Kanye West: ‘I Am The Next Nelson Mandela’

Dec 06, 2013

kanyemandelaKanye West is under fire today for claiming that he will soon be a bigger cultural and civil rights icon than Nelson Mandela.

In an interview with WGCI radio in Chicago, the notoriously self-promoting rapper said that the 95-year-old South African leader's recent death will finally allow people to focus more of their attention on West's own accomplishments.

In the studio to promote his new music video Bound 2, the conversation soon turned to the day's biggest news out of South Africa. West was asked who he thought on the world stage today could possibly replace Nelson Mandela in terms of leadership, and his unconventional answer left heads spinning.

"I am the next Nelson Mandela," West responded. "I'm only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I've accomplished, it's the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I'm 95, I'm going to be a bigger hero than he ever was.

"Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don't get me wrong. But I think I'm on track to do something even bigger. I liberate minds with my music. That's more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever.

"Not to say Mandela wasn't for real. I have mad respect. I just think we need to keep things in perspective here. Anyone can be replaced. And I think I'm well on my way towards being the next great black leader. I'm already worshiped around the world. And there's more to come."

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Former South African president and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela died yesterday after years of declining health. His legacy of peaceful reconciliation has been universally praised by political leaders, the media and ordinary citizens around the world.

Kanye West, for his part, is known for going to extraordinary lengths to focus attention on himself. His reaction today was so unusual, however, that host Adrian Cronauer decided to challenge his assertions.

"What have you actually done for civil rights?" he asked. "Have you been involved in any campaigns? Any political activities? It seems to me comparing yourself to Mandela is a bit of a stretch."

"I've blazed a trail with my career," West responded. "I faced immeasurable racism when I entered this profession. I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me? I was a pioneer. And now I'm doing the same thing in the fashion world.

"Not to mention I have a bigger market than he ever did. Mandela was working in South Africa, which has, like what, six people? I started my magic here in the USA and then I took my business global. Worldwide baby.

"I just want everyone out there to know. I see y'all crying on the TV. Being all sad. Just know that Kanye's gonna carry on Mandela's legacy. There's nothing to worry about. I got this."

  • ba05


  • Mike

    tell me this isn’t real. I’ll hunt him down my damn self

  • safd

    disgusting… Absolutely horrifyingly retarded!

  • christie

    He can not be serious? All he does his sell albums and clothes and keep his millions for himself! who in the world is he saving?

  • Fatima Moi Méme

    I wish I hadn’t read that.. That’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever read. Attention-digger .

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  • Jeffrey

    you guys DO realize which site you’re reading, right?

  • Jeffrey

    Imma let yall finish, but you should know : THIS IS A SATIRE ARTICLE

  • sara

    “I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me?”….Uh, all of them!…dumbass

  • strike_a_poseur

    You have won all the Internets today.

  • Kathleen McNally Gutierrez

    I would join this discussion about KW and his beyond ridiculous claims, but I don’t even know where to start…someone please make him go away!

  • Jared

    I can name many black rappers and musicians before him

  • J

    This asshole will never be 1/1000 the man that Mr. Mandela was. Fuck everything about this idiot.

  • J

    This comment is awaiting censoring, er moderation.

  • Tom_and_Huck

    I also think this guy Kanye is a joke, but maybe you guys should be aware that this is a fictional story. From Wikipedia:

    “The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment.[1] A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press.”

  • Yeezus

    All of you ‘educated’ people should know this is a satirical site and Kanye has never said this, neither would he say something like this especially after the death of someone.

    You would think if it was real, then there would be an AUDIO CLIP OR VIDEO FOOTAGE OF HIM SAYING IT, LIKE A NORMAL ENTERTAINMENT SITE.

    All of your comments are just as disgusting as this fake story.

  • Nita

    Is he for real. Fist this fool called himself yesus; he didn’t die for me! When I pray, it’s Heavenly Father! he have any comparison to God, nor Nelson Mendela. This fool lost his mind when his mother passed away! Now he’s thinking that he bigger than someone who laid their own life on the line for his entire country?! He need to grow up and get a life. Repent for his fooliness and arrogance!

  • BLUE24x7

    will someone lock him up already Please!!!!

  • Martini

    wow… he is worshipped around the world? LMAO… I love comedy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbF1f7yfdos

  • femanvate

    This is a parody site, just like the onion. It’s scary how many people take anything they read on the internet at face value, and depressing that their vote counts just as much as yours and mine!

  • Guest

    Even though the site is Satire…it gives all the chance to give a Satire ..or truth comment…lighten up!

  • NINI

    what he don’t realize is people are starting to hate him more and more!

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  • james

    if this is real shame on him

  • x

    The paper is a joke, but with Kanye- ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. He’s the biggest idiot born. His mother’s death was the best thing that happened to him, because, if she were still alive, she’d still be beating the living crap outta him!

  • MM

    lmfao he is a joke!!!! what an ego … seriously your music may be ok but as a person u do suck big time!!!!!!!

  • iamlg34

    This is a fake site making money off you people. Don’t spread this. Its fake!

  • Betty franco

    are you nuts? the only explanation.

  • Steve

    Okay it’s fake but the mere fact that those of us wandering in here for the first time (via reddit) and didn’t know that, didn’t dismiss it right away says a lot about the guy. My bulls-t meter would have pinged right away had it been Obama or Tiger but not with Kanye West.

  • fuckyeezus

    coming from the guy with the name Yeezus. Have you seen Kayne do an interview before? This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • civic guy

    KANYE WEST IS A JOKE….you will NEVER be like Nelson Mandela or take his place, how can you take his place when you always lash out on people that speak the truth…plus your temper tantrums isn’t a leader type quality…LEADERS don’t follow, they lead..hence the word LEADER and to be honest Kanye…you ain’t got nothing on one of the most recognized LEADERS in the world… R.I.P Nelson Mandela…btw Jay-Z will always have one up on you! Kayne you ain’t sh?t…….

  • Felicity

    Further investigation shows that this interview is indeed just a satire and not real. However, as a South African I find it in extremely poor taste and I would hope that whom ever felt the need to write this piece finds more efficient and less insulting use of their time!

  • Guest

    I don’t think he knows who Mandela is, and if he does then he doesn’t know the history of South Africa. In any case..what a dipshit.

  • Guest

    I feel you!

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  • Pieter

    you sir, are the dumbest motherfucker alive on this planet

  • OyVey

    Although I get that this is satire, I have to say; I think a lot of people assumed it was true because if anyone is capable of saying something that foolish, Kanye is definitely that dude.

  • LUPO

    this article is fake

  • LUPO

    right. i didn’t realize it was fake untill the apartheid comment. lol then i knew. seemed very “kanye” in the beginning

  • Sighnofourtimes

    It isn’t real Mike.

  • Leratp

    Agreed. Extremely offensive and insensitive.

  • TL Huffmeister

    This can’t be real. Please, tell me that this is a satirical website.

  • Rodney Ruby

    Nelson Mandela killed hundreds of white people. Watch out. Things could get out of hand here.

  • a very lucky person

    u huh honey

  • Bulldog Mama

    wtf hahaha wow.. hes so stupid LOL

  • Harry

    This guy, whoever he is a big joke and a disgrace to hip hop and to America for even thinking that he can replace such an Icon as Mandela. I think Osama ranks better than him. By Worldwide, he mean his home town coz we don’t even play his music in our clubs. Dream on looser!!!

  • James

    It’s FAKE.

  • Thatguy

    tard… oh I forgot the re…

  • Whatever

    What about the thousands of black people that died during apartheid.. moron


    What an idiot. Yea, I’d like to see him suffer through being imprisoned in harsh conditions…oh wait, “WTF?!? No paparazzi? No 5 star restaurants? No custom made suits? No self-promoting accolades? No chicks chasing after me? Near starvation? I have no voice? What???!!!” Gee….everyone…I had no idea what it is to be a freedom fighter because I’ve been too busy self- promoting. Stupid F-ing A_SHOLE. DUDE…can you not stay out of the limelight, not be so self-f-ing-absorbed and show some f-ing respect for a nano second.

  • Doeski

    “I liberate minds with my music” LMFAO!!!!

  • Upset!

    If this article is fake, then The Daily Current should be ashamed of themselves! How dare you mock the memory of a man who meant so much to my country??? This article is in REALLY poor taste,, and you should apologise to Mandela’s family!

  • Asief

    You will never be half the man he was, serve some time in an South African Prison first then have a fat lot to say.
    Like you there are thousands, like Madibi there will only be one.
    He gave us Freedom of oppression, what did you give to us that can come close to or equal to that?

  • ivan54321

    its satire but whats even sadder is kanye is such an idiot that people think its true

  • Richard Chipunza

    Just do it! Don’t og singing about it you dolt!

  • @Gene_us

    All of y’all busy posting that this is a satire site, don’t you think if we knew about this site we would have known this is a satirical piece? Or what? We were supposed to read the post, browse through the rest of the site, get an understanding that it is indeed a satirical site, come back to this post then leave a comment? Not to slight The Daily Currant but this was my first time hearing of this entity and in all likelihood, my last.

    Comedy is a beautiful thing. Those who are good at it, do it really well. Those who suck at it are easily distinguishable from the former.

    I’m not one to get butthurt but people tend to… BEEN taking a piss on Africa and its people for far too long. You have all the license to do so but don’t for a minute think this is “funny” or is anything remotely close to what your aim was with this post.

    With hindsight, maybe y’all would consider adding a by-line sending condolences to the Mandela family? We can all have fun and we are supposed to but as we’ve seen (hopefully learnt) with plenty other articles that involve the death of someone, death is nothing to joke about. As y’all were!

  • Shayle Rogan

    Good thing it’s a joke cos I was pretty pissed about it hehehe

  • Jokemeister

    I found it funny. Nelson himself was known for having a sense of humour and he would have enjoyed it.

  • Ms.Cook1

    This isn’t real is it? This can’t be. Kanye suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It’s the only thing that can allow such a person to believe these things to be true.

