share tge weath



  • Gwen Hoover

    The last President to be “Impeached” AND leave office was Richard Nixon. The only reason he quietly left office after his impeachment proceedings was he could not bear the shame that impeachment brought. How many times were impeachment proceedings brought against Bill Clinton and he did not budge and served his full term. So, in my opinion, impeachment proceedings are another big waste of Taxpayer money! Find a method to effectively remove him or stop with the pitchforks and torches! I’m afraid his damage has already been done!

  • internetrambo4U


  • itsmeae

    MAYBE they are rich because they EARNED that money. Went to college, paid their loans and made something of themselves. With grammar like yours, I am assuming the same doesn’t go for you.

  • James

    It is about time someone get this started, because this dictator is going too far and we do know how to handle dictators.

  • prefontaine

    Um…..this article is a satire. To save you any argument, this whole website is satire.

  • NOLAite

    Umm, I hope everyone realizes what trash this article is. The Republicans are the ones who are holding the government hostage. Republicans shut down the government by refusing to vote until they get their way (which is not what the American people want, as evidenced by the passing of the Healthcare Act).

    The irony burns… Michelle Bacchman has the nerve to call for the impeachment of Obama because he “let” the government shutdown?? She is literally blaming him for something her party is blatantly, outright doing.

    The GOP will be the ruin of this country.

  • DublinIreland

    I know what it means and those who think it means immediately “throw the bum out” will soon find out what it means. Clinton was impeached, but remained in office. However, I think Obama needs to be brought to heel and maybe this will do it and maybe not.

  • Anke Cheney

    Well, it would be a shame if this were a joke…it’s long overdue. I should also have added the funding/arming of al Qaeda groups (Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian Rebels). I don’t believe that there has EVER been a President more deserving of Impeachment, and the first to be convicted, than this man!

  • diana

    I think people are forgetting that the House caused the Shut down. This is just another “smokescreen” to take the heat off of the who is really to blame…quit with the bigoty, hate and ignorance.

  • Dixiejet

    Clinton was impeached and it didn’t remove HIM from office,did it ?

  • ufosrreal

    Wowee, I never thought that there really were politicians with a backbone. Sic em boys and girls. This is gonna be fun!

  • Diana Hepworth

    the insane leading the crazy! yay

  • Admiral America

    Sometime in the next 10 years you’ll be personally affected by the Federal regime, and then you won’t be laughing anymore. You’re in deep denial, and refuse to do some research, and think for yourself.

  • Rachel

    This is all stupid. Just because they dont want to make health care affordable for everyone. Come on people. Everyone had the right to repeal on Obamacare and no one did. Get over it House of Republicans. You had your chance and you blew it.

  • David Grimaldi

    This just proves the GOP and the Tea Party are a bunch of idiots.

  • Tom Masters

    To those of you still glommed onto obama’s sak…You disgust me.

  • David Grimaldi

    good luck with that one pal, what heavy drugs are you using to think that is possible

  • Admiral America

    Nixon was a Sunday school teacher compared to the evil Obama.

  • Tom Masters

    Yes and obamacare will be free and save us all money.

    Grow up sheep.

  • Admiral America

    What does him being African American have anything to do with it? Unless the powers that be choose him to destroy America knowing he could play the race card as needed.

  • Marjorie Jones

    If only……this has been a horrible horrible nightmare except you never wake up.

  • brod205

    These idiots are the reason the government is shut down and instead of doing their jobs they are doing nothing

  • Pat

    Are you kidding? What crime & corruption has he NOT committed? I cannot believe how blind you libs are? Oh yes, you watch & listen to NBC, MSNBC, etc. (all trolls of obama) and believe all they report everything and that it is all true. .

  • Jordan


    Good luck getting that through the Senate.

  • BushMaster63

    with interest!!!, but to be honest I’d settle for it just being put this point…How about instead of arming and funding our enemies overseas they just put that money back into SS, VA, and medicare…and also our own infrastructure. I don’t care who you are you don’t send resources abroad without taking care of home first!!! It’s our taxdollars…not their “income” to distribute without discretion and accountability.

  • SdM

    who really cares what the precise definition of ‘impeach’ means? We all know what outcome is desired…and we need to overcome the defeatest attitude saying it can’t work because of the number of democrats - say the outcome will bring about change, believe it, and then the result will be more positive. The people have a voice: use it! turn it into power.

  • shaina5

    Does no one realize that Obamacare is very similar to what the Nazi’s had? Obama wants to euthanize people. Hello!!! This is terrible people…

  • Sweet Mary

    You all need to be gone.. Your all are involved it this shut down. Stop the blame game. Do you r f in jobs..

  • Toni

    they all need to be gone!!! Everyone in Washington and we just need to start over….it wasn’t just one party’s fault it was everyone’s fault for the shutdown!!!!!!

  • Admiral America

    It’s hilarious watching all the liberals in denial here. Clearly a lot of conservatives, and people with common sense, came here wishing this article was real while not realizing this site is a liberal haven. In real life most people want this guy gone as well. I’ve rarely come across anyone who doesn’t. There’s only a few fruit loops who are too busy partying on their social networks to realize what is happening in this nation. Generally we call them nut cakes in private.

    Also for the record both political parties are corrupt BS!

  • Michael Rocker

    Gee Joey get a hold of your self. I guess there is no such thing as an Italian American or Irish American or Native American.
    African is not a race. It’s a country. It’s also a country that has “White People”.

  • ghoulie

    LOL, what planet are you on?

  • Sam Crider


  • dave polhamus

    thats right put the blame on the pres. I don’t like what is going on in the country but obama didn’t do this alone, both sides of the floor are equally guilty. stop the ego trip and sit down and fix this mess now not later. the people of america do not trust anyone in the government right. you need to win back that trust first.

  • ghoulie

    Cry baby. I’m glad you will spend the rest of your life in an America that you find disgusting. Conservativism is finished - have a nice life.

  • Admiral America

    I can’t fathom the conservatives that support the Republicans, and the liberals who support the Democrats when they’re all a bunch of corrupt millionaires who do nothing but push this nation into a police nanny state while waging war around the world.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    because its a satire news site, nothing on here is “truthful” unless you read between the lines and understand the joke…

  • ghoulie

    The problem with stupid people today is that they don’t know when to shut up and let the grown ups run the country. Tom, you sit there and daydream about being an army man and the rest of us will focus on keeping society running.

  • Tom Masters

    As I said.

  • Michael Rocker

    Truly we should have another election because of all the fraud that was committed by the the BUSH campaign especially in Florida 2000. How about that for being tried for Treason and War Crimes as well along with Cheney.

  • Joetheindependent

    They Have many many more reasons to have started impeachment hearings before now!!

  • Red Head

    Honestly, the same avid democrats will keep him office, they made a mistake once by voting him in office. He failed to keep his word, THEN the same people voted him in a second term with a forgiving attitude that everyone deserves a second chance! My thoughts are this….he didn’t deserve a first chance, why would anyone give him a second chance? Makes no sense! He won’t be impeached OR removed from office because the same thick headed people will keep him in!! Our nation is doomed and he is just a tool! Face it. We no longer have our rights, we don’t have a voice. They were removed a while back!

  • Jim

    When Do We Start Impeaching These Crooks calling themselves
    representatives of the people. Stealing our money and free healthcare for doing nothing!!!!!!

  • whos kidding who

    impeach means the tea party dont like it when black mail dont work and trying to shift the blame on to the other side

  • 1

    We need to also remove the Senate and House of Representatives as well. Yes Obama has many faults, but they are equally responsible. They all need to take their share of the blame instead of just finger pointing

  • Mike Volak

    Same at the college I attend, No Wikipedia!

  • Pat

    Wake up! Other countries are laughing AT us for electing such an idiot. Obviously, you never read or hear the comments made in newpapers from other countries. They cannot believe America elected someone who has such a terrible past that he spent
    millions to hide it. They especially can’t believe we were stupid enoung to elect him twice and we still do not know WHO he is. It is hard to get proof of the things he has done to America because he goes on TV and talks about the bad things that “the government” has done as if he is an outsider & not the leader (or is suppose to be the leader)..

  • D Michelle Graham

    and as an afterthought, how come Bush was able to destroy the twin towers, to get us to b ok with going to war, yet no one thought he was treasonous… rofl… hold on that’s right, u idiots still think the Taliban had something to do with that, even tho evidence shows it was a demolition, otherwise they would not have imploded… lets be very serious… WOW

  • ghoulie

    I love my country and I’m a liberal. You need a kleenex?

  • vick

    victim white people are liars and they stole everything. The victim is black people sir and there is no card to play

  • krdave

    Anything Nixon did doesn’t compare to things Obama has done.

  • Jay Jamison

    The entire govt should be removed from office IMO its time for independents to rise

  • Guest

    and she died for saying that

  • don76550

    While this will probably be unsuccessful, it the right thing to do. Comrade Obama is the most corrupt, despicable , anti american president we have ever had. He is amoral, trying to destroy america, arrogant and incompetent.

  • Derrick


  • BD

    Impeachment only validates what he has done so far, you cannot impeach someone who is not constitutionally eligible for the position they hold. The proper recourse is for the federal marshals to arrest & incarcerate the usurper, try him in a court of law for high crimes against the country & upon conviction, execution as a proper penalty. He is still an Indonesian citizen so he cannot be charged with treason. Also, most of congress, Hillary, Holder & others in this administration are accomplices & should be charged as such.

  • BushMaster63

    That is part of the “agenda”…to get more Americans on the public dole so that the gov’t has absolute control over most of the population. People would be much better served to stop listening to the flapping gums of liars and to just open their eyes and look to actions…the Bible says that the tongue is the most vile part of human anatomy…so true…if one really wants to understand another’s true intent you must look to their actions. The fact of the matter is this…this current regime has no interest in preserving this country…because if they get what they want then in having most on the public dole, and then add amnesty and O’bummercare…who will be left to pay the costs via taxes? The bottom line is this…both the right and left are fully complicit in this outcome…so when you think of the enemy understand that the two party system was designed to divide the country in 2. Our rights do not come from the gov’t, nor the Constitution, but from God…and the Constitution was written to protect those God given, inalienable rights…The fed gov’t's only real task is to protect this country, and it’s people, from foreign threats to our sovereignty…but they are now our biggest threat to it!!!

  • Kristy

    This article is not true check out it is false!!

  • Grace

    Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment.

    MAY include removal of office.

    5th grade haha

  • EdwardWJones

    So the husband comes home drunk late at night with lip stick on his shirt and he says “why haven’t you cleaned the house yet’ thereby averting his own action.

  • jayjay4142

    Based on what you idiot. You baggers and the treasonous Ted Cruz shut the government down. Did all of you fail history or are you just too stupid to read the big words and leave them out so you just make stuff up. The dumbing down of America brought to you by the racists and the baggers.
    How are you going to rise up? I hope it is at the voting booth or a peaceful protest. If you are going to form a military I suggest you watch out for those tanks and drones.

  • Tony

    i say impeach everyone in the higher positions of government. Obama is just one side to this stalemate. They sound like two teenagers trying to see whose is bigger.

  • BD

    Colorado just removed two. Follow their example. Recall.

  • Joyce

    I simply want to know how we may be of assistance!

  • EdwardWJones

    BRB have to read the onion.

  • BeeSeer

    You had me until the last quote. Obama is nothing like Hitler. Dictator yes, but Hitler style? There were so many others to choose from. Impeach Obama?? Go for it.

  • ChasityA

    Many want him gone already? That’s what Romney said right before Obama kicked his tail. It’s the Radical, bigoted, disgusting Tea Party who is responsible for the shutdown no matter how you guys spin it. Nut cakes or fruit loops, might be the guy who for 21 hours rambled on and on about nothing, and read Congress a 2 year old’s bed time story missing the whole point of the toddlers seemingly easy to understand book…..

  • Duane Gross

    Read the above article on how the impeachment process work. And there were FOUR Presidents who had Impeachment proceedings. First off it will NEVER EVER happen. First the AHCA was enacted into Congress and passed by BOTH the House and the Senate. Then was Signed by the President. And then it was already challenged and upheld by the Supreme Court. The only way for it to be repealed is by passing a bill and being approved by both the House and the Senate. Then it goes to the President who can accept it and of Veto it. If it is Vetoed…….then it goes back to the House and Senate. THERE MUST BE A 2/3 APPROVAL FROM BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE TO OVERTURN THE PRESIDENT’S VETO TO BE REPEALED. This will not EVER happen while Obama is in office.

    Now what REALLY should be done is Impeach all these Tea Party Republicans for causing all this mess to begin with. NOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS TREASON. They are holding ALL of us hostage to try and get what they want!

    They will not pass a budget or raise the debt ceiling until the cry babies get what they want. They are passing bills to open this section and that section of Government that suits THEIR needs when they should be voting on a Bill to open the Government as a WHOLE and raise the Debt Ceiling…..WITH NO RIDERS ATTACHED TO THE BILL AT ALL!!! This crap of attaching Riders to Bills is what has got to stop!! This is why and how our Government is in the shape they are in. They introduce a Bill into the House and attach all kinds of Rider Bills to that Bill to get what they want passed and our Representatives decide on a vote. If the Bill is important they pass it most times WITHOUT considering these Rider Bills!! This is just nothing more then Corrupt Business in my book. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE ALL KINDS OF CORPORATIONS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS GROUPS CORRUPTING OUR OFFICIALS TO GET WHAT THEY WANT PASSED. THIS HAS TO STOP!!

  • crossties

    Does anyone else remember that Clinton was impeached? I don’t remember him stepping out of office….

  • MJJ

    This is a satire you morons.

