Feinstein Seeks Asylum after Revealing CIA Surveillance

Mar 18, 2014

111112_fns_feinstein_640California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has fled the United States and is seeking political asylum in another country, claiming she fears retribution for criticizing U.S. intelligence agencies.

In a conference call with reporters, Feinstein, who is hiding in an undisclosed location, said she was afraid of what the U.S. government would do to her after she said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may have broke several laws when it spied on the Senate intelligence committee.

“Look, you all saw what we’ve done to Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning,” she said. “I’m a high-profile target, being a senator and knowing what I know about the U.S. intelligence agencies.

“There are people, shadowy people, who are now calling for my arrest and termination. I’m not safe in the United States anymore: they will hunt me down.”

The California Democrat, who is chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, had long been a staunch defender of expanded surveillance programs, and accused Snowden of treason for revealing the depth of the National Security Agency’s spy programs.

However, Feinstein changed her tune after she blasted the CIA for possibly breaking the law and violating the Constitution when it allegedly sabotaged her committee’s efforts to investigate the CIA’s interrogation programs.

“I started receiving strange phone calls at night,” she said. “My phone was bugged and my private emails were read. One night I saw a drone hovering outside my house.”

“If I had known the full extent of this,” she added, “I would have demanded more accountability from these agencies when I had the chance.”

Feinstein said she would only consider returning to the United States once the spying agencies were brought under control with more legal oversight, though she admitted “it’s a huge longshot, no thanks to those mass-surveillance apologists in the Senate.”

Feinstein added that she was considering any country that offers her political asylum, including Russia along with Snowden if that were her only option.

“Look, I hope Snowden isn’t too pissed at me to let bygones be bygones,” she said. “I mean, I don’t remember calling him a traitor. Besides, we’ve got a lot in common now, a lot to talk about.”

When reached for comment, CIA Director John Brennan denied the agency was targeting the senator, but added, “If Sen. Feinstein has nothing to hide, she’s got nothing to worry about.”

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  • Chris Lamont Mankowski

    Fix your CSS… there is a like button in the middle of the screen and I can’t dismiss it or read the article..

  • JPierre

    A SENATOR on the run from her own surveillance policies? Now that is nemesis! Remember when refugees came FROM behind the iron curtain?? It is hilarious how the flow has now reversed. Who was it exactly that won the ‘cold war’? You go girl, make a good run of it.

  • ThisSiteBlows

    Good thing she still has Twitter. https://twitter.com/SenFeinstein

  • NikolaTeslaJohnGalt

    She is part of sham!

  • kat


  • kat

    if she has nothing to hide, she has nothing to worry about ??!! so if she has something to hide she will be pushed off the 20th floor?!

  • Karen Varbalow

    Daily Currant is satire, people. Well, it’s their sorry attempt at satire. The Onion they’re not.

  • Tonyandoc

    The whole Senate should be carted of to a good Asylum to get them off whatever they are sniffing and get them back in touch with the real world.

  • dogonit

    most of them do have something to hide, that is how they have been chained to the New World order. Watch their faces as they read their scripts.

  • aztex2010

    Did she get to take her body guards? or maybe did she get her own AK?? Good Riddance now hopefully the rest of her cabal will join her .. maybe the noose is getting tighter for Impeachment for Obama and the rest of the treasonous organized criminals that have taken control of USA from the shadows .. String em UP in PUBLIC

  • bunnyswanson

    I see fear in the eyes of US politicians at times as well. Very disturbing.

  • Justin Kellner

    At least now we know Feinstein’s not a reptilian overlord. Thought all senators had to be to get their name on the ballot.

  • Justin Kellner

    well said

  • Justin Kellner

    hmmm…I’ll have to think about that.

  • Justin Kellner

    probably not, probably be like the 21st or 22nd floor.

  • dreamer23

    If only this were true, it would be a VERY happy day for the USA…

  • fieldmcconnell

    She may be the most cowardly but expect more. In the case of DF just google [ chips + hamish + pastel + ioc + dianne feinstein ] Abel Danger Global Private Intel will keep track of the rats leaving the sinking ship of State with Captain Barry Soetoro at the lack of helm. I wonder if Lindsey Graham and John McCain are packing at this moment?

  • http://www.mrericsir.com MrEricSir

    Do we even know how many Americans died as the result of Feinstein’s leaks? It has to be in the millions.

  • M2000

    This story is fake….but since Democratic politicians were REALLY arrested hey maybe they should go seek asylum somewhere, I recommend any socialist country of your choice that doesn’t have fair elections….