Justin Bieber Tweets : ‘I’d Totally Bang That Hot Paris Terrorist Chick’

Jan 14, 2015

justin_bieber_hot_terroristTerrorist suspect Hayat Boumediene may not have many friends left in France, but she apparently has a big admirer here on this side of the Atlantic.

Tween pop sensation Justin Bieber reportedly tweeted this morning: “I’d totally bang that hot Paris terrorist chick. Can someone give her my number? lol”

Bieber’s handlers immediately removed the tweet. His manager Scooter Braun told LA Weekly that the tweet was taken out of context: “Justin meant that if she wasn’t a terrorist and was responsible for a dozen people being murdered, he’d find her attractive and may have asked out her out on a romantic date. That’s all.”

Bieber had not known the extent of the terror attack in Paris until he was updated by an assistant.

“Listen, he’s only 20 years old and with his busy schedule, he doesn’t keep up with current events, so give him a break and let’s leave it at that,” Braun said.

While the Tweet came in poor taste, it did come at a time when free speech was under attack so fans took to Twitter to forgive the music mogul for his freedom of expression.

One fan tweeted “I still love you Justin,” and another tweeted “Call me instead! #please.”

Many political pundits pointed the female terrorist attractiveness and related it to California’s “The Handsome Felon,” whose mugshot went viral in July 2014 with thousands of women “liking” it on social media.

“This is the age we live in,” said private psychiatrist Fritz Perls. “Criminal wanted men, and now women, seem to have a certain attractiveness to them. It was similar to the old wanted posters of the 1920s. John Dillinger killed dozens of people and he never had a hard time getting a date. Some people just like to go after the bad boy or girl.”


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