  • Guesty

    What? You mean the fact that you believed this article? hahahahaha. Yes you are indeed horrifyingly retarded :)

  • growup

    It is fake and Nelson himself would have laughed as he had an amazing sense of humour. This site should apologise to nobody.

  • youdafool

    Idiot. This is a joke article.

  • Peter D. Chilvers

    If he wants to follow Nelson Mandella, lock him up for about 30 years.

  • Halston

    I agree - that most people reading this initially think that it’s real says a lot about the guy. I even went so far as to share it with a few people, since I didn’t see the comments. Kanye did say that he’s the next Steve Jobs, and this satire is close to that article (with the New York Times).

  • Guest

    It is in extremely bad taste, especially at a time when we are grieving the loss of a great man and a great leader. However, The Onion is an American publication, so what do you expect? Americans will NEVER understand the love and respect that we as South Africans have for Tata Madiba.

  • Imani


  • Jay Ess

    It is in extremely bad taste, especially at a time when we are grieving the loss of a great man and a great leader. However, The Daily Currant is an American publication, so what do you expect? Americans will NEVER understand the love and respect that we as South Africans have for Tata Madiba.

  • David Angwin Jr.

    This may be satire, but kanye is still one of biggest assholes in show biz.

  • Nick Mulgrave

    If he really wants to follow him then why doesn’t he do us all a favor and just die.

  • frankiefan

    Helloooooooooooooooo people! Daily Currant is a SATIRICALl site.
    It’s a bit scary that people believe everything they read on the internet.

  • Max White

    Wait man, I think Rodney is trying to pull some sort of satire over us… I just haven’t worked it out yet thats all…

  • Prerana Gurung

    Kanye do us a favour and jump off a cliff

  • Dawn

    Clearly fake

  • Max White

    Why does everyone in the comment section of a satirical article need to pat themselves on the back and point out that it’s a joke. Stop telling people it’s fake and go along with it!

  • http://journoactivist.com/ Michelle Solomon

    Because so many people fall for it ;)

  • Guest

    Kanye who?

  • Fiftynot

    This is in such poor taste, Daily Currant. Shame on you.

  • Jee

    Kinda looks like something Kanye would say though - all kidding aside :)

  • Farmer

    Kanye West!! You just killed your small chance to be a small % of what he was. Action before words Kanye… Self-absorbed idiot, no hard feelings. But this is so embarrassing…

  • Jack

    “keeping up with ignorance” …his next soap-drama?

  • Ollie Thenu

    Do you like fish dicks?

  • Mat Rowe

    Someone just top this guy already. He isn’t culturally important so he need not be living.

  • Amaru Yuma

    Kayne you´re the next Son of bitch.

  • Wayne laird

    the thing is this guy is such a self obessesd wanker that people cant tell the difference between what he really says and whats made up, thats the scary part

  • Guest

    what kind of drugs is kanye taking? Mandela fought for the people, West fight for cd sells.. where’s the comparison that West speak of…

  • Jules Annan

    does this mean he is going to jail for the next twenty or so years?

  • Tracey

    what kind of drugs is kanye taking? Mandela fought for the people, West fight for cd sells.. where’s the comparison that West speak of…

  • disqus_kvCa6u7dT8

    Deluded much?

  • Trevor Logan Jr

    THIS mother$#@$#! right here has officially
    gotten on my last nerve, I think its time to delete his music from my
    iTunes. Are you serious with yours? This is blaten disrespect and he
    will NEVER get to the heights of Nelson Mandela. AND THEN,
    how are you gonna say ” I mean how many black rappers can you name that
    came before me? I was a pioneer.” BITCH…The list BEFORE you is longer
    than your discography. SIT DOWN!

  • Caleb October

    this guy is crazy. Rapping is nothing compared to what Madiba did

  • Michael

    check your damn privilege. No one gives a crap if you’re offended

  • Leslie


  • Areader

    No Kanye…What you are is a pompous, grandiose a**hole!

  • cher

    What a major jerk! How arrogant can you be? Hate to break it to him, but not everybody likes him. Egotistic people are too self centered to care enough to do something for others…

  • Steve Frank

    Kayne keep attacking the jews.

  • Guest

    Why wouldn’t someone believe it? This egotistical freakshow probably believes it himself.

  • RUaNerdAdult?

    This limp Dik is one of the most ridiculous non talented idiots available. He is the black Justin Bieber.

  • Enough of Kimyee & KK

    This is the last straw. How could ANYONE support this fool and what he represents!!! Good thing some people are realizing his arrogance. He only sold 4500 seats out of a possible 16,000 to one of his last concerts. They had to canel the show. It’s only the beginning Kanye…..start packing for your next job………cleaning toilets. Where you belong.

  • GOODLife

    It’s fake…


    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional.

  • GOODLife


    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional.

  • GOODLife


    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional.aefef

  • Jessbaileyjb

    This falsified story is so disrespectful! Well done on getting hits on your website by using the death of one of the world’s greatest leaders; bottom feeders.

  • kanye not

    i lost it at ‘how many black rappers can you name before me?’ hahahaha how ignorant can one be? this dude’s music is commercialised and he stands for nothing besides his personal image. i wouldn’t even call him a rapper

  • Rafley

    Satire can also be written in print, ie. newspapers, books and magazines. Either way, people SHOULD be able to believe that what is written is truth UNLESS it is clearly LABELED as satire.

  • Sean Zurich

    fake or not, what so ever! a guy who has a baby with a Kim Kardashian could NEVER be the next Mandela, he only could be the next print on toiletpapers! :D

  • Sick of Self Absorbed Rappers

    He is such a tool…and a fool….His music sucks, his ridiculous perception of himself is so warped…he is a douche bag

  • calilife4me

    Ya’ll know he says stupid stuff just to stay relevant, right?

  • Enough of Kimyee & KK

    For those of you that feel more “educated” that the rest of us that ended up on this site by accident and had NO idea it was satirical, please excuse our ignorance. Satirical or NOT, is there any subject left considered “sacred or off limits” any more? No that line has been crossed so you can be entertained at any cost. I’d like to see if it was your family member and this SATIRICAL site made jokes about them, how would you feel? Don’t want to preach, but really it is truly a sad day when we need to be entertained by the death of a Hero that sacrificed SO MUCH. Mandela and his family deserve better than this B.S.,but then what do I know, I’m not as educated as the rest of you are.

  • Luke Bailey

    He was never relevant

    he is nothing but a talentless commoner with a ridiculous ego who lucked out in life

  • George

    whos Kanye?

  • JBean

    *clunky poor delivery: “I wanna f**k you on the kitchen sink, after that give somethin to drink.” Oh yeah, just liberating the bejesus outta those minds!

  • Zigmicag

    As satire as this article is, it doesn’t sound too far from what Kanye actually thinks of himself.

  • smcelheron

    No, people should be able to use a bit of common sense and tell when something is very clearly satirical.

  • Jimmy Bones

    I’d just like to send a fat FUCK YOU to Daily Currant for even posting some bullshit like this…

  • China Phashe

    I think he is going halubazuka,slowly walking towards a mad house.

  • gary

    bigger audience?? maybe baby steps and a reality check are needed, maybe focus on selling the rest of your seat at you concert as only 4500 out of 19000 sold?? , bigger audience i doubt that

  • honkytonkbadonkadonk

    Check your privilege? You’re going to use that dumbass, hypocritical phrase and expect anyone to pay any attention to you whatsoever? hahaha! kk, you have fun with that, champ.

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry


  • Tricksrforkids

    In the words of President Abraham Lincoln, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Please pass me a scone.”

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  • Guest

    Public Enemy, ATCQ, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, NWA have done more for raising political issues than he has.

  • liar liar pants on fire

    wow hes seriously delusional!maybe he cant read everyone i read posts they hate him!!

  • Asha Denienne

    This isn’t real. It’s just way too laughable. If it is, I’m disgusted.

  • gfine2000 .

    Unfortunately, it’s indicative of something Kanye might say. It damn sure sounds like Kanye. He is extremely egotistical and narcissistic to a very high degree. I believe in confidence and believing in ones self but Kanye has taken these characteristics to a whole new level. This is a guy who shouldn’t have fame. I believe fame has only created a monster out of Kanye. Personally, I’m not impressed by his music or his rapping skills but that’s just me and I’m entitled to my opinion just as everyone else is. Some are saying this isn’t real or just a satire. I can only hope that the latter is true but as I said before, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s really Kanye.

  • jpo321

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • flobadobadob

    it’s not satire if you announce it is satire.

  • Sam

    I wish u ppl would not allow media to drive u insane and be shown as the ignorant fools u ppl are! Dont u kno this is a parody site! No article on her is factual! Geeez calm down! U ppl bash Kanye for his arrogance but with so much ignorance and hate, do y’all really think u have a right to do it?????! smh at u ignorant ppl

  • cerealism

    Info on Donda internships for architecture?

  • micheal

    i do not like your music ur brain is too low idiot if not because of jiga Jazee u could have die in hungry

  • Tim Bootsman

    “….I have mad respect….” the man says. NO! He must be mad, but he does not show any respect at all! He THINKS the USA are of any importance at all. I’ve NEWS foor the dumb bloke: the USA ARE OF no IMPORTANCE AT all! After Billie Holiday, from those USA only Frank Zappa made posiutive contributions to the world. That bloke, I have read his name first time now and guess what? I have had more than enough! Real positive people, born and raised in those USA have lived in exile for being member of black consciousness community. A dirtbag like that 36 old ego could never bring anything Good to the world. PUKE on that bloke!!

  • crystalballs

    Satire? Well, Kim always did remind me of Winnie.

  • bobbob

    How could you think this was real? No idea why you’ve got 144 upvotes lol. You deserve 144 downvotes for your sheer silliness

  • bobbob

    I would’ve found the satire much better if it had actually been subtle. “That’s more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever” really should have given it away to most people, it was that easy

  • Carl Gottstein

    Just about time for a B Slap!

  • Stephanie Starkey

    True, but at this time being too subtle would have been in poor taste. People are still grieving Mr. Mandela and if it wasn’t clear that this was a joke, it would be upsetting instead of funny.