  • Momto4

    Steve McElroy in the future you should keep your comments to yourself when your stupidity confuses you on matters that are above your understanding… “impeachment” which is the act of removing a person from office. Maybe you should go back to the fifth grade and leave the grown ups to discuss this

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    all I can say is…The Comments here really aren’t helping the image the rest of the country has of the GOP and TEA party. I mean one woman while i’m proud of her for check snopes wrote with anger asking why The Daily Currant never post truthful news… if you lot actually paid attention to the news and didn’t get all your material from conspiracy theory websites you’d realize the message the article was sending rather than fall for its tomfoolery.

  • BD

    His election victories were the result of the votes being counted by a Spanish company owned by Georg Soros. They also own & program the voting machines. The vote needs a return to locally counted paper ballots

  • mar719

    Only fools believe polls. The scandals, healthcare debacle, and trampling our rights are enough reason. Only fools ignore facts. Dem’s should jump ship if they want to stay relevant with the People. It’s sad watching our nation crumble.

  • Me

    Is there any truth to all the documents around the internet saying his is not born in the United States of America? He received foreign finical aid to go to college. Is there a law that you have to be born in OUR United States of America to be OUR president?

  • orthodox4lilfe

    While it sounds great, it’ll never pass because the Dems control the senate. I’m a registered republican but it’s obvious that the Dems aren’t the only ones who’s doing whats best for self-political survivability.

  • doesitmatter?

    all i can say is we need obama out of there. and im glad to see that a few people higher up can see that too.

  • Vanity Insanity

    Only fools believe a post from a web page that explicitly states in the about that none of it’s stories are true. It’s satire. If you take two seconds to really read what it is saying, this will be obvious.

  • gilgamesh

    because most instructors want you to at least try and do your own research. wikipedia is a great way to get decent general information about a topic, but sighting it as a resource in and of itself would be like sighting another classmate’s work; you’re basically taking information from someone else’s thesis. using the sources sighted at the bottom of a wiki article and confirming the information isn’t a bad idea though.

  • StevenFL

    All of you “educated” GOP followers do know that this story is satire don’t you? If you do not know what satire means…it is a FALSE story…Geesh!! Gullible lot we have here…no wonder you take everything the GOP sticks down your throat!

  • mark

    that’s funny considering the Republicans are the ones keeping the shutdown going by quietly changing the house rules.

  • Wallymoon

    Bleeping idiots. Ok so just so we are clear here, the majority of the people of the United States passed the “Affordable Health Care Act”. The Majority of the people in the United States re-elected the President. This means that the minority lost, simple as that. If you think that this President has done anything above and beyond the previous President, I will say it again, “bleeping idiots”. Who do you think will pay for the hearings and all the people involved in the hearings, duh, the people of the United States. So you are going to make the majority help pitch in for your blundering stupidity and when it comes down to it he will never get impeached anyway. So lets rack up more cost for something that is already passed into law and found to be not unconstitutional because apparently we have lots of money to toss around for Tea Party purposes. It is hard to call myself American anymore if this is the rhetoric that goes as the norm. You all are a bunch of conspiracy fanatics that lost focus on the true goal. Making America great not tearing it down and dividing it up for your own purposes. Hopefully when you pass to the next life your Grandparents kick your butts.

  • Cindy Drinkard

    REALLY!!!!!! Of all the things this man is guilty of, THIS is the breaking point? Who woulda thunk it?

  • Becky J.

    They impeached Bill Clinton also….he DIDN’T leave
    office, kept making decisions, signed bill’s into law
    and has his pay and benefits…Obama would do the
    same!! To me ” Impeached ” means “FIRED “.. Remove
    from Office..NO more Authority to do ANYTHING pertaining
    to our Country, NO more tax payers money..and
    NO more Presidential Benefits!!!!!

  • Pat

    It is really hard to win against fraud & corruption; such as, states voting 108%, machines that place your selection of Romney next to obama’s name, bus loads of union workers bussed in to vote, deceased people voting, and black people on TV stating they voted for obama six(6) times.. I could go on & on, but there is not enough space. Further, the Constitution gives the right to the House to withhold funds when a gov. is taking privileges not given them. REID & OBAMA SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN - not the Republicans. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Because the poor babies did not get their way, they refused to negotiate. I am so tired of people seeing just what they want to see. The PEOPLE DID NOT vote for Obamacare! It was passed behind closed doors by ALL DEMOCRATS, by buying off the last votes they needed. NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted for that piece of TRASH. Also, it is NOT healthcare. It is POWER over the people. I would venture a guess that you have no idea what is really in that 2,700 pages Of crap.

  • Julianna

    As a college student, and a member of what many refer to as “the worst generation ever,” I can’t help but point out how stupid you all look arguing over an article that is actually satire. We may be stereotyped as a largely “uninformed generation,” but apparently we are a little better at checking our sources.

    Also, all of you, stop pointing proverbial fingers of blame. The failings of this country are by no means the fault of one. You want change? Get off of your computer where you have a mask of anonymity and start doing something about it. Or better yet, do the job that you are actually being paid to do at the moment. Your cynicism and inability to read beyond the words in front of your face is embarrassing.

  • jayjay4142

    It doesn’t matter where he was born you idiot. His Mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth. Now you idiots are planning on running Ted Cruz for President and his father was a communist and Ted was born in Canada.
    Mitt Romney’s dad was born in Mexico and he ran for President. John McCain was not born in this country. However they were born to a parent who had US citizenship.
    You cannot have it both ways. Can’t think of any other impeachable offense can you?

  • BD

    Wikipedia is peer reviewed. Look to Mr. Webster for the definition of “peer”. While you’re at it, look up the definition of ” weather”. If you are at a college level, you should be able to compose properly.

  • Chewie

    Double Jeapordy doesn’t apply to the Commander in Cheif, he’s held by a different standard by the UCMJ. So if they cannot get a conviction in civilian courts, they can try again in military court.(more feasable)

  • wildeagleone

    I am so proud of Congresswoman Bauchman it brings joy and good will to my heart. She is the man in the house with “Balls” that we have been waiting for. The American people have waited for so long and been tempted to revolt but, because this is a civilized nation, we have also refused to lower our selves to his (Obama) level. Go for it, and publish every Republican name that refuses to sign on to this bill, as we Americans don’t need them to represent America any longer then their next re-election.

  • strangerdanger

    This website is a joke, people know this is not real right?

  • Tom Marchant

    They have time for impeachment hearings? What about passing a budget by 1 Oct? Think they ought to impeachment congress too.

  • Jfgfdg

    Michelle Bachmann should have taken an IQ exam before being elected from office

  • Robert Carothers

    Yes it is a State but Occidental College has called him on being a citizen as he enrolled under his name on Pass Port, If Barry Soetoro is his Legal name He wasn’t born in the USA under Barrack as First names do count!

  • jayjay4142

    It still does not matter. His Mother was an American citizen. Like I said this was all settled when George Romney ran for President and he was born in Mexico but his parents were US citizens who took refuge in that country because they were polygamists.
    Show us where his Grandmother said that.

  • Anthony

    I agree with impeaching him. But damn, I don’t think he’s worse than hitler

  • jessica dunst

    exactly. i’d fail assignments if i used Wikipedia. Even in HS, which was 3 years ago.

  • strangerdanger

    Here at Yale, we are able to use Wikipedia but in all cases we have to provide our own creditability. The time of sourcing you get from wikipedia is great. For example if you scroll to the bottom you can get the source the editor used and that many times is VERY creditable. You must have professors who have not learned that people are going to use wikipedia any way so why not teach them how to.

  • jessica dunst

    Not mine.

  • jessica dunst

    Since When is American a race?

  • Angela

    Steve you do know that if a is impeached then found guilty he is removed from office.

  • Robert Carothers

    Go to Facebook and look at headlines where Barry Soetoro was the name he used to get aide money from foreign aide under. the college is after Barry as he didn’t legally change his name to Barrack and they want their money back!

  • Krystle Smith-Wilbanks

    We need to do more than get rid of the president we need to get rid of all of them. Start fresh these people have way to much power and been office to long,

  • Angela

    2/3 of Senate not of the entire Congress so 67

  • PM 1949

    What a joke. Did you not read that only 22% of Americans believe in the Tea Party That makes 78% of us Americans think you are idiots and trying to bring America down Just because Oboma won a large majority of Americans vote does not mean anything to you I guess. You can always move to Syria. I hear the majority means nothing there too.

  • Tiffany

    Yes I agree with this, I hope it goes through and he is out of the office. He has destroyed America and if something isn’t done it will only get worse.

  • Penny

    People commenting here are D-U-M-B dumb!

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.

  • flatuloso legumia

    I like peaches. I like tea. I also like broccoli. The article sounds sarcastic….I really don’t think its supposed to be taken literally. Nonetheless, I don’t think Michelle Bachmann’s brain is working properly, she looks a bit like scrambled eggs to me. I didn’t need to be awake in 8th grade history or whatever to know that. And Obama may be a clown, but this talk of high treason for shutting down the government doesn’t make a lot of sense, although I have enjoyed the mostly incoherent commentary being spewed forth pleading its case. As far as the shutdown, of course it couldn’t be a complete lack of cooperation and competency on both sides. And judging by these comments the will of the people is to hurl misinformed commentary at each other without doing any good. Excellent work. It has made my lazy American morning…….

  • Andrew Barrington

    looks as if Ted Cruz has given up already

  • Andrew Barrington

    he has a Kenyan birth certificate

  • Whit

    Really ? Worst than Hilter. Y’all are the clowns

  • Richard Turner

    “All this clown needs to do is repeal the most important law he ever passed, and then this will all be over. Why is that so hard? The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached — he should be in jail”…. why does that not sound right?

  • rrhoop5469

    “…back to the American people”: when has the presidency ever been for the American people? That hasn’t happened since Kennedy and he was killed for it. “Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want.”: since when is it the presidents or governments job to give everyone EVERYTHING they want? That’s what’s wrong with our society now…we want it all and we want it yesterday. Sorry, it’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. If I don’t get my way, I’m going to shut down America!!! Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me. So the president doesn’t want to give up healthcare for people and the republicans do. Neither side wants to negotiate so you all are corrupt and idiots. Are you going to over throw yourself as well? I say get rid of you all (congress & senate) and get in people who are really for the American people. You people haven’t been for us in decades! It’s always been about your own pockets!

  • Lara

    That is exactly what they want to happen.. Rub the people the wrong way until they get raw and then they can call in martial law like they plan to do.

  • Andrew Barrington

    a president is supposed to be born in the united states.or can we put Arnold in the oval office?

  • TheLoneRanger

    I suppose you have a better repository in which you use to do your learning? You do realize that although you can edit wiki yourself it is peer reviewed, right? Errors are confined to small and short-lived instances. People who don’t trust wikipedia are like people who think flouride is being used to control the population.

  • freddy

    So like, for example? .org does not mean reliable…

  • non weathly american

    Bitch just wants money

  • BushMaster63

    Please educate me o wizard…please tell me how spending money you don’t have ever works to the good…please tell how borrowing trillions of dollars from our enemies, and then distributing it to other enemies is going to help us…please inform me as to how come we, with the finest standing military in the world, need to now have a 2nd domestic standing army, with allegiance sworn to the gov’t…equally armed, is justified or even Constitutional, while displaying open aggression towards the standing military…please tell me why this gov’t feels the need to have 7 rounds for each citizen…man, woman, and child, and trains our, oops, I mean “their” Domestic forces with civilian depicted “No Hesitation” targets set in home and neighborhood environments, with the elderly, women, and children as the enemy…please explain to me why, against Constitutional law, wee have UN and other foreign military forces training on our soil for civil unrest…more to follow after you properly address these simple issues effectively…Please o wizard…educate us airheaded, knuckledragging teabaggers…

  • Matthew James Hale

    Where to begin with this deluded uneducated whining.

    First, last time I checked Gays and Muslims are citizens in this country. They work, pay taxes, and just overall contribute to the country. Just because they live their life in a way that makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean they’re not citizens. Also, regardless of what you think of illegals they are an integral part of the economy and simply kicking them out won’t solve the problem and will damage the economy.

    Second, do you even know what the Iran-Contra Affair is? Reagan literally gave weapons to terrorists that were holding Americans hostage. The US has a long history of supporting terrorist and groups that would become terrorists. Obama isn’t the first President to deal with terrorists and he won’t be the last.

    Third, while it’s true that no president has ever closed down every national park and memorial at one time, this is hardly the first time a president has closed down something for his own political agenda. Herbert Hoover comes to mind. During the first Bonus Army protest Herbert Hoover used the US military to forcibly remove everyone from government property and kept any other groups from protesting in DC until he left office just a few months later.

  • Admiral America

    Where did you hear that? Mainstream government propaganda media? As far as I know the Tea Party isn’t even a party, and has no real power. The Republican corporatist establishment is in command just as the Democrat corporatist establishment is. No real conservatives, or liberals have any say in the government. If we had a real government then the Libertarian, and Green parties would be the major parties. Obama has done nothing to end the shutdown but refuse to compromise while being malicious about closing down memorials, parks, etc which actually costs more money to do. Both parties are full of bull and don’t represent the majority of people. Yes Ted Cruz reading the bed time story did come across as nutty as he made the futile attempt to oppose the insurance companies Obamacare which makes everyone buy health insurance so Congress, and the corporate cronies can get richer through insider trading.

  • BD

    economic treason is two separate words

  • DeAngelo

    I honestly feel that the Replubicans are selfish. They dont want Obama in as President because he is helping the less fortunate families survive. All the Replubicans want is more money and more power, which I feel is unfair. He is probably one of the best Presidents America has ever had. This is why we are “Not a Great Nation” because we can’t even help our fellow brothers and sisters.

