Man Who Started ‘Seinfeld’ Death Hoax Found Dead

Mar 19, 2014

knighthoaxThe man who started the Internet hoax that Seinfeld star Wayne Knight had died was himself found dead in his Atlanta apartment this morning.

46-year-old Dylan Murphy posted a fake news report last week on his website which claimed that Knight -- who played Newman on the venerable 1990s sitcom -- had been killed in a car accident.

The false story found its way around the Internet and deeply worried many television fans until Knight himself quashed the rumors with a humorous Tweet on Sunday saying he was “glad to be breathing.”

This morning a neighbor found the lifeless body of Murphy, an unemployed Dustin Diamond impersonator, collapsed on his own doorstep. An autopsy later revealed that he suffered from advanced arterial disease and died of sudden heart attack while picking up his mail.

"According to his family he never exercised, rarely left his apartment and subsisted solely on Cheetos and Mountain Dew," says Dr. Martin von Nostrand, who performed the autopsy. "Frankly, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened."

Goodbye Newman?

Wayne Knight is only the latest celebrity to fall victim to the phenomenon of Internet death hoaxes, which have affected the likes of John Cena, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy and many others in recent years.

The growing trend seems to serve no purpose except to confuse and emotionally manipulate the public. Murphy has been linked to dozens of hoaxes over the past few years and most people who knew him say he won’t be missed.

"To be honest I never really liked him,” says Joe Mason, another neighbor. "Always kinda a douchebag. He borrowed my X-Box controller in like 2010 and never returned it. I tried to break into his place to get it back one day, but my nose was overwhelmed by the smell of jizz and Old Spice, so I turned back.

"It kinda sucks that he died I guess. But whatever. Maybe he should have spent his free time on a treadmill instead of playing with peoples emotions by posting death hoax articles on the Internet. I mean what the hell? What’s the point of that?"

The reason why Murphy would post such pointless things is still a mystery to most, but a close friend says his longstanding unemployment was a source of depression and desperation.

“He used to make decent money showing up to frat parties as Screech from Saved by the Bell,” says the friend, who requested to remain anonymous. “But as he got older, he got fatter and fatter. He couldn’t pull off the impersonation anymore. So recently he’s been on his computer 24/7. Kinda sad really.”

Murphy’s funeral is set for Saturday at Vandelay Funeral Homes in Sandy Springs. A spokesperson for Knight says the actor is seriously considering attending.