  • IdiotHunter

    You just paid him attention mooron

  • Amy Luke

    Even though this is fake, he is still a douchbag. I went to high school with him. What a moron. He is so embarrassing.

  • Goo

    Pls tell me why you are so sure this is fake??!! He called himself “this generations Shakespeare” on an interview with sway… and he is 100% serious! Watch the video smartypants, and tell me why kanyes attitude in that video could not lead to this. this is more than believeable

  • evlover2

    This has to be fake, funny though

  • Nathan Paul Kennedy

    Scarily, were this true it would not surprise me.

  • Febby

    Worship yourself!!!!!!


    To be fair, Kanye is almost a satire of himself, so sometimes it’s hard to tell…

  • biochemists_are_sexy

    He likes fish sticks.

  • LGBT News org

    Interesting, the currant is art imitating a life that imitates art. Ironic!

  • Guest

    He is a Gay Fish!

  • Guest

    “I liberate minds with my music.” Really? Cause when I heard your new CD “Yeezus”, I wanted to liberate my MP3 player by putting it out of its misery!

  • Lorraine Daggs

    why entetrain this fucken fool

  • Patricks

    In what way does this disrespect him or his family? It is aimed at Kanye, for suggesting he has/will have anything like the influence Mandela had, because it is the exact sort of thing he would say. The way it is written shows nothing but reverence for Mandela. Put your offended away.

  • http://www.kennethtwebb.com/ Kenneth Webb

    Why can’t this place be like the onion? Their articles are based in reality but are clearly satire. This site is just based in reality and not clearly satire. So people across the internet are thinking you guys are for real.

    That is not good satire if no one thinks its satire.

  • patrick

    Pretty sure its a real site my friend.

  • Jesus

    if only it was real…lolol

  • mrsW2014

    kanye west your a JOKE…your music is absolute and utter gutter trash, and your fashion sense is kindergarten to say the least. How dare u even try to compare your achievements to the late Mandela, piss off and write some real lyrics

  • Yani

    this entire website is satire lmaooo wow

  • Leon De Broize

    What a flaming idiot. To even mention his name in the same context as Nelson Mandela is enough to tell everyone just how deluded this idiot is. Man !! someone should punch some sense into that mush of a brain of his. Pathetic little boy !!!

  • Yani

    He is an idiot? Meanwhile you are on a satirical website that does not post true stories…check the ABOUT section <3

  • Yani


    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional.

  • Yani

    This website posts fake news stories, these comments never happened. You should settle down…

  • Yani

    It’s fake, simmer down cowboy

  • rich123

    Of course people don’t realize what they are reading. And it’s offensive to think that anyone would say something like this. So offensive, it’s ridiculous.
    I guess that’s what could make it funny, it’s almost not beyond Kanye to say something arrogant like this. I’m offend I read the words.

  • allinfun

    the satire isn’t mocking Nelson Madela or his incredible achievements. its mocking Kanye West and the idea that because of Kanye’s past and things that he has said makes this article believable by many and thus makes it funny. this is just as valid of a joke as any you might hear on the late night television shows. no one should joke directly about the death of a huge iconic hero of the world like Mandela and no one is. But we should continue to make fun of people like Kanye who continue to embarrass themselves and our country by their lack of touch with reality.

  • Anita

    Ummmm!!! this is a joke right? I defend Kanye A LOT, but he is on his own with this one.

  • Anita

    This is a lie, because Kanye is in Texas, he is not in Chicago. This is bull.

  • hoya

    this is a satirical website.

  • Phil Osopher

    It’s real, I found another article that said basically the same thing. He’s sick I tell you, SICK.

  • Yani

    It’s not real hun. People have been pasting from this. Read what the daily currant is all about

  • Jamalc

    Hahahaha… Why could I hear this in Kanye’s voice. Good writing here.

  • jsprague

    It’s satire. It’s meant to be funny. If you don’t think it’s funny, don’t read the ****ing article. Nobody cares that you’re offended.

  • inapsin

    Negative. Your response tells lot about you. Easily manipulated. Always check you source. Just because it’s on the internet, in print or on tv does not make it true.

  • John MacPherson

    Can more people please comment that this article is fake. I don’t think it’s clear yet.

  • alien99

    He thinks Fashion and Music are important???? Loll You are a paid circus monkey(no disrespect to monkeys)….He so delusional it is hilarious!!! He needs to run back to his Psychiatrist and up the dosage on his crazy pills. Lol….His is about as consciously aware as a KKK member.

  • johnTnash

    Is this satire?

  • henk

    not funny

  • lena

    I think whoever wrote this was directing the offence at kanye west fans.
    I mean the ‘quotes’ are all so horrendously stupefyingly offensive, nobody could possibly take them seriously.
    Every other country mourns with you and South Africa, felicity.

  • TheThirstPolicenigga

    Please stop getting outraged people this article is fiction. This whole website writes satire stories, go look at the other write ups lol

  • j

    Don’t say whom ever. Just don’t. If you were hoping to increase the intellectual weight of your argument by saying whom ever - without a preposition, I might add - then you have just failed.

  • lglnurse

    Thank God this was a satire, I actually would not have put it past Kanye West to say something like this. However, it is in pretty bad taste given the climate of mourning that is going on after Mandela’s passing. Not very respectful.

  • http://allofcraigs.com allofcraigs.com

    i think Kanye really feels that way

  • Jay


  • scott

    yeah but its humour comes from the fact we all know it could easily be true.

  • Allen Sirken

    Satire or not, I believe that one day Kanye >> Mandela.

  • selena


  • rory

    He’s got, High Hopes. :)

  • Musashi


  • Author G D Grace

    I mean really! Can one stick one’s own foot in one’s mouth deep enough to muffle out the arrogance and ignorance?

  • Musashi

    He is definitely the next bigger thing than Mandela guys. He is only 36 Years old right now, and the whole world is talking about him. Some are hating him and some are admiring his courage and self-centrism. He is going to get persecuted by tons of haters NOW, and when he turns 95, he will become way bigger than any of you ever thought about. Be smart people, just accept it. :D



  • Peggy Williams

    Some people can’t get enough attention. Maybe they didn’t get it at home when they were growing up.

  • Guest

    As a South African, I can only say that this must be some sort of Joke. This guy cant be that ignorant! If this is true, he must be inhaling too much of his own fumes! The level of self- centered insensitive is nauseating. He is not only showing an unbelievable level of ignorance about the apartheid, but he is seriously embarrassing himself, if these news are true. Ignorance and blidneing wealth is not Bliss!

  • Gareth




  • Hallie

    Watermelons are always necessary!

  • Nonsense268

    This is a Joke. This guy cant be that ignorant! If he is speaking with any sincerity, then he must be inhaling too much of his own fumes! The level of self- centered insensitivity is nauseating. He is not only showing an unbelievable level of ignorance about the Apartheid, but he is seriously embarrassing himself. Ignorance and blinding wealth is not Bliss!

  • Kristy Crow

    He makes me sick!!!

  • Kristy Crow

    102 against 9 up and one down I think no one cares for your opinion!!!

  • Delboy

    Kayne west as long as you breath air you will never be the next mandela, nor will any human being that ever lives from now onwards,

  • nagy luca

    Kanye West is controlled by egomaniac designer Marc Jacobs. He is a behind the scene puppet master. Jacobs wants to control everyone! Read the truth with evidence on: styleangelique blogspot com

  • Max

    You’re an egotistical hack who is too concerned with self promotion and ideas of misplaced grandeur. You have no respect for Mandela’s work nor do you show an ounce of humiliation, there in itself is the difference and comparing yourself to Mandela is laughable!! Fame has come to you but you’re more widely known as the idiot joke of this century.

    Grow up and get a clue Kanye and while you’re at it learn the meaning of true humility and respect… FOOL!!!

  • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

    Kanye was the reason the West Family was politely asked not to breed anymore.

  • Carol Clark Diebolt

    Quit talking, Kanye! You talk too much! You might be a good rapper, but you are no genius by any means. You are definitely no Nelson Mandela!

  • Kim David

    Kane West needs to go east with the geese & take his kid & Kim K with him. How did they ever get money? We know how Kim got it but neither of them have any talent. They have money but no class. That video is so typical. He wants to show everyone he’s banging a white girl. A dumb white girl!

  • Guest

    So its totally to post fake articles and not cite anywhere that it is misinformation, and that is OK?

  • truth

    With all due respect, posting a satirical piece of this nature the day after a great man dies is not cool. I agree with giving mocking where mocking is due, and Kanye definitely deserves his fair share, especially after that awful music video of his but the platform used is not appreciated. Just think of how Mandela’s family must be feeling.

  • bob

    funny, but stupidly close to a time of mourning, obviously insensitive, obviously got too much spare time …. what a loser

  • vance

    How does he know whether he thinks it’s funny or not until he reads the article?

  • e

    He has officially lost it!! Must be all that money he spends on lavish parties, new clothing items for everyday of the week and wasting money on anything over priced so he can prove to the world he has made it. All the money he spends on weddings and whateves… could be used to help solve hunger and water problems. He could be doing SO MUCH good in the world… instead his ego is in the way. Nelson was about doing things from his heart .. he was a spiritual man that did not live in his ego state.. <3!! Nelson's following were people who wanted to make great changes in the world, who believed that working from the heart was more powerful than anything else… Kanye and his wife's following are people who would rather be blinded by "American" media… instead of learning the truths of what American consumerism has done to most of the rest of the world.

  • James Raymond Lane

    He’s simply an idiot who thinks all his money makes him smart. Please America, quit making stupid people famous.

  • http://lizluyben.com/ elizabeth luyben

    I almost fell off my chair!! HILARIOUS!!

  • Michelle

    My suggestion to whoever runs this trash site, is to correct this situation immediately, this mess is all over the net and people actually believe that it’s true, you all are going to get slapped with a nasty libel suit, it’s not funny, and it was not in good taste to print something like this so soon after the death of Mr. Mandela, you all should be ashamed of yourselves, I hope Kanye sues you personally and shut down this trash.