  • Carolyn Colline

    Impeach Him . After what he has done to the Vet’s and the people of the U.S. and the people of our great country . He has no right to be Our President.

  • Dan

    Bill Moss, how stupid can you be??????

  • Drew

    NO NO, not so fast. Go back and read the whole double jeopardy law. This case double jeopardy would not appy especially if you charge him with other things that is impeachable like war crimes and crimes agaisnt the American People.

  • Admiral America

    Obama helps poor families by making them buy health insurance? Why not Universal free health care instead if he’s so loving?

  • Ian Tate

    The GOP are just terrorists. If this story is true, which I doubt… First they shut down the government because they didn’t get their way, THEN they try to impeach the president because he didn’t cave to their tactics and call HIM a criminal… Ummm… no.

  • Pinky Nixon

    How many of you numbskulls realize this is The Daily Currant’s idea of a satirical piece? Show of hands. Yeah, that’s what I figured.

  • BD

    In Obamas case, African is correct, American is not.

  • Kellygrl

    They are all cry babies with there own agenda. Really read it again.

  • TheLoneRanger

    Because it is user-editable. You can theorhetically alter the contents of wiki to whatever you want to get the info you want for reports and such, but wiki pages are reliable (although sometimes not 100% accurate, much the same as any textbook or other resource) and stabilize over time. I’ve had college professors REFER the class to wikipedia to learn about a subject, and being somebody who knows a thing or two about a thing or two I can tell you that, at least for the subjects I’m knowledgeable about, I have noticed very few inaccuracies.

  • Karen

    Okay, so Boehner can abuse the House rules to disallow any member to bring up a vote on the floor that would have opened up the government the first few days of the shut down. Hmm, not rocket science. So you now want us to waste millions of more TAX PAYER DOLLARS to try to impeach someone because of a law you, the House offered, was approved by the Senate and again by the House after amendments and then signed into law by the President with the approval of all of Congress. The members of Congress are covered by insurance through their job, which does not require they go into the exchange, which is within the law. Why beat a dead horse down and WASTE OUR money in this senseless ideological issue. If anyone needs removed from office it’s Boehner.

  • Barry Pullen

    it is both party’s fault get em all out!

  • Admiral America

    To many ill informed voters coupled with electronic voting fraud are keeping these corporate cronies in power. Congress represents the multinational corporations, and not the people. There’s so many who only listen to the corporate owned mainstream media, and think everything can be blamed on one political party.

  • Brenda

    “This Clown?” “Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want,” This sounds like someone else has a my way or the highway attitude. The comment that really pisses me off is “he’s worse than Hitler,” Are you for real??? Go ask a survivor of the Holocaust if Obama is worse than Hitler. That comment trivialized everything experienced during that awful time in history. Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, President Obama, they’re all a bunch of babies using school yard bullying tactics and “We The People” are the ones who are suffering.

  • Robert Carothers

    I know that Both the House and Senate would have to agree on impeachment, and Harry REID would never let it come to a Vote in the Senate! He (Obama or whatever name he goes by doesn’t have the integrity to just step down as Nixon did! Obama doesn’t even have the guts let the American public see college transcripts. Nancy P who put him up for office, didn’t even have Obama Vetted as all other people have done when running for office! Sue me Nancy as I am a Vietnam Vet that would drag you and Obama through the mud!

  • Kevin Tucker

    The Democrats in the senate swear an oath of office to preserve, defend and uphold the Constitution, not to their party affiliation. They should be held accountable too if they can’t do the right thing which is law!

  • Glen Saunders

    You’ve been smoking that rope that should have tied you up so you couldn’t use a computer….You’re dangerous…..

  • Mallory Dallory

    The Daily Currant is a SATIRE WEBSITE, you guys! It’s in the same vein as The Colbert Report:

    The article is a joke poking fun at the House Republicans. Come on, didn’t this part of the article tip you off?:

    “The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want.”

    Stop embarrassing yourselves and the Republican party by falling for everything you read without doing any research!

  • BushMaster63

    The new “holt” social studies material only mentions Islam, with no mention of any other religion…I doth suspect severe flaws with historical validity in this indoctrination program called common core…

  • Anne

    This site is also political satire by the way.

  • kpennington

    Why impeach , when you can drag him to criminal court and try him for treason and criminal neglegence for not sending help to our troops in bengazi.

  • TheLoneRanger

    The fact that a site has a .org or .gov domain *does not* make it reliable. Anybody can purchase these domains and put whatever content they want on them. Further, the domain you’d really wanting to be looking for when trying to learn from or share reliable resources is .edu. But, yes, you should use wikipedia to learn and verify the sources, just the same as you would do for ANY paper or peer-reviewed journal, textbook, etc.

  • Darlene K TattooCritic

    Its about F’in TIME!!!!! What took your guys so long!!! I disagree with Sen Ted Cruz. I believe there is plenty of evidence to prove this president is destroy the core of America & Americans. & that his agenda to that of to DESTROY frm within.

  • Shoshi

    I think people are going way too far to compare the president of the US to Hitler. He in no way has been instrumental in mass killing of a Racial group.

  • BYD

    Sam, please, do yourself a favor and spell correctly. You should cite an author. Site means something else.
    The same applies to “weather” and “whether”. The latter is the word you meant to use.

    Last “peer-reviewed” is lacking the hyphen.

  • nicola reilly

    what about bush n his crimes against humanity…all this over a cheaper health care bill fo rthe public…looks like the pharmaceutical companies run America eh!!!

  • spiderjr71

    come on, He has done nothing but run the country in the ground and it is time for him to be accountable for his actions it wouldnt matter to the american people where he was born if he would do the job right that he was elected to do. But in my opinion he cant its time we do start impeachment process against him he has had his fair chance and it is leading to economic destruction. It started one where the american people are suffering, now he closes the goverment down because he cant meet in the middle. Its Impeachment time.

  • tdsmith208
    Was this legal????????

  • Diana Stokes

    I am pretty angry that Michelle Bachman and others in congress that choose now to start the impeachment process, Because obama has almost completely destroyed America, our military, our soldiers, our economy, our GOD given rights, etc…There has been so much damage done to the average American, Why now???

  • TheLoneRanger

    I’ve read college textbooks that contain inaccuracies and downright incorrect information. Peer reviewed articles can suffer from the same problem if they haven’t been properly reviewed. Wiki is not only most of the time accurate but reliable indeed. You may have to use a few sources to verify, but the same is true when you use any other source. A researcher should *never* take any one source to be cannonical.

  • Wes Putt

    I have a few words for Cruz and Bachmann, but I don’t want to offend the mentally disabled.

  • maria

    Every Politician SHOULD BE IMPEACHED! Not just the leader. They want to cut the budget down? Then they should vote to be paid by the hour. Not Salary. No work? NO PAY! Just like everyone who pays taxes to keep this country afloat!

  • David Garrett Jr.

    This is satire.

  • bILL


  • sal1969

    Exactly, besides that, it shows that he lied and faulsefied documents.

  • rrhoop5469
  • Manreg

    You and the rest of the tea baggers need to get over it, your racist platform is failing!! You are so desperate that you are allowing a Canadian to lead you by the nose.

  • Leanne

    bad? yes.
    worse then hitler?…that might be pushin it a little dont u think?

  • itsjustme

    The Daily Currant is a Satirical News Column…..This is from this very site you are reading this article from:

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide - now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence - which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Block

    lol I needed my laugh for the day. The old, ignorant, white people is just icing on the cake.

  • KeepinItReal

    You all realize that this story is made-up, right? As in fake, not real news, false, etc. Why not spend your time discussing actual events…

  • Kevin Ecker

    His mother was an American but his father was a Kenyan. According to the constitution that does not make him a naturalized American citizen. Both parents have to be Natural born Americans not one.

  • Bill Berger

    Not to mention his refusal to openly share his school & college transcripts, and a legal/binding/official birth certificate.
    Aiding and comforting the enemy (Taliban) is reason enough for Treason charges.

  • TheLoneRanger

    Not only is American not a race, but neither is African. Asians, arabs, jews, white peple, you name it, all live in Africa. This makes them African. Your progenitors determine your race, not your place of living.

  • Johnny Pozzi

    Michell Bachmann is one crazy nutjob. So are the rest of the House Republicans. You almost have to feel sorry for them.

  • Kenny Bachand

    a .gov site will always be correct, just ask Obama, lol

  • Tea = Too Extreem Assholes…

    Just as the crazies on the left of the 70,s, gave the country Ronny Reagan, the nuts on the right are giving us Hillary Clinton.. THANKS!!

  • Natefootball67

    I’m not sure if President Obama was indeed born in Kenya or the United States, however, If he wasn’t born on U.S. soil than technically his presidency is a fraud because of Section I Article 2 of the United Sates Constitution reads: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.” Although the term natural born citizen has not yet been passed to the Judicial branch to define, it is in my opinion, the Founding Fathers meant for it to be translated as; no one born outside the United States has the right to run for presidency, little alone win it.

  • Roger

    You all know this is satire, right?

  • Nick

    Impeach House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for holding the the United States Federal Government hostage.

  • Ryan Oliver

    And once again the majority of readers have missed the satirical nature of this blog. Always a pleasure.

  • brahh

    Lol white people..

  • Harland Taylor


  • Alex

    IS THIS A JOKE?!?! What has he done wrong? It’s the republicans who can’t work together, simply because they don’t approve of Obamacare… Which is already a law, and it’s here to stay.

    And of course it’s one of the dumbest woman to introduce this… Michelle Bachman.


    …then arrest Bush for stealing the White House and for blowing up the World Trade Center!

  • Kevin Ecker

    Ya i was told not to use it as a reference either, I have to agree.

  • Gilly

    Finally! Obama needs to be removed out of office NOW!!!!! Im so glad the process has been scheduled!!! #ImpeachObama

  • Republicans Are Morons

    Anyone believing Obama should be the one in trouble over this is an idiot. If the republicans want to abolish the Affordable care act then why don’t they do it the proper way.

  • tim

    Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment.

  • Mandy

    It just breaks my heart that the public trusts the media so much. When they print lies continually. This is not even true.

  • Jason85458

    I second the impeachment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paula Parrish

    It is Obama’s fault! I have prayed that congress would not back down to him. He is a criminal. He has commented many crimes and he is dividing our country.

  • Jared

    Cruz, Bachman et al are beyond pathetic. I don’t like Obama, but for the love of God, focus on making our country a better place. These people are the terrorists. I’m ashamed to call them our leaders.

  • Anonymous

    Yall realize this site is satire news right?

  • BushMaster63

    Well for starters you calling yourself a patriot is more than just a slight lie…because if you truly were you would know why America needs to be restored to it’s founding principles…Under God, with Liberty, and Justice, for ALL…not just the elites and special interests!!! Impeaching this usurper would only censure him and little else…I, unlike the others, prefer a more realistic and justifiable approach…arrest, try, convict, and hang his worthless carcass on public tv for fraud, high treason, aiding and abetting the enemies of our country, and the list goes on…all legal like, per Constitutional Law…and then do the same to all that are complicit.from both sides of the aisle…so there goes your prejudiced and racist angles for defense…sorry about that…can you comprehend this reading? Leftists bitch and moan about rights…and the Constitution…with no understanding that through God, and the Constitution, more individual rights are given, and subsequently protected through our founding documents, than any gov’t entity could ever give…The biggest act of treason against America was committed via the act of 1871, preceding the civil war…whereas the illegal congress declared the US gov’t as a private corporation, and then sold everything we will ever have to international bankers…These are all facts…not fiction…look them up!!!

  • Flunking_retirement

    I think most of us know that. The low info crowd - eeh maybe not,

  • Gary S. Hart

    Why do you publish lies? Are you members of the communist party?

  • Amanda

    Seriously you people need to read the about section for this website, this is not a real news story. This website post satire on things that are popular in the news.

    Definition of Satire





    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • LongSlongWeiner

    Cant believe people are falling for this… If they fall for a simple horribly written article in jest, just think what else they/we as citizens are fallen for.

  • Jdo

    It’s dripping with satire… but most of the users seem not to have noticed.

  • KeepinItReal

    aaand, you are an idiot. this is not a real story, it’s fake. Don’t feel alone though, there are quite a few idiots on here that believe this crap. This is why you should have to pass some kind of intelligence test to vote.

  • AlmostFooled

    Honestly, the third paragraph from the bottom is the only thing that tipped me off that this MIGHT be satire. I had to look up the Daily Currant to check that it was satirical.

  • Amanda

    Seriously you people need to read the about section for this website, this is not a real news story. This website post satire on things that are popular in the news.

    Definition of Satire




    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • daisydd

    He should have already been impeached for previous things he’s done to the people and by abuse of power.

  • Lorraine Bergey

    Michele Bachmann you have alot of room to talk being against birth control with all the home less children out there waiting to be placed in loving family’s and your hatred for gays among other things . You should be the one taken out of office. I think you are all to full of your selves . The government all of it would rather play head games with each other then think of what you are doing to the small people. Taking food and wic from family’s that need it to feed there baby’s . You in the government keep this shutdown and see the mess you make when mothers of small children do what they need to all over the world to feed and care for there children . Who is it you guys think you are fooling you the government care not about us . You care about lining your own pockets for it is not you that will watch your children go hungry.

  • Marilyn

    Yes we do have to get him out of Office. and quick.!!!!!!

  • Guest

    If you

  • Janey

    Oh yeah, because I’m sure our government sites are truthful and accurate…….bs!

