Nation Dying of Obesity Calls for Stricter Gun Control

May 30, 2014

New Study Finds That U.S. Obesity Rates Continue To ClimbAccording to a new poll released today most overweight Americans believe they are more likely to be killed by a gun than die of obesity.

The survey, conducted by TDC Opinion Research, asked 10,000 severely overweight Americans about their attitudes toward gun violence in the wake of the recent USCB mass shooting.

It found that 73 percent of end-stage diabetes patients listed gun violence as the biggest threat to their health and survival, while 12 percent listed cancer, 7 percent listed SARS and 5 percent listed Wilson's disease. Only 3 percent said they were likely to die from their obesity.

“The doctors say I only have six months to live, tops,” says Jack Pryor, a 48-year-old with type 2 diabetes from Bethlehem, Pa. “But the way things are going now, I’m probably going to get shot before then. We’ve got to do something about all these guns; they’re killing us.”

“I personally see 20 to 30 patients die every year from complications of diabetes and metabolic syndrome,” says Dr. Jack Ryan, chief of endocrinology at Jefferson Medical Center in Washington. “I’m tired of seeing good people die. I’m tired of telling children that they won’t ever see their mommies and daddies again. If only we could just get the guns off the street, maybe things would be different. ”

The United States averaged slightly less than 9,000 homicides by firearms in 2012, while estimates of Americans killed yearly by the obesity epidemic range from 100,000 to more than 300,000.

One study has found that 18 percent of all deaths in the United States are attributable to obesity, and most leading causes of death -- including heart disease and cancer -- have obesity as a risk factor.

Despite the grisly headlines, gun violence has been on the decline for several decades. Meanwhile the obesity epidemic is accelerating, with fully a third of Americans now considered medically obese.

Although most media analysts want the government to focus on the more emotive issue of gun ownership, some health experts have bizarrely suggested that public policy should focus on tackling problems that actually kill more people.

“I think liberals need to wake up and realize that if they’re interested in helping prevent premature deaths they should reform our food laws, not our gun laws,” says Jean Boudon, professor of medicine at Princeton University Medical School. “Soda kills more people than bullets do. It’s just that when someone dies of diabetes, it’s not breaking news on CNN.”

  • InMyView

    ” “Soda kills more people than bullets do.” So I`m shipping soda to persons, areas & countries listed below. RIP.

  • pragmastist

    This actually makes sense, I hear smokers, alcoholics, morbidly fat people complain about all the things that could possibly harm them but rationalize their bad habits that ninety nine out of one hundred times will actually kill them.

  • NoJohnLocke

    I love The Daily Currant’s underlying theme for wariness of low-level publications, especially in relation to mid to high level issues.

  • Karl Schipul

    focusing on food laws might actually make more sense in a way. But the problem is that this kind of solution is still part of the statist/progressivist mindset: “Just another law here and there and we have paradise!”

    The problem behind obesity is not merely food or drink. It is clearly irresponsibility mixed with food and drink. Candy bars do not jump in your mouth. Neither do big macs or fries. The food eater is also almost always the ‘food putter in mouth’.

    Putting in a new law is worse than merely ignoring the problem. It gives fat people the illusion of protection and a disincentive to apply critical thinking or responsibility to what one consumes. Outlawing alcohol did not help alcoholism. Outlawing dangerous drugs did not stop nor even succeed in keeping static the amount of drug abuse present.

    The only possible solution is to promote personal responsibility.

  • schr8er

    ANOTHER stupid remark by someone that fails to see that lifestyle is causing their early demise and its NOT guns that is causing it. Since when do guns MAKE you obese, or cause you harm… Yes there are the criminal faction out there that doesnt follow the rules, yet you want to put MORE restrictions on the legal, law abiding citizens and their RIGHT to defend themselves and the ones they love. I have a number of guns.,,, and not a SINGLE one has jumped out of the gun cabinet, loaded itself and shot anyone. Come on people… face up to the fact that YOU decided to eat the 2 Big Macs, Large Fries and have an ice cream cone or piece of cake for dessert….

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  • L Cavendish

    30%+ percent of Americans are obese….yet all gun deaths in a year are about .03% of population (3 one hundreths of ONE PERCENT)…
    Which is the bigger problem?
    And of those thousands…something like 1/3 is gang on gang shooting…another third are suicides…so it is more like .01%…probably less