  • Michelle

    well you know what they say about assumptions.

  • ryen2k

    The photo above is from a different interview.

  • atomthegod

    1. This website is satire.
    2. Kanye is one of the most influential artists of our time, like Shakespeare was of his time. The comparison is arguably justified.
    3. Kanye west is not a civil rights leader or a revolutionary outside of art and therefore the comparison to Nelson Mandela who freed millions from apartheid is not justified.

  • Huboi

    Except, like all comedy, that it’s reliant on the reader having prior knowledge. Knowledge of who Kanye is. If you’re reading it without this knowledge, it appears genuine. That’s dangerous humour to put in print. It isn’t labelled “comedy” it’s labeled “politics”.

  • Huboi

    The heading is “Politics”.

  • Joe Golden

    “I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me? I was a pioneer.” ………….. Umm here’s a list of black rappers that came before you. “Public Enemy, N.W.A, Slick Rick, Kool G Rap, Ice T, 2pac, Biggie, snoop dogg, ice cube, nas, dr dre, dmx, rakim, Big L, Wu-Tang, KRS-One, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Andre 3000, LL Cool J, Common, N.W.A, Eazy-E, Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs, Big Pun, Raekwon, Scarface, Method Man and Redman, Ghostface Killah, Prodigy, Cooliom, Mobb Deep, Missy Elliott, De La Soul, Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, Fat Joe, Lil’ Kim, Wyclef Jean, Biz Markie, Juvenile, Master P”

  • Guest

    “I faced immeasurable racism when I entered this profession.” Really??!? You faced IMMEASURABLE racism when you became a rapper?. ALLL those other white rappers on that list right? You’re the punch line of many jokes j@cka$s.

  • Michelle

    Fool other idiot blogs are reposting it, that’s why.

  • Bob D’Eith

    What happened to the “too soon” rule that comedians used to have? Has media become so jaded that there is no respect for the recently deceased; especially someone of the stature of Nelson Mandela? This isn’t the time for “satire”, it is the time to spend a moment to acknowledge that it takes brave people to stand up to tyranny and oppression. There is a time to laugh, that is important, too. Just not right now…

  • gronk

    *moron… you moron

  • Nonsense268

    SATIRE or not this is just disrespectful- and completely not in the spirit of Madiba’s fight for Humility and human dignity. The whole world INCLUDING the President of America is paying respect, and then the “American” Daily Currant thought to put this out there. Is it really worth it? Not Good guys. We need to ask ourselves where we are headed if this is what we use our freedom for. From A South African Perspective this is “totally in appropriate” and disrespectful-EVEN in this day and age.

  • Michelle

    It is fake dear.

  • gronk

    the idiot hunter has become the idiot hunted

  • MelvinSchlock

    Can we let this be true? I’d happily lock Kanye up for 27 years.

  • MelvinSchlock

    So, if you guys could just change your writing style to mimic every other satirical website, that would make things easier for me. Thanks.

  • anon

    Oh yes his most current rap song is so influential. Kanye is not influential like Shakespeare, you need to watch that comparison. Kanye is the farthest thing from that.

  • bobbob

    True, though I’m not sure if he would have found this particular one funny. Maybe he would the Harry Enfield sketches about him? Though I do feel bad laughing at them now

  • Mark Reed

    It would seem he is a TROLL

  • bobbob

    I see what you mean. But at the same time (for me at least) because the satire here is non-subtle, I find it offensive too - in the sense that it just kind of seemed quickly written, and eager to get the joke out before the world moves on and Mr. Mandela isn’t a ‘hot topic’ anymore.

    Not that I’m taking anything away from the author, exactly; it’s still a good idea for an article

  • Dakota

    You know he didn’t actually say this right? It’s a satire article

  • tom

    OBAMA doesnt care about WHITE people!

  • Dakota

    Pretty sure you’re wrong and it’s a satirical site my friend.

  • Nonsense268

    SATIRE or not this is just disrespectful- and completely not in the spirit of Madiba’s fight for Humility and Human dignity- Esp when so many people around the world, even from different walks of life, are paying their respects. The President of America is paying respect, at this time and then the Daily Currant thought to put this out there. Is it really worth it? Even if its meant to be a joke- for all those “ITS SATIRE! ITS SATIRE!” comments, does it still make “THIS’, in its entirety, “okay”? Whilst some may think its a good laugh, on a very real note, this is also culturally insensitive. For those who do not know- From A South African Perspective this is “totally in appropriate” , in its entirety. Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves where we are headed if this is what we use our freedom for. There’s nothing okay about this article.

  • USAproud

    It’s called a ‘sense of humor’. You should get one.

  • Anon

    @everyone that is calling this satire.
    Satire is funny. This is foolish.

  • Guest

    Barf. How sad, only big in his own mind. What a narcissistic asshole, leave it to Kanye to take a situation (Happy or sad) and make it about himself. No respect for this dumb fuck.

  • recallpost

    Someone please kill him and the entire Kardashian family.

  • Nonsense268

    Either way Anon, its not a good article at all. Have you watched the news, read the newspapers? everyone is pretty sad about this particular event. its just an inappropriate article. Some one should have put a cap on this one.

  • milli

    i was disgusted till I scrolled down and read the comments..thank God

  • Nonsense268


  • James Skidsen

    moron… music? you copy other peoples songs and then you”rap”


  • James Skidsen
  • James Skidsen

    i’m gagging and vomiting at the same time…. nothing wrong with wanting to do something but to be soooo vain to think that your microscopic drop in the ocean of history even would ever come close to the ocean of integrity that mr mandela was….Kanye…. walk away from your music and start changing things here in chicago with out the crutch of money and fame and then we may take you seriously… but right now…you sound like Rick Santorum who somehow came out of fog of religious hysteria and (LOL) made the same claim… really Kanye… you sound mentally ill.

  • jsprague

    Oh, ouch. You sure showed me. Because obviously I care what you think about my opinion. You people need to take life less seriously.

  • jsprague

    It *is* labeled as satire. If you’d made enough effort to click the “About” link for the website, you’d have seen the first Q&A item that lets you know EVERYTHING on this site is fake.

    “Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.”

    Seems pretty clear to me…

  • jsprague

    How is it insensitive? This satirical article is poking fun at Kanye West, because we all know this is something not entirely out of character for him. The joke’s on Kanye, not Mandela. If your panties are in this much of a bunch over an article written by a political satire site like the Currant or The Onion, maybe you should stop reading their articles.

  • Guest

    F that noise. They had him mourned to death months ago. What is this sack cloths and ashes week?

  • Johnnie P Walker


  • Author of all the interwebs

    All of the comments on this page were authored by me, the author of the Kanye piece. All the comments except yours. Missed that. Sucka.

  • Author of all the interwebs

    ^ I didn’t write this one either. It’s too old.

  • Author of all the interwebs

    Q. I believed it was real. Am I a twunt?

    A. There are two types of twunt who come to this site which only lets twunts read it and/or comment on it.
    They are 1. Twunts who are easily twunted by twunts who like twunting twunts.
    and B. Twunts who are such twunts that they really just exist to tell twunts that they’ve been twunted without actually realising that they’ve been DOUBLE TWUNTED WITH FRENCH FRIES

  • Author of all the interwebs

    T is for Totally. W is for Wunted. U is for Unted. N is for Nted. T is for Ted. D is for D.

  • Author of all the interwebs

    I’ll have an E please Bob. E for ellarious.

  • shari

    West. I wish Mandela could say something to you. Because that is the only person that can set you straight. How dare you put yourself even near the same level as Mandela. A peaceful war hero. A president. A self less man by all standards. Mandela has done more than a community of people can do in their life time.A world wide hero/ icon and forever will be remembered and also “NEVER” replaced especially by a fool like you. You do not deserve fame, family, or freedom because the world does not need stupid icons like you. Rot you worthless asshole.

  • Mynameis

    What’s even funnier is that many people can imagine him saying such a thing. Kanye is a gigantic douche in many people’s eyes, and for good reason.

  • Author of all the interwebs

    4. Kanye West isn’t actually a popstar but the name of an obscure beach. With no girls on it. Just one twunt with a towel looking for the girls and the Cristal.
    That’s YOU that is.

  • Author of all the interwebs

    The voice of reason. I am proud to call you MY BRUV

  • Dot Newkirk

    Satire or not, Kanye West is too full of himself. It is tiresome that he gets such coverage. He come no where near the greatness he attributes to himself.

  • Captain Cannabis

    two times you guys didn’t end the quote. Learn to bullshit with correct punctuation.

  • twice22


  • Jay


  • James

    The satire needs a little bit more satire. People will actually believe he said this.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    “Madiba’s fight for Humility and Human dignity”? You mean all the people the ANC killed over the years? You mean the people his communist wife Winnie had “necklaced?”

    Not to take away from his role in helping end Apartheid (because he didn’t do it all on his own, he had a willing partner by the name of de Klerk) but to pretend Mandella was a great human rights advocate after he oversaw the brutal murder and torture of over 20K South African, most of them black, is an insult to the victims of his crimes. Get some perspective please.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    Or black people.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    You’re not from America, are you? Please read up on the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech before you make unintelligent comments about our legal system.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    You can delete your own comment. Don’t ask others to do it for you.

  • Jay

    Why does he have to be the next, why cant he be Kanye West and be remembered for doing great things, other than wanting to be like or be an individual….

  • DammIamm

    What was the point of this all? Not a fan but he never said any of this and it’s not ‘The Onion’ funny, just a way to get you here for ad revenue. Sad.

  • Misslainey

    Well, understand how you feel, but it’s making fun of Kanye, a known imbecile; not Mandela, a great statesman. And truly, it is spot on because that is exactly the nonsense that would come out of Kanye’s mouth. I mean, he compared himself to Jesus.

  • Nidal

    no publicity is bad publicity, well done Kanye!!

  • Doc O’Zee

    I would be insulted to be compared to KW. What a worthless dolt he is. But I am not drawn to star power in the least.

