Katherine Webb Dumps A.J. McCarron

Jan 06, 2014
Beauty Queen Now Dating Trevor Knight

KwebbFormer Miss Alabama Katherine Webb has dumped Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron just days after his devastating loss in the Sugar Bowl to the Oklahoma Sooners.

The beauty queen announced the split in a short message on Twitter this afternoon, which stated that it was time for her to "move on" and thanked Alabama fans for their support.

Although she gave few details as to the reason for her decision, sources say Webb ended the relationship so she could start dating University of Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight. The two were seen canoodling outside Headington Hall on the OU's campus this weekend and reportedly spent last Thursday night together in New Orleans.

"I'm not the kind of girl to kiss and tell," she told Deadspin today. "All I can say is that Trevor is a real sweet guy. He loves his family and he loves the lord. And those values are very important to me when choosing a partner.

"He's also super smart. Studying finance and everything. Did you know that he collects stamps? That's, like, so random right? He showed me his whole collection last night. I never knew that stuff could be so interesting

"We're going to take it slow. But so far things are looking good. Trevor's just a freshman, so I could be on the sidelines in Norman for years to come."

Roll Sooners

Although she was known locally for her appearances in Alabama beauty pageants, Webb shot to nationwide fame when she started dating McCarron during his team's national championship run.

She was featured prominently at last year's BCS Championship Game, during which her beauty became a topic of conversation as the Crimson Tide dismantled Notre Dame.

Webb has parlayed her fame into a lucrative acting career, recently appearing half-naked in a Hardee's commercial. Indeed, Webb says that in the end leaving McCarron was strictly a business decision.

"Why would I want to date some little bitch whose last play for Alabama was a fumble returned for a touchdown?" she said. "I'm sorry but that game was embarrassing. A two touchdown favorite loses by two touchdowns?

"That's not the kind of championship-winning football I signed up for. How am I supposed to get my reality TV career going if I'm married to a NFL backup quarterback? I need a real man. Trevor's a first overall draft pick that a team can build a franchise around.

"Hopefully by the time he's ready for the draft, Los Angeles will have a team again. If not, maybe we could go to San Diego or New York. Someplace where people get paid for being beautiful."

A spokesperson for McCarron said the NFL hopeful had no comment on the matter.

  • Boomer

    How could you write this entire article and think the acronym was UO instead of OU? Shame

  • margaret mcdougal

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT if you think people are going to believe this.

  • Scott

    Their goal isn’t to get people to believe it….it’s satirical. It’s designed to expose flaws in our society through humorous misinformation that closely mimics reality…

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    Hahaha I love people who take the Onion and Daily Currant seriously. You’re not supposed to believe it…its a fake/satirical news site. Classic

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    OMG, this isn’t true. Oh, come on. I feel like such an idiot. Thinking that Kate had actually found try happiness in Oklahoma. Oh, well. Live and learn!

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    Glad you have a good attitude about it…kind of refreshing. Read some of the other articles - people get very angry when told it is fake.

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    Trevor’s just a freshman, so I could be on the sidelines in Norman for
    years to come.