  • Batfreak

    are just pissed because the Supreme Court ruled Affordable Care
    constitutional, and it became LAW. They don’t want to support it, so
    they’re trying to do everything they can to make it look like Obama is
    the bad guy when really they’ve been passing the blame for their own
    transgressions since day one. Talk about kicking and screaming. The only ones suffering are the citizens of the US. If Congress didn’t want Obamacare, they never should have passed it into law. If we want things to get better, the BOUGHT CONGRESS needs to be removed. Not the president. He doesn’t make laws. He can only propose them, remember. It’s up to CONGRESS to take his proposal, turn it into a bill, and vote it into law. Stop blaming Obama for Congress issues.

  • Daniel Thompson

    can we do this to all of the government……..none of them have the best interest of us in there minds…..just greed

  • Lilah

    You do know you do not have to be born here to be born a citizen right? As long as one of your parents is a citizen at the time of your birth and registers your birth to a US consulate, you are considered a US citizen born abroad. Like thousands of military children and myself… Just FYI.

  • Janey

    How can “.gov” be considered reliable? Just look how truthful and reliable our government is…..



  • Concerned American

    If you would hang them for treason, things would be different. If you remove from politics, every politician that has received ANY form of compensation, directly or indirectly, other that annual pay, then that should resolve the problem.

  • Apathy

    Steve….do you not find it scary that these people vote?

  • Roger

    Ted Cruz was born in Canada, though I’m sure he is still planning to run for president in 2016… just sayin’…

  • daisydd

    can’t use it in lower schools either…

  • Paul Estes


  • Jake Midkiff

    There’s something fishy about how this story was written….I don’t think I’m buying it just yet. To me, there’s no way Ted Cruz would have said Obama is worse than Hitler, and a lot of the other quoted vitriol doesn’t sound credible. Looks to me like a liberal hatchet job journalist piece.

  • Nessa

    I agree Leanne! He didn’t shut the government down - the crybaby republicans did because they didnt get their way! The democrats didnt shut the govt down when Bush decided to fight a senseless war that cost our country billions, and KILLED countless people. And we knew then that the war was total BS! But we didnt act like spoiled brats who didnt get our way, we let the President make that choice, and we supported it. Why can’t they give Obamacare a chance to see if it works? It’s definitely not going to cost nearly as much as the Republicans have approved for spending to go to war!

  • Paul Estes

    The story is false.

    It was published by the Daily Currant, a website which publishes satirical, fictional
    stories. The article has been heavily shared by many who aren’t aware
    of the fictional nature of the Daily Currant, perhaps due to the serious
    tone of the story:

  • Not Jesse Nutso

    Hmm, glad things turned for the better.

  • Mona Rena’ Grandison

    Have each one of you fallen off the dumb butt truck? Did we not elect the president to oversee the country and to make decisions based on what is best for the people as a whole, not just the rich but the poor? Now you want to remove him for doing what we elected? Sounds rhetorical to me. I think we need to impeach the Senates for causing the government to shutdown and refusing to stop their belly aching to get the country moving again! The president did not shutdown the government the Senate did by not supporting the president or caring about our government!

  • candy anderson

    amen.we need to deal with this “sob” now and get him outta there.take America back.

  • SimD

    This is ironic considering Bachmann is under investigation for misuse of funds during her run for presidency…

  • Apathy

    You might as well try to argue with a Unicorn……you will have better luck. Scary that many of these people vote.

  • 81chains

    So let me get this straight.. the House GOP changed the rules about who can introduce a bill to vote on, and by doing so left it solely in the hands of the Speaker or his aid, who refused to allow a CR to be voted on (which, BTW, there were enough votes to pass a CR). Somehow this leads to charges that Obama has committed economic treason?

  • Not Jesse Nutso

    House votes to impeach I think.

  • mason

    You are flipping stupid of you think this real.

    This fake you idiot.

  • Susan

    As an American, I have never understood how he’s been allowed to be president. No one has ever stepped up and agreed that he is an American citizen by birth.

  • Lilah

    That doesn’t mean anything… he is still a US citizen. US citizens should really learn what US citizenship means! You do not have to be born here to be a citizen people… smh.

  • MixMM

    You guys are really make sure Hilliary gets in office in 2016. I love it!

  • Jan Gaughan Thompson


  • Leslie

    They Need to do something… He’s Killing Our Nation…

  • Starr

    WE need to impeach the Tea Party and those who continue to follow their extremism.

  • Alex Laird

    Way to go, Daily Currant! Not only is this piece brilliant, the number of people posting it as news is illuminating to how dense the public discourse actually is for many in this country.

    One thing I always feel is missing from The Onion is believability, because they reach so much further with their satire. What you guys write, in my opinion, goes much deeper on a social level. It’s not just about the laughs, it’s about why we laugh. Keep up the good work!

  • shells bells

    Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment

  • Darius137

    Are you serious!? The Congress shuts down the government and wants to impeach the president? I have put money into Ron Paul moneybombs, but his child the Tea Party has fetal alcohol syndrome.

  • Joey

    If this is true, then I believe the same must be done for all of congress for their inability to cooperate. We elected them all to lead and operate in our best interest- not to fight like children.

  • Linda Coz

    Not true. Only his mother had to be a citizen, and he was born in the US. How stupid.

  • Frank Whisken

    So the T Party are gonna impeach the President because he wont give them everything they want.
    Sounds like a bunch of spoiled brats to me and some of you voted for them????

  • Apathy

    You and Bill are in need of some serious meds. Perhaps a nice nap and if are good, you can have some ice cream.

  • Linda Coz

    Get real! This is the USA. He has won the office twice by a large majority. Get over yourself. Majority rules.

  • Frank Whisken

    Thats their words by the way not mine

  • roger

    OK, so the Tea Party & Republicans want us to bow to their demands? This way they are running the Gov. Sounds like they want to be the dictators of the people…

  • Rena Van Slyke

    I was born in Germany, My father was stationed there. HOWEVER I have an AMERICAN birth certificate….not GERMAN….

  • Jake Midkiff

    Easy to do when using cemetery registries to fill out absentee ballots….

  • Lateralus

    TAKE A F-ING GOVERNMENT CLASS! I mean really, I thought this was core curriculum for high school diplomas..

  • Justin N Angel

    well we talk about how Obama is great…tell me why a girl that does nothing wrong in school keeps good grades and cant assistance with funding for school but the girl with 2 kids before she is out of high school,been threw rehab and wont keep a job gets a full right. i am not against either one I just feel that it is not equal for all. The people trying to work and do the right thing is being punished for it. America is basically saying “be lazy,do bad,and don’t worry will take care of you.

  • heyheymama51

    ABOUT DAMN TIME.This fraud must be removed from office and prosecuted for his assault on The People & The Constitution.

  • texas rules

    go cash your welfare check and shut up

  • Roy

    yess, you have to do something, how about TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER for every american, not just your special interest, take the pork out and be a decent representative of the people of the United States of America!!! God Bless America!!!!, not tea party interests!!!oh,, by the way,, I am now a FORMER republican… shame on you congress!!!!

  • Lateralus

    What the heck are all of the supporters of this smoking?

  • larry

    The U.S. federal government shut down on Oct. 1 after House Republicans refused to fund it unless President Obama agreed to repeal his signature health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

    Although most polls show that a majority of Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown, many in the Tea Party feel President Obama is at fault for not immediately acquiescing to their demands.

    Need to learn how to place blame. We the People let this happen. Employer needs to fire its employees.

  • dr.microphone

    Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want….lmao

  • Twofeet

    I add to this a Tuesday morning Prayer ~ “If We Do Not Stand For Something “Good” ~ We Will Fall For Anything “Bad”
    Obamacare is “Bad” ~ for America and American’s. This administration is bad for America and it’s people. May all the Conservatives stand together and may you all - along with Mr. Boehner stand steadfast for what is Right and remains strong in it. May God Bless us and those in need of correct decision making. His will, will be done.” Amen

  • Linda Coz

    These comments for the most part are ignorant. President Obama has done nothing to be impeached . You can’t impeach just because you disagree. He is a citizens of the US, so stop sounding stupid like the tea party. If you are going to complain at least be factual.Just what this country needs, a bunch of ninnies thinking they can impeach the president.

  • Mike

    Only Republicans want Obama impeached. For some reason, they’re acting like they speak for the entire country.

    You guys do realize that the Senate has to vote to impeach the president, right? The majority of the Senate is democrats.

    Republicans are just whining and having a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. This is fantastic, considering the 2014 elections are just a short year away. Dems will probably dominate both the Senate and the House now.

    And by the way…even if Obama is out of office, you still have Biden as your President.

  • Saydee

    Everyone knows this blog is fake right?…looking at the comments, I don’t think so.. :/

  • mariaking122

    About time…………..No Birth Certificate should do it automatically.

  • nospmont

    Really they are blaming him it is their unwillingness to allow his program to go thru after it was made law years ago. These guys should be put to a firing squad for treason. I thing any of these so called TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS AND ANY OF THEM why will they not put it to a vote. Ask the person in charge. this is straight treason against the American people. Lets stand against them before they destroy our credit world wide. Government Treason against the majority of the people! Who voted for Obama

  • USPatriotOne

    Who takes these polls? No one calls me! “We the People” all know OB and the Commie/DemoRats are to blame for the Gov shutdown. We don’t want Obamacare and this SOB won’t listen to “We the People”…!!! Impeach him and if the Senate does not comply they will be removed one way or another, and those barracades better come right back down NOW…!!! We all should know that OB will declare Martial Law before he goes anyplace…!!!

  • Linda Coz

    He won by 5 million votes.

  • Independent

    That’s not true dumbass. Only one has to be a natural citizen. Idiots like you spouting half truths disgust me.

  • roger
  • wtfman

    worse than Hitler??? really?

  • Danny Cooper

    Another distraction so they don’t have to deal with shutting down the government. The whole world is laughing at US. We want to “impeach” a president that hasn’t committed any criminal offense? He hasn’t even lied under oath. Just because you don’t like him impeachment proceedings are nothing more than a circus. It is like trying to impeach GW, or Clinton, for their roles in foreign policy issues gone wrong. Can we deport them and all anti-intellectual tea party member to an Island please!!!!

  • ForReal

    I would seriously advise all of you redneck idiots to do proper research on this topic before you post like rabid animals about this topic. If Michele Bachmann is the only “credible” source, then I should be set to just drop out of school right now. This a load of crap and you all know it. It’s just like when the President ran for office. You all didn’t vote for McCain or Romney because you liked them, you voted for them because you HATED Obama. Good God, grow up. Reading these comments is like watching a Facebook fight unfold. You all look like a bunch of idiots. Stop throwing around war titles and “I’m a vet of this…” or “I was in such and such war…” People like that utterly disgrace the men and women that served the country we all live in. And, as far as this shut down goes, the ENTIRE government is at fault. Not just the President, not just Congress. Everyone played a part, so if you’re all gung-ho for impeaching the President, get in line for 535 more (That’s all 100 Senators and 435 Representatives, for those of you that are too stupid to count). For real? Come on people.

  • Danny Cooper

    yep this is really how they argue? insanity.

  • wtfman

    that statement basically reduces any person who endured the Holocaust and their surviving family to complete meaninglessness, not to mention the people that did not survive.

  • Apathy

    Research……look up the word in the dictionary and then do some. If you try that, perhaps you will be less likely to make statements that make you sound like a dolt. Then again, perhaps not. News flash! Voter fraud is not a serious issue because there are very few documented cases. RESEARCH IT!

  • Steve McElroy

    I’m not sure what “literly” means, but in this context it means to bring charges against. Nice try at sound ing smart though :)

  • Snoops

    You are aware this is satire, right? Wal-Mart is also performing free abortions right now.

  • Jake Midkiff

    Guys….DON”T FALL FOR THIS ! The Daily Current is a satirical fake news source !

  • Danny Cooper

    take your meds, read, research, and understand the country you live in. You clearly have no idea about the rule of law, and governance. Please self deport.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    impeach all of them, clean slate,none of them can do their job for this country

  • Tamara Frank

    WOW! Just read the “About” on this very page. It’s all fake news about real topics in the world today. Says it plain as day. thank you for pointing that all to me. Kinda sad Michelle B didn’t really do this. I was excited about the impeachment of Osama, oops.. Obama :P (and wikipedia is awesome)

  • Rebudass

    Republican go cruise in the terminal bathroom

  • Steve McElroy

    I must have missed that plan at our weekly “take over the world” meetings. Did they teach you that economic treason isn’t a real thing on that test?

  • SirCrashton

    RE: eligibility

    A child born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one alien parent acquires U.S. citizenship at birth under Section 301(g) INA provided the citizen parent was physically present in the U.S. for the time period required by the law applicable at the time of the child’s birth. For birth between December 24,1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.S. to transmit U.S.
    citizenship to the child).”

    His mother would have to have lived in the U.S. for 5 years after age 14 in order for her child to be a natural-born American. Mrs. Obama was only 18 when Barack was born, so she had not even lived 5 years after age 14.”

    You want a list of impeachable offenses? Try these on for size:

    the unconstitutional appointment of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretaries of State (Article I, Section 6);

    authorizing the expenditure of billions of dollars to
    engineer the bailout of the auto industry without Congressional approval (Article I, Section 9);

    ignoring the legal claims of GM and Chrysler
    bondholders during the companies’ bankruptcies;

    the subsequent confiscation of corporate assets and their distribution to the UAW (Amendment V);

    the firing of GM CEO Rick Wagoner;

    the retaliatory and illegal dismissal of Inspector
    General Gerald Walpin for exposing the misappropriation of federal funds by an Obama supporter;

    appointment of over two dozen “czars” who, with few
    exceptions, were neither vetted nor confirmed by Congress and wield unprecedented powers, answerable only to him;

    refusing to prosecute racist thugs for voter
    intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 elections;

    refusing to enforce immigration laws to secure our broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist
    cadre penetration;

    refusing to defend or enforce Federal law – specifically the Defense of Marriage Act;

    defying a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the FCC cannot regulate the Internet;

    enacting a program of cap and trade via EPA regulation in defiance of Congress which
    recognized the unconstitutional nature of its provisions and refused to write it into law;

    refusing to follow a U.S. District Court ruling to stop
    the implementation of ObamaCare which was found to be unconstitutional by two federal courts;

    refusing to grant deep water drilling permits in defiance of a Federal Court order;

    surrendering sovereign US war-making to foreign powers and international authorities by
    attacking Libya without consulting Congress;

    ignoring the House budget agreement rule calling for the elimination of four of the most useless,
    but potentially destructive, regulatory “czars”.