  • redbody1wise

    ha ha ha ha ha this makes me laugh, for real Mr west? I don’t think so, I don’t think you can survive in jail let alone you cant even stay with your wife ‘ if you can prove to people that you can look after your own family then its a 1st step towards making history, and about Mandela his a one only man and a legendary who always put people first before himself. RIP.

  • Edward Darden

    Well, maybe Kanye might consider removing himself to a tiny cell on a prison island, with not enough warmth in winter and endless physical labor, then perhaps he can compare himself with a Nobel Peace Prizewinner. And, as for rappers before him, I thought that Jay-Z was already big and rich, when he hired Kanye at Rock-a-feller? Wouldn’t that mean Jay-Z came before Kanye-at least J has much more money than Kanye. You could say that Kanye is on par with Rihanna, that is, a talent that Jay-Z recognized, nurtured, and made into stars. This boy has issues with his self-esteem. If he didn’t he would find much less need to claim himself as extraordinary. Truly extraordinary people seldom advertise themselves as genius, that is something that their works speaks for itself and the world applauds without prompting. I just hope most of this is an act, if he believes his own hype, he is risking a mental breakdown, when real life fails to fulfill his predictions of greatness.

  • Guest

    Getting ahead of yourself there Josh. Lets work on this first note: Although other freedom fighters and united efforts to end the apartheid was not mentioned in the original post, nothing is to say that wasn’t a personal understanding -not even going over the rest of the wisdom shared! The Satirical article was inappropriate - as stated in the original post. that’s not going anywhere.

  • Dbyter63old

    He is such a douche bag, and so is his wife.

  • Nonsense268

    Getting ahead of yourself there Josh. The Satirical article was inappropriate - as stated in the original post. Relax wise guy.

  • Cuso

    I feel bad for him… he doesn’t have any real “friends” to keep him in touch with reality. They encourage him to be as he “is”. Poor guy

  • antskip2

    He sux

  • Ebony

    LOL you’re probably right, maybe Kanye wrote, LOL!

  • Munky

    what a tool lol

  • Delerese D. Douglas

    I’ll back you

  • Chris Dorazio

    I really enjoy my the music and I can see your point just the raps nagy luca

  • goatlady

    Just because he’s stupping Kim Kardashian doesn’t make this egotistic,ignorant sports figure an intelligent or loving human being.

  • icus

    ohhhh fuck off. wars and innocent people being murdered by governments everyday is fine if we don’t pay attention to it or do, and letting millions of people die from starvation every week isn’t too insensitive but an article about one human being saying something about another human being on the internet that was not true, plus didn’t involve any abuse towards anybody is “Extremely offensive”. i would rather kanye west a trillion times over you on this earth.

  • Nick Mulgrave

    Q. Do I care?

    A. No. And I still want Kayne West to drop dead.

  • Penelope Jordan

    While I appreciate satire, the timing is inappropriate and disrespectful. There is nothing remotely funny about this article. It is just dumb.

  • EJ Belton

    How do you write a satire article about Kanye West? He’s a walking joke!

  • African

    Stoopid negro

  • ʇsoɥƃ

    Well they sure fooled me, I actually believed this was real. Got all heated and even tweeted about it. Sad though, because I believed it. That’s saying something about Kanye’s character. (also my judging him, but still)

  • Infuriated

    You can never step into Madiba’s shoes or even get close to his ideal. You are arrogant, rude and obnoxious. Kanye keep on dreaming. Nelson Mandela had an effect on people that nobody has had in a longtime, Mr Madiba is up there with the icon’s with likes of Gundi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Malcom X….etc. with all your money that you have you can never be like Madiba! Sorry to say!

  • pabzlol

    Lets be real, could you honestly say that Kanye’s ego isn’t big enough to do this? haha

  • Kangaytest

    im just going to pretend its real and that someone has interviewed his inner dialogue.. which.. by default.. is this interview.

  • karmamole

    He wants you to be shocked. He wants you to go “WTF?” and then he wants you to do what you always do next….SHARE. So that his name gets bigger and bigger. He obviously firmly believes that ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ - and he’s playing you. Don’t share, don’t tweet. The only way to defeat this kind of idiocy is to ignore it.

  • Barbara Moore

    When he gives over 40 million people freedom from oppression, fear and racial prejudice, and saves a country from going downy he tubes, let me know.

  • Boo

    Satire: the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues

  • Boo

    Get it right

  • TenaGardner

    1st of all YOU idiots, The Great Mandela did 27 yrs due to racism 4 the simple fact he wanted equal rights 4 his people. Therefore, Mandela should have never did the time for this reason. Y don’t you people quit taking Kanya so DAMN serious & leave the man alone.

  • idinahui

    hang yourself kayne

  • Ellis Watson


  • Mobu

    what he meant to say was that he’s going to spend the next 27 years in prison

  • Sam

    He is the most egocentric asshole on the face of this earth. Nobody cares about you kanye, you are a LOSER bro. Even if you dies a mater you would never come close to Nelson Mandela!

  • TM

    the fact that so many people believed this shows how much of a tool Kanye really is, him saying this wouldn’t surprise anyone.

  • James

    Thank goodness this is satire. But just the same, if he had really say that, I’d immediately be turning my sights towards Aung Sun Suu Kyi.

  • Hunke Moller

    lets have the ironic clash with the satiric and jail him for 27yrs then admit it was just a bad joke.

  • MJ

    Not funny, and poor taste. Way too soon.

  • Andres

    Kanye is Jebus! Maker and producer of the greatest video evar! (the one with kim on a motorbike) Dont hate!

  • Malcolm O’brien-Rogers

    Let the people be the judge rather than blowing your own trumpet…

  • Me

    So I’m guessing he is a muslim? lol

  • Nekise Strawn

    Kanye is an asshole, that’s just what he is! I thank GOD daily that I’m not a groupie nor will I ever allow myself to be swayed or influenced by another person’s fame or wealth. He could have 1-1000 million I don’t care fuck him

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    You may think so. Others may think West is a big enough douche to rate this. I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all, and apparently neither do some of West’s fans from the comments below.

    This was never directed at Mandella, you just choose to get your panties in a wad about it.

    “Relax wise guy” I’m going to suggest you take your own advice and stop being a drama queen.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    He did 27 years for being the leader of a terrorist organization that murdered and tortured thousands of people. You might want to have an inkling of what you’re talking about before you say something completely wrong and make yourself look ignorant.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    You forgot “IMHO.”

  • truth


  • Pete

    Lets start by sending this POS to prison for 27 years, See how the douche bag comes out on the other side.

  • Per Øistein Holt


  • screwyoudailycurrant

    screw you daily currant stop posting fake articles

  • southparkfan

    He is just angry to be a gay fish…

  • Soleil Dupree

    SATIRE: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Just a tip for those of you who need to go back to school.

  • Mya

    Wow what a new low, you will never be a legend nor the next black leader. Kanye needs to practice some humility and fight for social and economic justice. Please carry on living your life with Kim K already

  • Jermaine

    Bold, ex stream confidence, This the ish that leaders and champions are made of. Besides it also secure relevance.

  • Ben

    Never heard of him.

  • Blkphoenix

    This young man besides being the most arrogant and egotistical person in entertainment, is delusional when comparing himself to Nelson Mandela. He can’t even fathom a thought behind what was the sacrifice this man had made for his people whereas, Kanye has done nothing but TAKE from his people and his music may be entertainment to those who follow him, it can only be compared to a cartoon with lyrical flow having no real meaning in real life situations or circumstances. Grow up and pull your pants up……..get educated!!!

  • whathemeant

    No, pretty sure patrick is right and you are wrong. It’s a real site that publishes satire, duh.

  • geez

    That everyone who assumed Kanye could and would say something like this is completely right about that assumption?

  • Dima

    Is he an imbecile?

  • Blown Away

    what in the fuck.

  • Anonymous

    No it’s not. It’s made up, but there’s nothing satirical about the article. Look up the definition of satire.

  • Rui Batista

    crazy guy… just sing, already realized that the boy does not know what it is to be free

  • Alex_L_H

    “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

    Fits just fine.

  • tayronachan


  • Khulekani Magubane

    I hope Kanye West sues this site for whatever little it has. The Onion wouldn’t stoop this low at a time this inappropriate, that’s for sure…

  • aintthispeachy

    Kanye,… Are you going to be arrested for terrorism, plead guilty then get sentenced to 26 years of prison? I am with you brother!! cause your music is crap and you really deserve some hard time for that alone! Oh I get it ,…it is a satire article,,…. its like he says he is,… but he really isn’t,… hahaha that’s so funny. it sounded so much like the real thing that I had to comment.

  • Bleu

    YOU should look up the definition of satire. This is exactly what satire is.

  • KP

    Satire? Who’s laughing? It’s disrespectful, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Kanye and his handlers that thought this was entertainment. Done with him.

  • startrekin81

    The guy (or gal) probably has an 8th Grade education (or less).

    Plus, they’re too much of a coward to actually log in and post… they have to be Anonymous.

  • startrekin81

    It’s not disrespectful. You act as though this man deserved respect in the first place… Which he did not.

    Is the next step going to be to call the author and The Daily Currant “racist”?

  • startrekin81

    The insult is to Kanye West… NOT Nelson Mandella.

  • startrekin81

    It’s insensitive if you’re a whiny little…

    The great thing about freedom of thought and expression is that the author doesn’t have to check with people like you before they post something like this.

    If YOU don’t like it, feel free to go somewhere else and read something else. The world does not revolve around you or the other people on here who cant handle a little satire.

  • Guest

    I’m not saying this article isn’t satirical… it’s just poor quality satire. Not very clever.

  • timboH

    I get what you’re trying to say. I’m not saying this article isn’t satirical… Technically it is, but it’s just poor quality satire. Not very clever.

  • Hadil

    WOW….I hope this is NOT real or true. Or else he’s a jackass. And I definitely don’t “worship” him.

  • Warrick Allen

    Wow I was close to believing this to be true, I realise this is in jest, but with Kanye, one can never be certain.

  • Sigfredo Mendez

    lmao he is sooo dumb!

  • katarina

    kayne west, you can start by sitting in prison in South Africa for 27 years and 18 of those should be on Robben island.

  • steveyuhas

    Why bash Kanye West for saying he’s the next Nelson Mandela? Come out of prison an international hero and then become an anti-Semite who equates Palestinian terrorism as a logical step that they should take to gain the state they already have (Jordan). The good news is that Kanye is well on his way - he’s got a head start - with his own Winnie Mandela: Kim Kardashian.

  • A1FXD

    Who listens to this fool?

  • Daniel

    Shut up, Kanye. Stick to your day job, keep singing and do your best to do less talking because, in reality, nobody wants to hear you speak.

  • Gene Reed

    How many innocent men, womn and children is he going to kill?

  • Nancy Windnagle

    Politics to me is an important issue. So why is Kanye West listed as important? This guy’s a hairdo.

  • Johndeere

    Well, it’s time to lock him up for 27 years then… then when he’s released, an ego this big, is probably worth three times lifelong.
    Even when it’s a “satire” I’m not disappointed if it would happen, the article could fit his history of crappy behavior.

  • FatPost

    Okay, I’ve just about enough of your bullshit Kanye. Get off of you high horse, you aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. You make decent music to some, and complete crap in my opinion. Your name isn’t worthy to be in the same sentence as Nelson Mandela. You’re a racist tiny troll with ego and mommy issues.

  • lol

    “there’s nothing satirical about the article”

    “I’m not saying this article isn’t satirical”


  • Travi

    Not the most influential artist of our time. Not even close.

  • Muslims be funny

    IMMA? English, you turd.

  • Muslims be funny

    Offensive how? Insensitive? There are a TON of articles out there lavishing praise on Mandela. Why are you whining about a single article that didn’t? Besides, that, Mandela hated the Jews, although you will never hear that side with all of the so-called love that’s going around right now.

  • Muslims be funny

    Quit whining.

  • marikos

    And where exactly is the humour?

  • Craig

    What a twat….he’s pass his use by date….

  • Pai Luna

    This bitch has lost his mind. Stop making stupid people famous. SMH

  • Dakota

    He didn’t actually say this. This is a satirical website. Don’t get all worked up. And that shot about his mom was a cheap one. She passed away a few years ago, have some respect.

  • Dakota

    It’s hilarious how many people think this is real. Know what kind of website you’re on people. This didn’t actually happen

  • Mich John

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Guest

    What are you all on about? Satire is deliberate, isn’t it? Somebody acting - mostly as someone else - to make fun of them? It’s a genre, not really a word you can apply to real life.

    This is just stupidity. (If you disagree, how else would you describe someone who believes that the population of South Africa is comprised of 6 people?)

  • MJ

    What an IDIOT ! you cant even fill out a stadium during a concert and your career is going DOWN the drain because of your attitude…. how can you EVER compare yourself to a GREAT man… what a LOOSER… get over yourself

  • Carley Hutton

    literally laughing at how pathetic he is

  • Ebenezer Wolde

    This is an insult for African people. a dushbag like him cant be the great leader of all time in African history. what kinda accomplishment is he talking about whatever he did is for his own benefit. he is narcissistic and Mandela was humble. I cant believe he compared himself with Mandela. This really upset me.

  • Ace Wagstaff

    ‘Imma’ is Kanyenglish, so using it in this context is correct.

  • xntryk

    Kanye who? Is this the same joker that commanded all and sundry to stop reading recently? Insisted books are unimportant? And now he’s slamming the great Mandela? He shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • CaddyOne LoveChrist

    Kanye is a slave, he admitted it himself, he is not strong enough to be like Mandela.. He couldn’t even handle the pressure of an interview with sway, how does he expect to be president? HOW SWAY!? you aint got the answers!

  • jerbrent

    you can’t be more than a man who spent years in prison while your in a million dollar home, it’s not about praise, it’s about commitment. Watch “The Promise” The British controlled the area given to the Jews, then the Jews ran them out along with the British, and the U.S. has armed and backed them when we can’t take care of our own. Giving back a settlement means the bulldoze it to the ground and give them rubble. What’s the sense in that? I don’t sign in with my FB account and give them all of my friends and info to them!

  • jerbrent

    Liberating a majority population from a minority rule, that was worse then the civil rights struggle here. I guess Bin Laden only killed a few people, get over it.

  • Robb

    Gay fish

  • Anonymous

    y’all people talking about freedom of expression and knocking on the people who are saying stop complaining… think twice about your words.

  • Sahedra Amen

    Just for the record Nelson Mandela was “worldwide” before Kanye West was born or thought about. I just when we thought Kanye Wrong, I mean West, had more common since to shut his mouth and not disrespect a hero that unselfishly gave himself to the world (not just South Africa). Nelson Mandela severed 27 years in prison not for crime he committed but fighting for the freedom of mankind. Kanye West does not understand what unselfishness means and cannot Nelson Mandela in his dreams!

  • nflawood

    Would it be better if he said he was taking over for Martin Luther King?


    dude this is satire. relax.

  • Lol

    Dude comedy has no bounds. No matter what someone is pretty much going to be offended, and just because its you this time doesn’t mean its too over the top. How many jokes have you laughed at that were at the expense of others? Boundaries are for chumps.

  • startrekin81

    Ironic person points out irony that applies not only to others, but him/herself.

    Too much of a coward to post as yourself?

  • Jahkno_keith

    I agree that Kanye is stupid but i don’t think he is that stupid…i declare this article false and i don’t give a fuck what y’all say

  • startrekin81

    By the way, you have the freedom to express yourself through your own provided medium, not others.

  • GoodWithoutGod

    “By the time I’m 95, I’m going to be a bigger hero than he ever was.”

    He spelled ‘jerkwad’ wrong.

  • Ashley N Matt

    Somebody Quick! remind Kayne that you have to do more than live through a horrific accident to amount up to jesus (you have to die in it.) go kanye GO!

  • lita


  • karen

    Just seems every time he talks, the more he looks like an idiot. It’s a shame that his music doesn’t stroke his ego enough. Yep he’s a self stroker!

  • mataio

    lets just call this dumb-arse satire. and wouldnt expect anything less from kanye anyways…

  • JD

    This problem with this article is that it can very well be true. I did not have any suspicion that it was fake until he started talking about how he was one of the first black rappers. In order for satire to work, you have to be very ridiculous so that people know from the start that it is not real.

  • JD

    It’s disrespectful to Nelson Mandela.

  • startrekin81

    How so? Because it mentions him in the satire article?

    Yeah, that’s a stretch…

  • S123

    He didn’t really say any of that. The Daily Currant is a satirical news site, like The Onion. They are writing that he said these stupid things, because they are making fun of him.

  • S123

    The Daily Current is a satirical news site. Kanye never said any of this, they are making fun of him.

  • S123

    It’s a satirical news site, posting fake stories is their job.

    From the About page:
    “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper
    that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment,
    science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries
    worldwide - now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence - which presses forward.”

  • Guest

    Yes it is, it’s satire based on Kanye’s narcissism.

  • S123

    I think it’s insensitive to post this just after his death.

  • jeff

    he’s a gay fish

  • jsprague


  • Meghan

    wow he is so full of himself. He probably wont be around within the next ten years and will be remembered for little

  • jsprague

    I would be too. Except since it’s satire, the comparison to Mandela is a joke. And since it’s a joke, they’re saying there’s no comparison between West and Mandela. Therefore the only person who should be insulted or offended by this article is Kanye West. And he’s so thick he probably wouldn’t get it anyway.

  • Guest

    Just like jumping in to trash someone for getting an award that he didn’t want them to, like Taylor Swift. Very conceited and all-knowing. Actions speak louder than words, sir.

    How many people has he saved from the ghetto and violence with his music? Maybe he was talking about how he liberated people from saving their dollars for things they actually need.

  • asovermann

    The amount of people who don’t know this is satire…is too damn high!

  • Shannon

    Satire is not fitting in the wake of Mandela’s death. The man was more than a hero and deserves better than this dismissiveness.

  • Bex

    I doubt it. Considering Kanye’s gross arrogance, I wouldn’t put it past him to say, and actually believe, this.

  • Jeffrey
  • Daxiacube

    Shut da fuck up Kanye. Just do what you gotta do. Show some respect, I dont think Sir N. Mandela got here focusing on who he would be better than.

  • Capn

    English requires complete sentences.

  • Billy Ross

    I liked him better on South Park.

  • Corinth

    Kanye’s ulterior motive and start was financially based! Mandela’s was humanity! When Kanye is willing to be imprisoned for 27 years for something he believes, then I will start listening.

  • Behardien

    Kanye west is an idiot and a half

  • Tbird

    ” I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me?”… Um.. Tupac, Biggy, P-Diddy. “Not to mention I have a bigger market than he ever did. Mandela was working in South Africa, which has, like what, six people?” Um…According to Census 2011, the country’s population stands at 51.77-million. How about you get educated? If you want to compare yourself to an icon as great as Mandela, how about you go to jail for 27 years for human rights? Oh wait, you won’t because what is the entire world of USA gonna do without your crap music?

  • Mbali

    wow teach him Ubuntu please please please…im ashamed on your behalf

  • Margaret Thatcher

    So sad that so many people (including myself), were utterly convinced that this du***** bag actually said this!

  • Corinth

    This world no doubt is full of givers and mostly takers… Does Kanye have a clue? What is he willing to sacrifice to make this world a better place? I don’t think he has a clue!

  • Corinth

    Great timing Kanye!!! Gosh, this was such a wrong career move for him to say something such as this out of his mouth. I’ve lost so much respect for this young man that I’ll never purchase or support anything to do with him. So sad to see him be so full of himself in spite of something so great! He has to be on some serious medication or half crazy.

  • NO MAN


  • Corinth

    Just learned that the Daily Currant fabricated this whole story! 2 thumbs down for the daily currant. My apologies to the innocent.