    Obama Administration reiteration of its intention, invoking globalist multi-lateral legalisms,
    to violate Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and surrender sovereign U.S. war-making to foreign powers and international authorities in alienation of the duty and prerogatives of the U.S. Congress.

    authorizing the June 2011 use of predator drones against a North Dakota citizen on North Dakota soil, a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

    demanding Congress include the suspension of
    Habeas Corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act as part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

    refusal to confirm his lawful eligibility to serve as president under the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1.

    Obama Administration surrender of sovereign
    U.S. war-making to foreign powers and international authorities by attacking Libya without consulting Congress.

    refusal to halt the unconstitutional implementation of ObamaCare as ordered by Federal Court.

    bribery attempts and in word and deed – Obama
    Administration offered bribes to at least 3 politicians: Joe Sestak, Andrew Romanoff and Jim Matheson.

    accepted foreign title and office while acting as U.S. President and without consulting Congress – In 2009, Obama assumed the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council, the international body
    responsible for declaring war on behalf of the UN.

    Obama Administration (EPA), implementation of
    Cap and Trade in defiance of Congress who recognized the unconstitutional nature of its provisions and refused to write it into law.

    refusal to grant deep water drilling permits in
    defiance of Federal Court order.

    refusal to defend or enforce Federal law –
    specifically The Defense of Marriage Act.

    refusal to secure our broken borders from
    illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist cadre penetration.

    unilaterally rewriting federal law regarding work requirements for welfare recipients and waivers for Obamacare

    This list doesn’t even touch on events in which he may have had direct involvement such as Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

  • bratcheman

    BUT, she was under the “legal age” to have him be an American citizen.

  • Steve McElroy

    The key word there is MAY you can’t take a possible outcome of a definition and make it the whole definition

  • fredmatic1

    Impeachment is the FIRST step in removal from office. Based upon impeachment, court proceedings can commence. Basically, this man has broken the law multiple, multiple times. He has gone against the constitution multiple, multiple times. He and the mindless Obamabots, (Pelosi/Reid), are purely socialist hacks, and to call them corrupt is to slander truly good, corrupt people. Unfortunately, the real brains behind these three stooges is Valerie Jarrett and George Soros. These two are the puppet-masters pulling the Obama strings. Other than memorizing scripts, Obama is no mental giant. Simply listen to him when off teleprompter. We need to rid ourselves of those two evil twins…….

  • Paladin

    No Jayjay, you are an idiot. The natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution DOES require that the Pres. is born on American soil. For the same reason, unfortunately Ted Cruz does not qualify.

  • AshBash Vazquez

    worse than hitler?

  • Ray

    It needs to work and not just a show!!! Replace them all with people like our founders! Other countries are laughing at us!
    He wants to destroy the USA!
    Who is the REAL terrorist here?!?

  • Bob Mack

    Idiots who do nothing but whine about the problems they create and then try to blame others for-aka GOP House members

  • Steve McElroy

    Would you like to educate me on how the impeachment process works? My tiny brain bewieves that since Cwinton and Jackson were BOTH impeached and BOTH finished their term it would seem impossible for impeachment to mean remove from office.

  • deprivedfed

    Well impeach Obama and who gets the presidency think people will the Vice President do any better? From what I have seen….I DON”T THINK SO!!
    So they all need to be impeached and the Repub are no better than the Democ. So we will still sink.

  • 4USA2

    Bravo to Michelle Bachman and the others who are willing to stand up for our Constitution, our rights, and us. E-mail them and post on their Facebook or Twitter pages that you support them in this action. We do matter even though the MSM press don’t want to acknowledge us!

  • Steve McElroy

    Or finish his term like CLinton

  • Steven Thomas

    whoa whoa whoa! its not obamas fault that this happened in the first place. Its the very house whos trying to impeach him. Affordable Healthcare Act has been in the works since 1992. this country has gone against all the principles its founding fathers lived and died for.

  • Texas Girl

    I have never heard of anything so ridiculous inn all my life…. Obama isn’t the one to impeach. We need to clean house of all the Senators; not Obama. I guess you guys must be on the side of the fence that most Americans are not on. Did you forget that “the People” voted him in twice? That should count for something. The majority of you never wanted him in - in the first place. You’ll have to search your soul on that one. I blame the senate & the Republicans for the government shutting down. They were trying to hold Obama hostage, but it didn’t work…. I don’t know why anyone (other than the wealthy) would want a Republican president anyway. They’ve never done anything for any of you; that’s for sure. You just don’t have sense enough to know it.

  • Steve McElroy

    IF, but at this stage they are just accusing.

  • oldgrapeape

    That REMOVE THEM should be by One Way are Another, PERIOD. Psalm 149:6-8. ,, God Bless, Chaplain Jummie

  • Steve McElroy

    Good catch. Term then

  • Not on Welfare

    You guys do know this is a satirical piece, right?

  • ray

    Moron…McCain was born in panama to a military father! Which means he is a US citizen! WTH do you know? nothing!!! Obama is a moron who is trying to destroy the USA! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! DUH!!!
    Watch & see the horror that awaits us! OMG DUH…other countries are laughing at us!!! And him!!!

  • Bob Wager

    The saddest part of this is that many people who see this will believe it to be real and not a snarky humor site.

  • David R Silva

    “The 3 Stooges” or “Revenge” not sure which one would be a better name for this whole paraphernalia.

  • Karma Weathers

    What? Ok, Who am I? I’m a child holding my breath. I call the police to have my parents’ rights revoked claiming they are unfit and should be “fired” (for lack of a better word) because they are UNABLE to stop me from holding my own breath. What? Let’s just face it that the whole reason Affordable Care is hated is because it will force costs down and in turn make the big businesses of prescription drugs and medical care to not be able to monopolize against the people that are enslaved by it. They’ve tried 35 or more times to repeal it and every time they have lost. Why keep on holding your breath and calling someone else irresponsible when you are the one focusing on trying to ruin another person by essentially ruining the country in the process?

  • ray

    YOU’re stupid!! Learn how to read! AND pay attention in class!!!

  • bratcheman

    Your comment reminds me of the Koran. It, also, can and is constantly changed. But, nothing can be deleted. The “new” is just added. And the are many “Chapters” where the end “Verses” negate what was written at the beginning of the “Chapter”.

    That is called a “Living Book/Document”.

    Our Constitution is NOT a “Living Document”. However, the Amendments can either ADD or Correct what is in the “Chiseled-in-Stone” document.

  • Constantine Ivanov

    “This guy is worse than Hitler,” said Ted Cruz.

    And who is worse than Hitler? I know for sure, since I had felt it on my own hide: it’s Lenin and his cabal - Kamenev, Zinoviev, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Uritsky, Dzerzhinsky, Kaganovich, Stalin, and many alike.

  • fredmatic1

    You throw the ‘idiot’ word around rather freely for being rather constitutionally challenged yourself.

    Article II Section 1 Clause 5:No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    As you seem to be rather simple in understanding of the Constitution, this means that your parent…BOTH… must be citizens of the united States, as read and understood by the writers. You have stumbled upon the truth with Ted Cruz, but not in your understanding. It does NOT mean you must be born in the United States, as John McCain IS eligible. Only idiots read at that low a comprehension level, then try to tell others the meaning of what they so superficially understand themselves.

  • oldgrapeape

    Well, if they bring in the Proof of his NOT being legal as with the Proof from Sheriff Joe’s Investigation, and the Voter Fraud as to come before State Chief Justice Roy Moore, then it is CRIMINAL as with it was with former President Richard Nixon who was Impeached and removed from Office and the White House by the FBI Agents under Criminal Laws Broken by Nixon..

  • Scott Fairview

    Keep at it guys in 3 years I’m sure you’ll get rid of him!

  • glen

    We need a real party, one that would represent the American people, not politicans who just want to get re-elected.

  • search4beauty
  • Steve McElroy

    Well for one, he’s not a usurper mainly because he was elected by majority of Americans twice, and we’re not a monarchy. Second I’m not sure what freedom I don’t have now that I had eight years ago. Second you can’t win argument nobody posed. Nobody said anything about race or prejudice. Third, non sequituer?

  • Aaron Glendenning

    Hmmm… Nothing in the House legislative record on this.

  • ceraunograph

    This entire website is satire.

  • Nathan_Price

    Wow. So this is where all the aluminum foil has gone to….

  • flankton

    52% of the country voted for him. 80% of the ones who voted for him DONT pay income tax. This has been coming a long time. They tripled my health care premiums, and the obamacare subsidy program is dead in the water. He has refused to talk to the working and middle class of this country for too long, and he is reaping it now.

  • Steve McElroy


  • Guest

    this is just supid and anything that comes out of Michelle Bachman’s mouth is just as stupid.

  • Kim O’Dell

    Like anyone can deciding anything there anyway. Big waste of time.

  • Michael

    I think it’s the Republicans, everyone is putting it all on one person, when it’s not just one person’s actions it’s all the Republicans. The middle class is what makes this country go round - not the rich & wealthy - they sit back with their pockets loaded. I don’t agree with ObamaCare but I believe he is not the only person at fault and shouldn’t be the only one criticized here. I think they ALL need to be impeached & new politicians need to be voted in.

  • Nathan_Price

    Why is his name Harry REID? Just curious if your CAPS lock got accidentally STUCK or not. Or WERE you yelling his last name?

  • Enough is Enough Already

    Anything to waste more of our tax payers money. We will end up footing the bill either way.

  • Michelle Butrick

    WOW blind sheeple here, have you seen what is going on? Do you know what your government is doing to your freedom? Wake up how old are you

  • Nathan_Price

    I still don’t see where it says BOTH parents have to be citizens. I can’t even see how you could infer that there is a reference to ones parents. And if that was the case, what about Washington, Jefferson, etc? None of their parents were born here much less citizens.

  • KTV

    lol you guys know this is satire right?

  • Guest

    You people are seriously stupid, and account for the decline of society.
    the bill was passed; The rep party are the ones who shutdown the government,and cost these people money. Just to try to bully Obama into throwing out his aca. this is a hostage negotiation with the gop/rep at the helm. and we the people of the united states of Americana. do not negotiate with terrorist, be they foreign or in house

  • Bryce Anderson

    Wow. You really expect me to believe you found a “qualifying” ACA plan with a $30K deductible? Hint: no such thing exists. Even under the bronze plans, total out-of-pocket payments is limited to $6K.

  • Dollar47

    We need to make sure the Senate knows that if they don’t impeach “We the People won’t do anything about it except moan and groan about how things are.”

  • Apathy

    Please tell me you are not implying President Obama is not a US citizen. If either parent is a US citizen then their child is a US citizen. If the people that gave you 56 up votes don’t know that and vote in the US, then we are in a heap of trouble.

  • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

    The Devil has us all fooled……with all this chaos!!!! God is not of chaos!!!

  • Joseph Abdallah

    This is fake news, but I just wanted to let you know…
    Impeachment only means Congress brings up charges against the President. Remember Clinton was impeached, never lost his job.

  • KarlLlewellyn

    Please tell me that everyone on here realizes this is complete and utter satire. A Tea Party Senator would never in their right mind say “The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached — he should be in jail.” Not sure how this isn’t 100% clear and I’m not sure how some of you are taking this article seriously but you should probably stop before you make yourself look even more ridiculous…

  • Reginald Alexander Fuller II

    You people are seriously stupid, and account for the decline of society.
    bill was passed; The rep party are the ones who shutdown the
    government,and cost these people money. Just to try to bully Obama into
    throwing out his aca. this is a hostage negotiation with the gop/rep at
    the helm. and we the people of the united states of Americana. do not
    negotiate with terrorist, be they foreign or in house, either way this information is satire, lmao repulicans did you know if you hand was bigger than your face you have cancer,

  • Joseph Abdallah

    You are Tea-billy. You are the American Taliban.

  • Bryce Anderson

    Not $16T, $7T, and much of that is because he’s been hamstrung by Bush-era tax rates for much of his term. Huge giveaway to the richest Americans, but the Republicans wouldn’t let them expire.

  • Nathan_Price

    Phil Hendrie would love this!

  • Kyle

    Other countries are laughing at us because we are fat, stupid and have horrible healthcare. Our citizens are misinformed by the super rich and manipulated by fear. You’re the reason we should have funding for birth control and education.

  • David hruby

    BAA BAA LOVE THE SHEEP !!! This is a joke

  • gnomosexualtendencies

    It is one of the 50 states for those that following left-wing liberal propaganda tools called ‘Maps’. Real americans don’t need maps.

  • Bryce Anderson

    Technically, that’s true. But do you want to be the one explaining to Grandma why paying off some Chinese banking consortium took priority over her Medicare check? Do you want to explain to our soldiers why we’ve stopped paying them?

    Slamming up against the debt ceiling would probably plunge us back into recession, whether we put servicing our debt at the top of our priority list or not.

  • WendyS05

    “Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want.” Really…… He should have immediately acquiesced to their demands. I know two year olds with the same mentality! It’s BOTH parties not being willing to negotiate…. Come on people. Use your brain, read, and think…..

  • Delores Isaac

    Obviously, we need to FORGET whether we are Democrats, Republicans, or Tea Party affiliated…we do NEED to remember WE ARE AMERICANS, and thus should look at what is best for OUR COUNTRY/OUR PEOPLE…not the party, not the politician!!!!

  • gnomosexualtendencies

    Remind me which section of the constitution it addresses the definition of a naturalized American citizen? It’s not in there, and you are an idiot.

  • Joseph Abdallah

    Or just go to the “about” page and see that it’s satire.

  • Griggsbolius

    We the people? So i’m thinking that those people are different people outside of the MAJORITY of the people that elected the current US. President. I guess, when you consider it the majority of the PEOPLE made their voice heard in two of the three Legislative Branches of Government… another Majority.

  • gnomosexualtendencies

    No he doesn’t.

  • Joseph Abdallah

    Actually it’s the Tea-billy’s in the house and it’s following the American Taliban.

  • Tiredofhearingyouwhine

    Its sad to read so much hatred people have for our President. People are always speaking about togetherness, but yet want to separate America. They blame President Obama for the government shutdown, when in reality they’re pouting because they couldn’t have their way is the real reason for the shutdown. If our President is doing such a bad job, he would not have been re-elected. GET OVER IT!!!! HE IS THE PRESIDENT AND YES HE IS BLACK AND AN AMERICAN….. If you don’t like it, move to another country…

  • KarlLlewellyn

    You are all morons. This is a joke article. Do some basic, incredibly easy homework before you make ridiculous statements online and expose your idiocy to the entire world.

  • smb100

    No shortage of idiots!

  • Joseph Abdallah

    This is a joke, and you are correct, Michelle Bachman is dumb.

  • BushMaster63

    both parents were American citizens…and that dog has absolutely no fight in this discussion

  • Matthew L.

    This article is a joke, right..?

  • God Save America

    So the Republicans shut down the government because they are cry babies over not winning an election and getting their way with bringing down Obamacare and then the proceed to fix the systems so Democrats can not bring a vote to the floor to end the shutdown and you idiots want to blame our President?!. This is extremely sad and laughable. You are all what is wrong with our country! Just plain Stupid! A no win for all of us to be so ignorant to the facts.

  • Dirt Track Racing

    OK. Let’s get something else going to occupy the resources and NOT take care of what is at hand. Getting the Government back to work. It’s like painting a fence in a rain storm. It’ll cover things up for awhile but will eventually wash off and the problem is still there. PLUS the washed off paint is all over the ground. Another mess to clean up. Michele Bachmann, take care of one situation before you start another. Or are you so filled with contempt that you can’t see past your own nose.

  • poundsand

    There are other offenses by this administration - Benghazi, fast and furious gunrunning to mexican drug thugs, supplying aid and comfort to our enemy (syrian rebels/al quaida), and the circumventing law to ram through healthscam, which was later deemed a tax. Only Congress has the power to levy taxes. Bring it on!

  • Derpington_The_Third

    This is satire you retards, jesus.

  • marvin lagle

    our kids cant play cowboys and indians,they pledge allegance to the flag they have built mosques in every one horse town from florida to california last night i watched a baseball game and the manager had to have an interpater to talk to the pitcher wake up america

  • nhale

    This is a scam article.

  • fredmatic1

    You need to read and think before you write….. earlier in the text, it stated the exception to that was the founding fathers because THERE WERE NO NATURAL BORN CITIZENS when the country began…… you think they were stupid? Next, you NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE DIALECT AND THE TIMES of the founding fathers. Natural born meant both parents were born …that is what NATURAL BORN means in this context. Really, save yourself a little time and maybe a little embarrassment….and most of all, educate yourself on this great country and it’s heritage. The founding fathers, every one of them, were brilliant. As a group they seem to have anticipated just about ever possible problem INCLUDING problems with the Constitution itself. They even provided a failsafe method for handling needed changes, and there is even a failsafe for when you have people like the politician we have in power now. Unfortunately, Darwin seems to be able to almost trump the error-proofing our founding fathers placed in the Constitution. You might wonder what Darwin has to do with that? Well, when you have developed something that is IDIOT-PROOF, the world evolves better idiots.

  • Jarane Chalker

    Just another page from the book of “What can we do today to draw away peoples attention from the real issues at hand”. Brought to you by the letters GOP!(Read: TEA PARTY) Here’s an idea, and I’m just spitballing here, why don’t these tards worry about getting the government back up and running, the debt ceiling, and THEN go after Obama. I think their time might be better spent doing it that way. IDIOTS!!!

  • Paul Schmutzler

    If I’m not mistaken the last offer by the Republican controlled House was to delay the individual mandate for one year just like was done for businesses and to remove the unfair subsidies provided for Congress and their staffs and to ensure that the President and Congress have to live under the law that they passed, the Affordable Care Act. How is that unreasonable? Senator Reid refused to even bring that bill for a vote, President Obama said he would veto it if it passed. Sounds to me like the Democrat controlled Senate and President Obama have shut down the government not the Republicans! This is the Obama/Reid Government Shutdown not the Republican Shutdown.

  • Mark Allen

    Yes it is about time to impeach obama. I think it is years past time.

  • gnomosexualtendencies

    If you truly believe this, you are so out of touch with reality. The majority of people in this country disagree with the vocal minority of neckbearded racists who hang out behind their computer screens and post comments that can barely be considered english. If you continue to believe that everything you think is right, and everything you oppose is unamerican, communist and worse than Hitler, you will continue to be angry as the rest of this country leaves you behind.

  • Mark Allen


  • Ian
  • lol

    taking percentages into a literal meaning on a satire site, laughable.

  • mike


  • Ian
  • Woods

    the house votes to bring forth charges and the senate votes to allow the charges to go to trial…

  • Loreli Awakened

    Wow…this is quite the hissy fit. I think we should impeach (recall, fire) them all, since they’re the ones who shut down the government.

  • Bryce Anderson

    Jeffrey, that’s the most incoherent and inaccurate retelling of the passage of the ACA I’ve heard in a long time. “The taxable subsidies?” No, the “tax” is the (tiny) fines placed on people who don’t carry insurance. The subsidies are something else. In contradiction to your whole tale, the Supreme Court didn’t get a hold of the bill until a couple of years after Obama had signed it into law. And since the bill contained straight-up taxes from the beginning (remember the medical device tax?), there has always been the opportunity to challenge the bill on the “originated in the wrong house” grounds. Nobody’s brought such a lawsuit, because it’s unlikely to succeed.

  • duh

    I’m going to save Tea Party people a lot of embarrassment even though they should be embarrassed.

    This is a fake article.

    The fact I have to say that is very bad. Thank you, come again.

  • Mark Allen

    I vote we bring back Bill and Monica.

  • Jeff Mace

    If by “moron” you mean Harvard Grad, US Senator, President of the U.S. etc…then sure….

    If by trying to destroy the USA you mean improving every single economic indicator know to economists, ending 2 wars, and providing healthcare to millions of uninsured….then sure..

    Other than that….you kind of look like an idiot.

  • Ingrid Courtney

    Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment.

  • Rachel

    Happy Happy Happy ;)

  • marvin lagle

    a correction to my post kids have been banned in some schools from pledging allegiance to the flag

  • honkychateau

    Is this a parody site?

  • Linda Abbott Parsons

    Snopes it

  • Don Hendee

    I’ve read almost every post about this, and all I can ask is…..WHY, WHY IS ANYBODY SUPPORTING THIS DICTATOR????? He absolutely has to go!!!! Our country is at stake, and just because you’re a democrat you believe and trust him???? Too many people blindly follow political lines and it just baffles me how some can think what he’s doing is ok.

  • Sara

    This is ridiculous. Are there really so many people that think Obama is to blame on everything? I understand that he refuses to repeal Obamacare but he said he would be willing to negotiate. I like some of the things that Obamacare encompasses, others not so much. Anyhow, one man does not run the government and it sickens me to think that all of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives are not being held accountable for their own actions. They just want to impeach President Obama because they are not getting their way, this is their temper tantrum. I am just fed up. Everyone in D.C. needs to be fired!

  • danielm3827

    Wow!! Talk bout bad offensive rhethroirc- STATING THAT OUR PRESIDENT IS WORSE THEN HILTER- I’m so sick to my stomach hearijg how foul full these Senator’s can be! So the Republicans’s dont get what they want (appealing obamacare) and throw and threaten government shutdown.. Remember, its the Republican’s who started all this… They are being unreasonable because they choose to not let Obamacare go into Law.

  • Shirley

    HOORAY!!! it is about time this should have been done 4 years ago; better yet he should never have been elected. He thinks he is a king not the American peoples servant and that is just what all the elected are, the American’s servants for our good. If anyone really listens to his inaugural speech from 2008 you would have hear the hitler that he is. Get him gone now!!!!!!!!!

  • BushMaster63

    Actually you are wrong on both counts…he was born in Kenya…although they had planned on him being born in Hawaii she went into labor in Kenya while in the water at the beach…and having a foreign born father disqualifies him on two counts…one US citizen does not equal 2, and the intent of the citizenship clause was to help ensure the devotion to American ideals…and he is a perfect examples as to why. secondly, he never renounced his indonesian citizenship, and has no leg to stand on there at all…thirdly…if he was born in Hawaii as you allege…why is he using a SSN our of CT, issued back in 1890?!/articles/2/essays/82/presidential-eligibility

  • down_with_the_messiah

    Let’s be a little smarter, shall we? Does anyone here seriously believe that Articles of Impeachment have been introduced in the House and not a single media outlet has picked up on it, but a couple of silly websites have the story? Do you honestly believe that Michele Bachmann introduced the Articles but hasn’t mentioned it on her own website? Does anybody actually believe that Senator Cruz said to the press “This guy is worse than Hitler.” and it’s not all over the front page of the NY Times and other corruptmedia outlets who would love to catch him uttering those words? Please. Use your heads.

  • Morwenna

    Hey guys? You do realize that this is a satirical site, right?

  • wlm

    Its about time! !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Clark

    First off, you can’t even articulate. Second, I am not a tea party member, nor do I support them. I support the idea of getting the POS POTUS out of office with the rest of his treasonous buddies. I guess you support the beheading of innocent Christians and others in Syria, huh? I mean your POTUS is arming terrorists after all. Obama voters committed untold amounts of voter fraud in the last election and I believe he pulled a Nixon multiplied by a thousand. He acts like a pissed off kid not getting his way. You will see. If I believed in Karma, I would be afraid if I was you.

  • Guest

    Remember Bill Clinton went through the Impeachment procedure but still finished his term in office… it just controls them for certain deals and other than that it is business as usual

  • conservative dittohead knuc…

    who taught you all those cool words, CNN?

  • Guest

    Was an army brat born here in the USA but have had and still have many friends that were born overseas and some of them if not all have two birth certificates, one issued by (in most that I know) by Germany and also their American birth certificates.

  • BushMaster63

    There is a big difference in being eligible for citizenship and being eligible for office of the president..big difference!!!

  • NB81

    I also read that Batboy and Moth man are now openly petitioning to be appointed as the new Pres and VP.

  • walt mcgill

    you know that this article is a joke, right? Your reply shows your ignorance of the facts and the process. I am also a veteran so don’t play that card with me.

  • guest

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Maranatha Bachmann introduced the resolution? And the teapublican loons march in lockstep? What a joke - lotsa crazy goin’ on here.

  • chris

    Get those 18 wheelers down to Washington, get the motorcycles rolling,,,,,lets shut the damn place down!!!!!!! Lets make them get rid of Obamacare if Millions of us have to go there in person!

  • Jim Green

    good and hopefully they get rid of obamacare in the process, its not saving anyone any money, its costing us more…if he stays in power, this country will be in ruins by the time his term is up

  • Denis Deeborn

    (Although most polls show that a majority of Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown)
    LMAO!!!! Yeah OK, and what “polls” are these? Huffington Post? Chris Matthews Hardball poll???? Polls conducted by liberal sources Sorry folks, most of America blames the President because he has the power to make things happen, it just so happens this idiot feels his legacy is worth more than doing anything that the American People demand and so here we are with q President and a liberal Congress who have stated publically that they REFUSE to allow anything happen to a health care system that will shatter the backs of every American, business and let us not forget, our grandchildren and while I do not agree with everything the Republicans do, let’s look at the facts and see that they have brought several pieces of legislation that liberals have utterly thumbed their noses to that have to do with giving the American People the same benefits as Obama gave his pets and pigs who told him they could not do Obamacare because it would destroy them

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    If memory serves they must be born a United States citizen… but not necessarily on US soil. In any case no we can’t TG. I shudder at the thought of the US bcoming a giant version of Ca.

  • Kacey Ann Herston

    I feel there are numerous accounts on which to impeach our so called president. I almost wonder with the things that he is done if he doesn’t have a hidden agenda to single handedly ruin our economy. If we had impeachment trials for Clinton I think we should have had them for Obama a long time ago.

  • Tasha

    To call him worse than Hilter is pretty far fetched. Hilter commited genocide over 6 million people for being jewish and not conforming to his ways. He is far from hilter. I think that all this mess is a result of EVERYONE being selfish and just playing politics on the nation and each other. They have forgot about us little people down here, who it really affects. Its not just his fault things have shutdown. It ALL of them! That’s what is lacking in D.C. common sense.

  • Stephanie

    Cry baby!! Hold your breath till you get your way!!!
    Sounds as though the Republicans aren’t fit for office…because when they can’t handle the heat, they just shut it down and back away from their position.