  • Blackchef

    damn daily currant. way to go, gettin people to hate on kanye west even more. this is pretty close to slander…

  • just thinkin

    at least two of the biggest headed egotistical superficial idiots in the world can find a worthless something while they rob the tabloids blind and exploit a kid for extra bonuses. north, move south kid. yah better start crawling now or you’ll never escape from the depravicity that you are about to be a part of. the Canadian border is much more forgiving and civilized

  • traceyleigh

    wow- who is this putz? some rapper? my heart is broken for losing the father of my country, the world morns together for the loss of a singularly unique man of our time- AND yet! we still give time to even talking about some dumb rapper- satire or not, surely we have more important things to spend our energy on- GET TO KNOW our Madiba- read up on his life and character and let that inspire you to strive to be a better person, any minute of time dedicated to doing that- will enrich your soul- any time dedicated to thinking of all these passing fads- miley and her ball, Kanye and his massive ego- achieves nothing for your soul. take a minute rather to learn the character of a true hero, you might be surprised how it touches you….

  • hm

    This is down right disrespectful toward Mandela…Kanye go crawl under a rock where you came from and bring Kim K with you

  • Sisa

    Lets us all be like Mandela, and do more if possible. Salute KANYE

  • Guest

    satire? are you sure? so glad you are here to guide me!

  • Doc O’Zee

    Satire? Really? Gee. Sure am lucky you are here to guide me!

  • great t

    ur a puss kanye compared to Mandela

  • Mike

    ha! linked to this from reddit I had no idea this site was all satire. I do deserve downvotes

  • Susie

    Shame on the editor for allowing this to be published. True it was fake and “supposed” to be funny, I guess. But, Mr. West has his issues but the article was disrespectful to the Mandela family and all that he stood for and accomplished in his life.

    Just curious, did Mr. West pay you to publish such an outlandish article as promotion for himself? At any rate, I think you, the editor of this piece, are even sicker than Mr. West.

  • a pissed off person

    West, you’re just a embarrasment to the black race. what’s next?? you’re jesus???? get your head checked buddy. you’ve lost it.

  • KansasGirl

    Absolutely disgusting.. Your “music” will NEVER come close to touching people the way Nelson Mandela did.. Get over yourself @ $$-bag.

  • Mickey M.


  • jeffreytrip

    Sad…he still keeps missing the first step of life which is….humility….

  • Mikael Johnson

    Daily Currant, lets just let the Onion take care of the satiric news. Nice attempt, but pack up and try something else.

  • Scuba Steve

    He needs to lay off the ketamine!

  • DJ

    Any way you slice it, Kanye West is still a douche, and always will be.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    The amount of people who don’t realize this is a satirical site is hilarious. I think they want it to be true because Kanye West is a douche with a massive ego, which is understandable. This had me rolling:

    “I liberate minds with my music. That’s more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever.”

  • Currantblows

    The Daily Currant sucks, these articles are just dumb

  • Waste of time

    Why does this website even exist?

  • *Up Yours*

    Everybody commenting about the proportions of “satire” in this discussion are a bunch of faggots, How bored are you assholes? Allow me to briefly lay down the law ’round these parts Satire-boy rates he’s smart and the rest of you are incompetent swamp donkeys.

  • jon

    If I were Kanye West I would sue.

  • Timothy

    guy really needs to get his head checked for ‘dumbism’ …President
    Obama didn’t do enough justice by likening him to a ‘jackass’ He just
    doesn’t know his boundaries. His image cannot even be likened to gum
    peeled off the bottom of ones shoes. I wish him all the best as he
    continues to wallow in his idiocy.

  • alice

    Whew!!! I fell for this one until I read the satire comment.

  • name

    Maybe he accidentally looked up the definition of satin. This article is definitely not about fabric.

  • 94mikej


  • JimBob

    Mandela was also part of a group (MK or whatever) that went about bombing places and people. but yeah, the guys a hero… the guys a frigging terrorist!!!!

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Oh yes, one of those, once more behind the scenes manipulators.

  • JD

    Because it is not obviously fake. This seems like it could be true, so now people are really thinking that he disrespected Mandela like that.

  • steve

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalomania satire or not he is on this list.

  • Charlie

    Thank you!

  • Charlie

    Thank you! This is not only in poor taste, it demonstrates the eagerness of individuals to vilify others even under completely false statements.

  • tammy

    I wanna know one thing. What drug or drugs was he on that made him hallucinate to think hes really the “Man? He has absolutely no clue. His statements are really quite ignorant. Especially the population of S Africa! LOL

  • Willigar Mcwatson

    Kanye West is the Kanye best, better than the Kanye rest. Kanye was a bird. KANYE NEST. Kanye thinks he is the next nelson mandela, he must be Kanye possessed. Either that or he is just Kanye messed. He is a priest. Kanye BLESSED.

  • 2spaztic4u2c

    Clap Clap Clap……There ye go….It’s all about you again. I would be surprised if he did anything for others without making it about himself first.

  • startrekin81

    You still have not established a valid argument for how this is disrespectful to Mr. Mandela. Every thing you’ve stated pertains to Kanye… Not Mandela.

    And… Kanye still has not done anything to earn any sort of respect.

  • YoMama69

    If by “more than a hero”, you mean a racist and supporter of dictator regimes. You would be correct.

  • Jaymalls

    smh…. people believe anything they read! This is really sad! I feel even worse for the generation thats going to come after this though!

  • Brian E Stiner

    Satirical… well these people who wrote or spoke this needs a great fall so all the kings horses and all the kings men can not put Kaney back together again…typical American BS….

  • Nava

    Just go and xxxx kim, the biggest achievement. Don’t thing like a fool.

  • cyanyde

    I believe that the Beatles are like, totally the next Jesus..

  • disqus_MguGxP32z6

    mr kardashian is a piece of trash anyway

  • Anna

    The funny thing is, before I realized this was just a satire article, I completely believed it … that’s how absurd Kanye West is. I mean he already calls himself God and Jesus … he doesn’t need to compare himself to Mandela when he thinks he’s a miracle on earth.
    My favorite line “I faced immeasurable racism when I entered this profession. I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me? I was a pioneer.” LOL

  • Inka Yanjye

    gicucu ruganzu, ariko uru runtu rwabaye gute. let me hope its not true

  • djohn18

    this article is trash and lies. it is not true. http://www.complex.com/music/2013/12/kanye-west-fake-mandela-quote?utm_campaign=complexmag+socialflow+12+2013&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social or just go to kanye’s twitter. Dont believe everything you see/hear people. So gullible

  • Kiprono

    Kanye is a egotistical fool.

  • Walter Boyd

    Now I am being sensored by some a- holes

  • Magz


  • Sadie Hutchison

    Sorry, Kanye. But in order to do this, you have to actually be a good person.

  • dumbpeople

    But… but… but… what’s satire?

  • DreamChaser

    well stated

  • JT Clark

    You didn’t have to read it…..so…..

  • JT Clark

    It’s a fake story.

  • JT Clark

    Yet another fool who doesn’t realize this is fake.

  • JT Clark

    Once again, another fool who doesn’t realize this is fake.

  • JT Clark

    Wow, talk about being a sheep. You literally will believe anything the media tells you even when it’s fake eh?

  • JT Clark

    And another idiot has fallen prey.

  • JT Clark

    Even when he’s never said anything of this?


    A terrorist for defending your own people and a land that rightfully belong to your people……..You guys calling him a communist, tell me what is wrong from being a friend to a gov’t that support ur rightful course and ideal than to someone who chosen to support ur enemies barbaric actions against u and also called u a terrorist…….Mandela is the best ever so u guys have to face it period……A GREAT AFRICAN

  • joe duerr

    Kanye’s name should NEVER be mentioned in in the same conversation as Mandela. Kanye is scum of the earth. Mandela is a hero.

  • Hekate

    This is just the sort of idiotic thing that Kanye would say lol

  • duerr joe

    Kanye is scum of the earth. Mandela was a hero. Their names should NEVER be mentioned in the same conversation…

  • duerr joe

    If he wants to emulate Mandela he could start by spending the next 20 years in prison…

  • Todd Allen

    Does that mean we can throw him in a hole for 27 years? Ah silver linings…

  • Colin S.A

    Who is this khanye west?

  • lokiisyourmaster

    The stupid! It burns!

  • Randy Justice

    Please dont insult my intelligence you are nothing But Kims Man LOL!!! and your so called music Trash !! Mandela will be looking down you with scorn !!! You really need to CK yourself !! Your not all that !! LMFAO!!!

  • David Fagan

    Racist? Explain. He fought for a democratic, representative government AFTER Aparthied fell.

  • lara

    what a insult to Mandela…

  • DD

    While Kanye does have a big ego, he would never say this. He respects men like Mandela, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Shakespeare. And the Daily Currant is pretty bold (idiotic) to use Mandela’s death for the sake of satire and pick a controversial artist to create drama for the sake of, uh, creating drama. WHAT were you thinking, DC?

  • kelly

    just an opinion but weather r not its true the fact kanye west is actually sayin hes the most influential rapper writer ,artist of our time is just not so to soooo many of us, I mean some tunes r good aye, but ther is a serious amount of crap aswel. for me Eminem and the new artists macklemore ther song same love. ther writers geniuses people who deserve those kinds of labels. only label kayne deserves in my opinion is self-involved, and who’s eyes only ever sees dollar signs in everything he does. dnt mean to offend just what I think myself.

  • Noel

    This is probably one of the best acts of satirical genius that I’ve ever seen. Bravo to whoever wrote this, I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life when I found out it was false. Because it’s so true…… it’s not even funny!!!
    Kanye west has said he thinks he’s the next Steve jobs…….god even…….he is such an ignorant narcissist! I hope he gets a little hint as to how he is thought of by pretty much………. the entire world.

  • Craig Jackson

    I think “Mad Respect” says its all.

  • chrisg1234

    K west is almost as important as that long brown thing I left in the crapper this morning

  • Whatever

    Some of us are getting sicker by the minute..