  • Adam

    So what you’re saying is if Obama doesn’t appeal to the 22% against him then he will be impeached. I think you forgot the thing on the politicians acting on the behalf of the majority not give a small minority whatever they want

  • walt mcgill

    “…trying to destroy the USA?” Scary how ignorant and uninformed so many so-called “patriots” really are. This man was a Constitutional Law professor and you have the nerve to question his intelligence? It is your hate and racism that is destroying the USA.

  • Deanna

    He was born in Hawaii you idiots….a american territory!!! God, get a life!

  • Brian

    Guys I know it has been 5 years but come on, We all know it was bushes fault.

    They are so stupid that now that they realized the Bush excuse no longer holds water the robots start every conversation with “The Republicans”

    I am happy to see Americians finally waken up and doing something about this guy. I will be the first to admit everyone hates the guy so much he gets blamed for everything. However he has aloud enough issues go wrong to where if this was Bush or Romney they would be screaming for treason.

    Man I look so forward to Obama to be ran out of office.

  • Rocky

    “God Bless the Impeachment process in it’s entirety”this is needed to restore
    The “USA” to it’s former glory, thank you all who are involved in this process!!!

  • Aisha Adams

    Let’s not forget that unemployment is at it’s lowest…Since the Clinton Era. Let’s impeach him for trying to clean up Bush’s mess

  • Carla Lewis

    I’m glad to see that someone is doing something. You go girl in 110% behind you. Need some help look me up. Don’t have money but I can help other ways.

  • Megan

    This “worse than Hitler” President, and his healthcare program allows me to stay on my parents insurance until I am 26, even though I have completed my college career.This act also allows me to receive free annual exams, which allows me to stay abreast on my health, and hopefully can act as a preventive measure in the case that I am diagnosed with something serious.

    “Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want..” — when my parents told me no as a child, are they a dictator? Or is it because they couldn’t afford what I wanted? Maybe if people would stop being so eager to point fingers, they can actually take some time to discuss solutions.

  • KS John

    Really? Instead of working for getting the government back up and running they are wasting their time on this foolish action. First, it shut down because they can not accept Obamacare is in place and all thier weining and begging wont change that. They themselves are responsible for the shutdown. To blame President Obama on State Parks and Memorials closing…that is not something Presidet Obama did. Those closings are a result of the government shutdown, that they caused. If half their effort to waste time and cast blame would be put into working toward a resolution everything could move forward.

  • D.Culp

    I never have thought it was right for a President of the US to MAKE people buy Health Insurance or else pay the Government a Penalty. To me , That should be Unconstitutional and for what he is doing to Medicare Recipients should be Unconstitutional.There are ALOT of People in the US that CAN’T afford Health Insurance , but that should be their Business , not the business of the US Government, nor should the rest of the Population of the US have to fund their healthcare. That is Unconstitutional!

  • Jake Midkiff

    Thanks ACORN……

  • Proud2BRepublican

    Level of education has no baring on being a moron; he had very little experience as a senator, doesn’t respect America or the American people, Obama not improved anything, HE alone didn’t end the war and socialist healthcare is NOT HEALTHCARE. YES Obama is a moron. The majority of the people who voted for him wanted something FREE, something for nothing….without those votes, he would never have made it into office. IMPEACH…tried him, do everything humanly possible to get rid of him of ANY government office. He doesn’t deserve to live here let alone be called an American

  • Bill Q

    Give me a break! Congress passed the legislation authorizing the healthcare legislation. Republicans signed onto it. So live with it. If they didn’t want it, they shouldn’t have voted for it. Insofar as the partial shutdown, Congress is responsible for getting the first part of the process completed so it can go off to the President so he can do HIS job. I haven’t seen that happen yet. If there is finger pointing to be done, point where the blame sits. Hint…It’s not at the White House!

  • hellbentgerbils

    Impeach him….but dont stop there…..many cronies afoot on both sides of the aisle.

  • Victoria Audra Logan

    Yes it still is a state

  • READ

    Clinton was acquitted!

  • Costanzo

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that some people think this is real, or the fact that some people actually agree with it.

  • Victoria Audra Logan

    As long as he was born here which he was he is a us citizens

  • Meg

    You have to be born in the U.S. to be president, not just a U.S. citizen. You might want to actually read the Constitution.

  • lmao

    What’s funny here is that most of you guys don’t recognize that this is satire lmao

  • Franke

    When we worry about whether or not he is a US citizen proves we are just digging for anything to get rid of him. I am not a fan of the president but I will also not begin throwing around allegations about his citizenship because of it. Fact is (an unfortunate one at that) our country’s people voted for him not once but twice. Our bed has been made by the majority of the people and now we must now lay in it. Move beyond this topic and discuss something with substance and reason that adds value to the conversation. If he is to be removed from office enough evidence on crimes committed must be brought to the table, and for now there is not evidence (concrete evidence) to use his citizenship as as a playing card.

  • oldgrapeape

    Nixon was granted Immunity by then his V.P. which kept Nixon from being Changed and Going to Court.

  • hellbentgerbils

    “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States” who may be impeached and removed only for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”

    seems like a slam dunk

  • mitch26

    Yet another bad and futile gesture by an idiotic group of Republicans. It’s all good though they won’t be getting reeelected, we know who the villains are…

  • phillipskification .

    The entitlement that Americans have is amazing. It is outrageous that the country that seems to host such wealth has such anger towards the poor and anything that helps the poor. God bless America?!?! HA! No, God please wake America up and take the hate out of the hearts of it’s citizens.

  • icowrich

    You have a problem of infinite recursion. If even one parent needs to be a “natural born citizen” and the definition of “natural born citizen” is that a parent is a “natural born citizen,” then all ancestors (infinitely far back) must be born here to parents who were born here.

    By that standard, nobody is natural born.

  • Jake Midkiff

    Sure…..there were stories coming out of the woodwork of people voting multiple times, some even actually got prosecuted…It was Rampant. Why don’t you do a little research on what they found out about voter tampering and fraud in Cleveland Ohio…. Then you’ll just tell me it’s just one isolated city, I’m sure. You libs always downplay fraud when you know you’ve been caught.

  • Ivan

    How has he committed treason?
    Ted Cruz really Hitler. I’m mean hitler did terrible things but he was able to lead

  • Jeff

    He can’t act as President if he is in jail for treason.

  • Nicholas Aupke

    Shhh, its fun to watch all the idiots scramble around.

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    That depends on how you measure health care. If you rank it by how much money spent per ca pita yes. If you rank it by skills and success rate of healing the story is a bit different. call me crazy but I think healing is the most important part of health care

  • Tiredoftheignorance

    That is so not true! My children’s father was born to a solider and his German wife, in Germany. She is still to this day a legal German citizen with Her visa. ALL of their children are AMERICANS! Why, may you ask? Because 1 parent is a natural born, US citizen. They could have just as easily made them German citizens.

  • Richard Castillo

    Well it’s about dam time someone wakes up in Washington and gets rid of Obama, before he destroys this Country.

  • TheRudeTruth

    Really, it took this long to wake up?

  • oldgrapeape


  • Kristie.

    There are exceptions to the American Birth issue, If a person is overseas at the time of birth and the parent is a US citizen the child is considered a natural born US citizen if he or she was born on US soil. This exception was made for the soldiers stationed overseas at a base. If the US citizen is living there and not on US soil, the birth is still foreign. Was Obama born in US soil because his mother was stationed in Kenya? The Hawaii officials have already stated that the records obtained there were false. I do not care where he was born to be honest. I care about the direction our Freedoms are heading. The reason that America is the best Country is because we have actual freedom. Religious freedoms are being obscured. Forcing people to adhere one healthcare system for their own good is removing yet another freedom. Making something for someone own good may not be the best thing for us. It give the government even more power over us. I personally feel that the government is already to involved with the citizens personal lives. Remember the constitution was set up to keep the government from being a dictatorship. No portion of it was to give the government more power. This is why we have the checks and balances system in place. Please before you star spouting liberal, republican, or tea party propaganda, that we as a people need to wake up and come together and be United as that is what this country is supposed to be about.

  • uncle tom

    Nah… I like black people. ( most of them anyways ) Im not racist because I hate the guy. I hate him because I love my country. If that makes me a racist, I’ll grab the burning cross for ya

  • JK

    “The Daily Currant - The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record” - FYI all you people who believe the story.

  • Jim Green

    you are the idiot jayjay, it does matter where he was born, he is not a natural born citizen, he is only naturalized….you need to be born in this country to be able to run for president, look it up….this is why henry kissinger could not run for president. does not matter that he claims to have been born in hawaii when there is proof out there he was born in kenya

  • Angry Colonel

    Obama said he had been to all 57 states!!! I wish people on here would quit calling every one idiots and morons. Our country is in dire straights. I don’t care about the citizenship any more. There are plenty of scandals to bring about impeachment! LTC(R) US ARMY

  • Sylvia Walters

    I’m all for impeachment, I’ve said it a long time ago. He does not deserve to be president! We have lost the respect of the whole entire world! Now out fighting men are suffering…..He’ s disgusting, and power hungry! He’s got to go!

  • Hallie

    You never have thought, full stop.

  • Zachary

    people are so ignorant he is cleaning what bush had fucked up on. come on really Obama was born in the US, Hawaii is damn state, so basically your saying that im not US citizen?? To be honest last i checked i am US citizen i did join the military for this. This basically the senate’s fault for stalling

  • uncle tom

    and EXACTLY what was it that Bush did that created this mess? I bet you can not answer that without searching google! I will save you some embarrassment. The democratically controlled house and senate created this mess during the Bush administration.

    Try using an original thought rather then what you hear on MsNbc

  • gnuorder

    Some of these comments have to be satire too. No one is that stupid.

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    Ummm no that’s not correct only one parent has to be a citizen to claim automatic natural citizenship.

    The only exception MIGHT be if he had claimed citizenship of his other parent’s country already. To the best of my knowledge you can only be a citizen of one country at a time and the 1st country would be the “natural” citizenship.

  • snidewoman

    Goof balls.. if this is satire.. it’s irresponsible..

  • Don McClurg

    How about we impreach Congress along with the President. The Republican majority in the House is more guilty than Obama for creating this crisis and the economic meltdown because they refused to raise the debt limit as thely have for every other President who asked for it to adjust to current econimic conditions.

    I’d love to get rid of all elected officials and have a new election-with term limits and pension benefits like the rest of the world who have pensions.

  • Michael Jackson

    You peopel are totally sick, sad, and sorry.

  • megan

    Trying to figure out if the comments are real or fake

  • Mark Bailey

    Open your good eye people, it’s a joke!

  • Hallie

    Whoa there, Hoss. Rise up against the Senate? Perhaps you’d better brush up on what makes a person guilty of treason:

  • flowerladyhere

    not real…satirical piece… :)

  • Bob

    The tea party has reached a new low, even for them. They are responsible for the government shutdown and now they want to turn things up a few notches because Obama did not give in to their terrorist threats. This is just further proof that the tea party is no different than Al Qaeda.

    This will be a complete waste of time. It’s doubtful that Boehner would bring this nonsense up for a vote in the house or that it would even pass if it did come up for a vote. It has absolutely no chance of obtaining a 2/3 majority in the senate where Democrats have the majority. Those are the facts. The tea party supporters can make all the threats they want saying they had better vote their way or else, but it’s not going to happen.

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    No Person except a natural born Citizen, OR a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.

    The 2nd line is a provision for that. since it was a brand new country their had to be.

  • Jim Green

    look idiot….you must be born in the USA to be eligible for president, thats what natural born citizen means retard…..obama is only a naturalized citizen, as there is proof out there that he was born in kenya. look up henry kissinger, he wanted to run for president but could not as he was not a natural born citizen.

  • GriffonClaw

    Yes, the teachers have said it was O.K. to look on wikipedia to find what their sources were, then find those sources and quote from them. Just use wikipedia as a jump off point to find places to dig deeper. Yes, and the .gov and .org or .edu were acceptable sources. Or that’s what my daughter’s teacher told us :)

  • uncle tom

    You said, “AND pay attention in class!!!”

    I am pretty sure that “in class” they would have taught you to use only one exclamation point, and not to use “and” to start a sentence. So I am thinking that you, Ray, should have payed more attention in class.

  • Bob

    Time to take off the tinfoil hat and seek professional help

  • Dustin Williams

    was you born on base?

  • Kayla Jean Brillhart
  • Brigitte Willson

    Sen. Bachmann.who has brainwashed you?? You must be kidding us.. impeachment because the president is not willing to bow to the Republicant’s or GOP demands?? This is still a free country and the people of the United States have a say so about that.. get off that high horse

  • sssssseee gggooom

    If the tea party was no different than Al Qaeda then Obama would’ve supported and funded them

  • Swamprat

    I don’t like what’s going on either, but impeachment will never happen, he owns too many people.

  • moodygirlmb

    Ok, they force a shutdown, refusing to allow a clean budget. They try and hold the country hostage over ACA, they rig the rules in the House so nobody can call the clean bill up for a vote. Then they blame the President? That sounds like them, They take no responsibility for their actions.

  • chinkeye

    michelle bachman you a bitch



  • John Taft

    The Republicans introduce a budget bill that says delay the Affordable Care Act or shut down the government which is basically economic blackmail and the President doesn’t give in and HE”S committing economic treason against the United States ?

  • Jim Green

    dont always believe everything the government run media tells you, its actually higher than its been….las vegas alone is at 14% unemployment.

  • Guest

    Really? Worse than Hitler? FFS!! I don’t see people being shot in the streets or gassed! Give me a freaking break!

  • pat

    This man is not for the people of American only himself!
    He and his wife needs to go!!! The military who has fought for this country has been treated like a step child This is a same and disgrace. Also if it were up to him we would all be on food stamps… That is what he wants for the american people to rely totally on the government…

  • M

    I vote Si from duck dynasty for president!

  • Jim Green

    he wasnt born in hawaii. it was proven that the document were fake, research it, he was born in kenya

  • Too Smart to play your games
  • moodygirlmb

    Of course its Bauchman who is starting this, can we impeach her for stupidity?

  • Phineas J. Whoopee

    Umm…I have read through quite a bit of your comments and just HAVE to ask:

    You all DO realize this is SATIRE, right? (I certainly hope for a lot of yesses)

  • moodygirlmb

    “All this clown needs to do is repeal the most important law he ever passed, and then this will all be over. Why is that so hard? The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want. Obama should be more than impeached — he should be in jail.”

    Do they even listen to the words that come out of their mouths?
    Do we really have to wait till the elections to get rid of these parasites?

  • Jim Green

    no, to be president you need to be born here, thats what a natural born citizen is. military is a different story because even though there are many bases outside of the usa, it still falls under the US government as its property.

  • J_Temperance

    I think it takes more than 1000 fringe whack jobs in tin foil hats to overthrow the government, but I would love to see how it unfolds on the news. Go for it Bill.

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    No it does not. You do not have to be born on american soil to be a natural citizen. I know this for a fact because I have not one but two employees that were military brats born overseas. You have to be born on American soil OR to a parent that is a legal citizen of the United States.

  • Kathryn Lundy

    just Obama is corrupt?? I think they all are and all should be voted or impeached out…every last darn one of them…they ALL LIE, CHEAT AND STEAL… why else would you not use the same health care as the GP?? or keep your pay when you leave the job…no one else I know gets to keep their pay if they leave there job…our whole govt is corrupt…every last one of you blood suckers…

  • moodygirlmb

    Michele Bachmann is the joke.

  • Robert Wright

    you trying to put Ted Cruz!!!

  • nameless

    These people are nuts! If Obabma needs to get impeached, they all do! I say fire all their Butts!

  • American

    Lmao…..because the biggest thorn in a bigot’s side, is an intelligent, non violent black man that has risen to the highest office. Make no mistake. An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind!!! There will be a rise against bigots and the dumb trash that blindly follows….

  • Kyle_Kasson

    God, I love satire. Best lines: “The Tea Party represents almost 22 percent of Americans. Only a dictator would refuse to give us everything we want.”

  • anonymous

    Its about time! He should have been thrown out of office years ago should not have been re elected in the first place but people are to stupid to see how irresponsible he is. I hope and pray to god that this falls threw Obama needs to pack his bags.

  • moodygirlmb

    They want to try and fool the American people and take the spotlight off them.

  • Jim Green

    dont you mean mitt romney. research it, his grandmother did say he was born in kenya, it was proven obama’s documents were fake.

  • Kyle_Kasson

    Its Satire.

  • Kyle_Kasson

    It’s satire.

  • Lynn Czerniawski

    How bout you pull that stick out of you a@@. If you think that’s slander, then you’re as ignorant as Willard.
    Observation, not slander. Educate yourself fool

  • Jim Green

    military are the exception as military bases and soldiers are still government property no matter where they are stationed

  • Anonymous Patriot

    To be accurate, the House never once said Obama had to agree to REPEAL Obamacare. That may be what the MSM and leftist pundits want everyone to think because it lends some weak support to Obama’s claim that Republicans are the hostage takers here. In reality, Obama and his cadre of goose stepping yes men and women are the hostage takers.

    What the House wanted was a simple up or down vote on funding Obamacare. If the majority in the House voted to fund it, it would be funded (and those Representatives who voted such against the will of their constituents would be made to see their mistake at the voting booths).

    The purpose was to get a simple vote on the most hated legislation in this country since the Patriot Act. A vote on the policy itself, not all the little amendments and trailers paperclipped on.

    A vote.


    A vote on a piece of legislation is what this whole temper tantrum Obama is throwing is about.

    Say it aloud and hear how stupid it sounds, in this democratic republic, the President and majority party are blocking a vote in the legislative body.

  • Shannon Hollenbeck

    A natural child born to one United States citizen parent and one foreign national parent on or after December 24,1952 and before nov.14, 1986, may also have acquired United States citizenship at birth.

    To establish this eligibility, the United States citizen parent must prove physical presence in the United States or its outlying possessions for a total period of ten years, with at least five of those years being after the age of fourteen.

    Curious how it works for someone born after 1986.

  • Jim Green

    but he was born in kenya not in hawaii, it was proven his documents were fake, and his own grandmother stated he was born in kenya, do the research

  • moodygirlmb

    If you look at the records, Obama lowered the deficit by over 30% and he has raised the debt ceiling only 2x before this to Bush’s 8 xs and Regans 17xs. And Bush was the one who pushed us into the trillion $ mark with his last budget not Obama. Do the research before talking.

  • Jim Green

    well you are stupid as it was proven that his documents were fake, even his own grandmother has said he was born in kenya moron

  • Gene Nash

    What comic book are you reading? He’s killing this country in leap’s & bound’s !!

  • Dr.Goodnight

    just realized that CNN and the Big Business News Networks are dogging
    the republicans right now because they don’t want to talk about how
    Obamacare is failing right out of the gate and how everybody even
    democrats are running from it . I believe now that the fight against
    socialism is growing like wildfire.And bye the time that angry &
    frustrated Hilary Clinton gets the Democrat nominee for 2016 the fire
    will have consumed the nation.Finally again evil and corruption has
    awoken the sleeping giant known as the True American Spirit.

    Go Freedom Go the United States of America


  • moodygirlmb

    All presidents have speech writers. Bush just couldn’t say the words right.

  • gwen rothberg

    it cannot be ‘defunded’ because of the way it is structured, dumba$$. And for the record, the (R)’s changed the rules in the house before they even started this charade with HB-368 which clearly revokes anyone other than the Speaker or his designee (Cantor) from calling a vote. The (D)s couldn’t call a vote if they wanted to because the (R)s knew the only way they could get away with it is to CHEAT. Seriously, you need to get yourself checked.

  • Jim Green

    no they were not, his father was born in africa, and obama himself was born in kenya

  • gwen rothberg

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell them. They think its real.

  • Schuyler Thorpe

    You gotta give the GOP credit for trying to do something constructive with their time-even if it is a complete and total waste.

  • julian

    The GOP is so ridiculous. If they are going to impeach Obama (which would not even remove him from office), Ted Cruz should be fired. Impeaching Obama would not solve our debt crisis or fix our broken economy. I strongly dislike Obama, but the tea partiers who started this government shutdown and extreme right wing GOP members are even worse. We honestly need some strong leaders who won’t be influenced by corporate greed, and a president who is all about fixing our economy. easier said than done though :/

  • Jim Green

    military does not count as the soldiers and US military bases are still government property no matter where they are

  • IndyJeff

    That is totally wrong. Clinton and Bush both had unemployment numbers below what they are today, way lower in fact.

  • Jim Green

    no he is not, he was born in kenya…and yes you do have to be born here to be president….thats what natural born citizen means.

  • Dawn Martinez

    When did you find the time to do this? Thought when the gov’t is closed you don’t work. haha you still get paid and other federal employees suffer….get a real job Michelle!!!!

  • Guest


  • dippitydo64

    No Clinton was not acquitted. The House sent the Articles of Impeachment that they approved to the Senate and the Senate did not hold a trial on those Articles. Bill Clinton will always be an impeached President that did not go to trial in the Senate. As for double jeopardy, if a President is found guilty as the Articles of Impeachment declare, he is then removed from office, barred from ever serving in any elected office anywhere in the country and he can be tried in civilian court if he is held over by a grand jury on specific charges, i.e. war crimes, etc. double jeopardy does not apply because it is a procedural move by Congress, not a criminal case.

  • Jim Green

    exactly, cause your dad was part of a US military base, of which is US government property no matter where it is

  • gwen rothberg

    Oh, c’mon. Don’t ruin it with substantiative facts, documentation or reality checks. These people want to cling to their delusions and whine and cry foul as they march into political oblivion. Let ‘em. The entire tea party is comprised of blood relatives of the Koch’s and paid staff, not much else.

  • Jim Green

    sorry kenya is not part of the USA which is where this traitor was born

  • moodygirlmb

    Bush raised the ceiling every year, 8xs during his time in office. Obama has raised it just 2x so far.
    He has lowered the deficit by $555 billion a year from what Bush’s was when he left office.
    The ACA Makes ins companies give people ins, offer affordable ins and helps those of us who normally wouldn’t be accepted for ins because of pre-existing ailments. Tell me how that is a bad thing?

  • Mark Bailey

    Yes, she is.

  • Leonard Hilley

    All republicans need to be replaced. Wake up you are the reason for the SHUT DOWN. Quit trying to blame it on others. Are you BLIND or just STUPID. You will lose most of your elections when the time comes.

  • dippitydo64

    Nixon resigned from office and his V.P., Gerald Ford was then sworn into office of the President, thus it was President Ford that granted a Presidential pardon, not immunity, to Nixon.

  • Alice

    Disregarding the whole article, was anyone else shocked that Ted Cruz had the balls to says that Obama is worse than Hitler? Is everyone being gunned down and put into concentration camps, gas chambers, and being forced to wear the Star of David on their clothing so that the government knows who to kill? That is a ridiculous statement and he should be ashamed of himself for even making the comparison because it totally downplays the important sacrifice that our veterans made during WWII.

  • Steve

    The Republicans are using Obama care as an excuse. They are saying that’s why the government has shut down when it actually has to do with a lot more than that. Because Republicnas can’t get their way to stop Obama care, they are trying to convince all Americans that it is the only reason for the shut down. Once again Republican tactics to attack a Democratic President. Just like they used their little tactics against Bill Clinton one of our best Presidents. They couldn’t find anything wrong at all with his job performance as President so they go after his personal life!

  • moodygirlmb

    What records are you looking at? He has cut the deficit by over a third of what it was when Bush was in office. And it was Bush who pushed us over the trillion $ mark on his last budget.

  • Tim

    You might want to look into how bad Obamacare actually is fucktard. Obama is trying to screw this country up beyond repair and its idiots like you who stand by and watch it happen. If he was impeached today it would be too soon.

  • Phineas J. Whoopee

    Apparently not. My faith in humanity has ended with this article.

  • jessi0424

    The new info is fake wzzm 13 checked it out and couldn’t find any truth on it.

  • Logic

    I want to make sure everyone knows the Daily Currant is a satirical website…

  • dippitydo64

    according to the Constitution, a natural born citizen who is born outside the confines of the United States must be the natural child of two United States Citizens.

  • moodygirlmb

    You must not have been looking at the same site I was for AFA ins.

  • Roddie Toney

    LOL How stupid do they sound. They passed health care and now because of TEA PARTY they are holding the United States hostage. If TEA PARTY has there way we would have no government at all therefore no freedom. Time to get these idiots out of office.

  • GovntShitStorm

    “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record” ……….. and that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Leonard Hilley

    You are stupid. Ryan was born in Canada.

  • dippitydo64

    “horrible health care”? if our health care is so horrible, then tell us why citizens of other countries (who have single payer socialized medicine) come here for treatment? We have the best health care in the world, or at least we used to…….

  • Gramps43

    A note to Ms. Bachmann, DO NOT hang your hat on “economic treason” alone. There are numerous and sundry offenses committed by Obama against the country and the constitution. Make sure these offenses, with corroborating evidence, are part of your list for which he is charged. Hanging your hopes on just one charge is like trying to shoot a duck with one BB in the cartridge, it ain’t gon’a happen. You need the other several dozen BB’s to get that quacker. Good luck in your endeavor.

  • Leonard Hilley

    The Moron is you. Look in the mirror.

  • concerned

    PURE JEALOUSY, that’s what this is all about. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, because Obama wants to do something different in this Country.
    ARE WE UNITED? I don’t think so, Because he’s not doing it your way or the way it use to be keeping people back. Wake up America! Because he’s not White is the real reason. I hate to bring race to this but that’s all it is. Do you really dis like him or is it because of what you’ve been taught. Psychology 101. I say leave him alone and fight to support changes. If everyone would put more effort into trying to make decisions happen instead of trying to hate WE would be United… Besides I know President who did worst. Where were you when President Bush was in the class room pretending not to understand? Just a question. chevy

  • Phineas J. Whoopee

    Forget it. It’s pointless.

    BTW I read somewhere that aliens are backing Obama and his policies. And in return Obama is teaching them the Koran and how to be Muslim. I read it in Weekly World News and on the internet so it MUST be true.

  • susanneb

    House Republican Tea Party Caucus is a seditionist group intent on
    overthrowing the legitimate Government and subverting the Constitution.
    They have publicly stated this on many occasions, and recently enacted a
    long planned
    act of insurrection by completely destroying the function of the
    government with a purely political shut-down. It is time that we stop
    pussyfooting around, and call this group what it is, a Terrorist
    Organization, and arrest and charge them accordingly.

  • Really?

    You keep repeating that, but show the proof. My grandmother used to say a lot of things. Doesn’t mean they were true. Sore losers much? I think yes.

  • beetboy12

    Duh. You sound like a 7th-grader.

  • Melanie Ann Jay Edwards

    Thomas Sowell

    Who Shut Down the

    Even when it comes to
    something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the
    question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically
    opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to

    There is really nothing
    complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives
    voted all the money required to keep all government activities going — except for

    This is not a matter of
    opinion. You can check the Congressional Record.

    As for
    the House of Representatives’ right to grant or withhold money, that is not a