  • Richard C Farrelly

    Kanye, you need to get a f’n life, for someone who names his kid South, how about you get some education and get in touch with reality, and start creating some REAL MUSIC. You, Jay Z, Beyonce and all these other so called “artists” need to find new careers all your music sound like crap and all sounds the same note to mention you are all using rhythms and beats from classic songs.
    As for Kim, she needs to be put on an island all by herself, she is a disgrace to Americans. You all give America a bad name. And I would love to tell this to your face.

  • Richard C Farrelly

    Satire or not, there is always truth behind this nonsense.

  • Louis Perna

    he was a terrorist

  • Andy Bruckman

    “Kanye West is under fire today for claiming that he will soon be a bigger cultural and civil rights icon than Nelson Mandela.”

    That’s the lead. So are we satirizing society for reacting this way to Kanye’s statement?

    It’s satire, I suppose, but it’s bad satire. Some satire is better than others, which means there is a worst satirical article in the world. I’m not saying this is it, but I’m saying it’s out there.

  • Andy Bruckman

    Well, now you’re playing in opinion land.

  • JK

    not true

  • JK

    That’s why it’s funny. But this is a satire website, based on stretching believable truths to make us laugh. Smartypants.

  • JK

    So what did Shakespeare do that was influential in some other way than Kanye West? He was an artist producing rhyming entertainment that shaped the future of that form of entertainment. Do you know enough about Kanye’s impact on music to know he hasn’t been influential? Are all the people who do know about it wrong?

  • http://preciousscars.wordpress.com/2012/06/page/2/ pi31415

    Seriously, it says SATIRE right in the title. Damn, people.

  • boohoo

    I guess you’re completely disregarding how he was before he was imprisoned. He was a terrorist who has justified been able to justify that terrorism with whatever he did after 27 years of marinating in prison.

  • honestmike

    he should be killed. straight up

  • gimpy

    This man is a complete nut and makes me laugh, what a piece of crap to say the stuff he does, even he doesn’t believe what he says.

  • AK

    Too ignorant to be helped. By the same definition, U.S.’s founding fathers are same. Should they have accepted second class citizenry from the British (and yes, some advocated and carried out violence to this end)? Are the Irish republicans also terrorists ? Or how exactly do you brand “terrorist”?

  • AK

    Based on what?

  • mercedes

    kanye is a delusional idiot… not worthy of any mention at all next to someone as selfless & incredible as mandela

  • S123

    Personally, I think it’s insensitive to post a humorous article related to a person who just died, even if that person isn’t the target.

  • Smithereens

    Are Irish Republicans terrorists? Why don’t you ask the thousands of innocent people the IRA murdered? Oh, you can’t, they’re dead. Idiot.

  • JB

    This really isn’t a very funny article.

  • Jeanette Gandionco Lazam

    Now is not the time for satire, especially regarding TaTa Mandiba. Second, to compare Kanye West to Nelson Mandela, is like comparing apples to oranges. Third, whoever wrote this piece, needs to go back to the drawing room where all qualified idiots go when they have nothing to do but besmirch the good name of Nelson Mandela.

  • spirits afoot

    Ok let’s run with this, someone please send him somewhere far away for 27 years…by that time he should be over himself…

  • Name

    kanye west sucks, not musical influence no talent a waste of money and a big waste of time

  • AK

    I love reading from ignoramuses like you. You do know the original goal of the IRA ended up in the creation of the Republic of Ireland? (Sectarian violence in N. Ireland is a different story). But since “thousands of innocent people…” is the benchmark for terrorists, is the US a terrorist organization? hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq in the last decade for….who knows! And why no comment on the founding fathers? Moron.

  • Smithereens

    I don’t know what your imaginary line is but mine’s this: if you deliberately target the innocent in order to further your cause, you’re a terrorist. The IRA blew up the centre of my home town, with me in it. I was in Manchester on the 15th of June 1996. And though I wasn’t injured, I saw people who were. People out just doing their jobs. I’d been walking through the Arndale centre the day before - and then it was gone, the back end of it blown up. On any normal day there would have been up to a 100,000 people in the area - it was only by fluke that the bomb was discovered early and the police had time to evacuate. It was intended to take human life. It was intended to be as devastating as 9/11.

    Funnily enough - I don’t agree with the right wing fuckos here who say Mandela was a terrorist. But the IRA? Glorious freedom fighters? Fuck off.

  • Will Hurd

    The original goal of Al Qaeda was to get the US military out of the middle east. Are they freedom fighters? You’re using the EXACT SAME logic to justify the IRA’s actionsd.

  • AK

    Yes, because the republic of Ireland was established after 1996. Haven’t I clearly made the distinction between actions resulting in the republic vs. what they have been doing in “recent” years? And to reinforce my point, I used the U.S.’s founding fathers. Why latch on to something I clearly denounce and then make the Mandela disclaimer. GFY!

  • AK

    Read this thread on my point on the Irish republicans - which is not what we talking about here. Al Qaeda - “are they?” or “were they?” You could potentially get two different answers here. The US/UK etc have killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq under less noble missions - are they?

  • Smithereens

    Well, no, you didn’t “clearly denounce” the actions of the IRA at all. You said “Are the Irish republicans also terrorists ?” without historical context or further embellishment. You didn’t say “the original Irish who fought to re-establish the Republic”.

    Then, when challenged, you altered your position to say that you didn’t include subsequent “sectarian violence” in that definition - which, to people in the UK, would usually be taken to mean the civil violence on Irish soil between the IRA and UDF - and between Catholic and Protestant communities, particularly in Belfast. Because, the terrorist acts on UK soil were not “sectarian”. They targeted English towns and cities and, sometimes, individuals - and the perpetrators didn’t care whether they were killing Catholics or Protestants, Sikhs or Buddhists. They wanted to blackmail the English government into giving into their demands by killing people. Calling that “sectarian violence” is an insult to the lives lost and, we - the people who lived through it.

  • Brea

    This is so stupid,rude, and down right disgusting. Kenya West is nothing but a big mouth who does not have as much intelligence in his little finger as Mandela does period. You don’t do satire over someones death so that alone shows you the mentality of this person.

  • Brea

    Really, so I guess that makes President Bush and this country terrorist then, large target of the innocent dead in Iraq due to a President taking us into a war still going on over WMD, which were never found. That was a trumped up excuse and we all know it.

  • Damien

    that would be parody. Satire uses figures to poke fun at society as a whole (which I think is the greater point of this article) while parody pokes fun at the limited case of a particular person or song using that person or song to make its point. It could be either but I dont think Kanye’s narcissism was the ultimate impact of this article.

  • Damien

    I think you are failing to make your point. You are using several examples of people who at one point could be considered terrorists and at other points of history or views could be seen as heroes. Thus, it only supports the notion that Mandela while considered a hero now, could at one point or from a different viewpoint have also been easily considered a terrorist.

  • Ryan

    This guy is PATHETIC.

  • strike_a_poseur

    They’re making fun of West, not Mandela. Dense much?

  • AK

    Fair point. I should’ve stuck to movements that ended after the comparative mission was accomplished e.g. US founding fathers. I am realizing giving an example of “group X at point A” just creates straws for people to latch on to.

  • AK

    sweet bejesus!

  • Damien

    Lol you keep saying founding fathers as if they accomplished freedom when in fact it wasnt until 100 years later that blacks were free from slavery or women and minorities allowed to vote. The point you need to latch onto is… “IGNORE THE COMMENTS”

  • Beverly Brown

    Lil boy your mother has to be turning over in her grave. You have become so unruly since your mother passed. And most of all NOT VERY SMART.

  • AK

    I guess you also wanted a straw! haha!
    They did (for the U.S.) and are comparable to Mandela - in the sense that they at some point advocated violence to get rid of a colonial master. I am not sure anyone prominent advocated violence when trying to get blacks and women, as you point out, the same way.

  • Damien

    ya….except for that whole civil war thing. and oh ya, the assassination of president lincoln. but other than the bloodiest war in our history ending with the murder of one of our greatest presidents…no violence.

  • AK

    Aww, come on! So there was a guy (a black guy would do) rallying troops to fight for their rights culminating in the “civil war thing”? Please!!!

  • Ebenezer

    I don’t even like this idiot, and i know that this is bull$hit. Do you people believe everything you see on the net?

  • Alvaro

    this kanye west guy is out of his mind. He’s faced inmeasurable racism?What racism just a couple of times being called the N word? And he’s in the fashion world? what a couple of crappy t-shirts? This guy has too much of an ego and not much of a brain. And he liberates minds? which is more that what mandela did? ”Liberating a few people from apartheid?”IM pretty sure mandela has done quite a bit more than that… This guy is so unreal its ridiculous and an offense to human race

  • http://www.BostonJew.com/ BostonJew

    I am by no means a proper man, but this article was just god-awful timing. And in comedy, timing is everything. Therefor, this is the absolute unfunniest thing I’ve read all week. Had they come out with this before Mandela’s death, it would have been funny.

  • Jeff

    Yeah… I’m fairly sure that just because it exists, the site is real. Its contents might be fake, but then again, it is a satire site and is not meant to be taken seriously…

  • Manwho

    so you guys are saying Kanyes a terrorist, right!?!? (lyrical terrorist baby!)

  • Manwho

    I wish kenny would just stick to his classics like “Gay Fish” instead of getting all political!

  • E

    AK, Northern Ireland has suffered bomb attacks from dissident republicans just this week and they happen all the time, if the aim was just to get the republic back what is this all about huh? And you are saying that Al Qaeda just wanted to get US military out of Afghanistan, so could you please explain the reign of terror that predates the US going into Afghan, in India and Pakistan and against their own people and then the rest of the world? While you are at it why don’t you tell us how heroic ETA are?

    Soldiers ARE different to terrorists there are rules of engagement and each soldier is held accountable for their own actions during conflict, hence why we try soldiers in Britain for murder, brutality and disrespect. Conflict is brought about by allied forces joining to protect (regardless of all the conspiracy theories that follow) one side or another, in Afghan we protect the Afghan people from the Taliban, build health centers allow women to get education etc.

    Mandela sanctioned/orchestrated the bombing of a busy train station, people were killed indiscriminately for a political agenda, so like IRA it is terrorism. I know older South African people and there was a time when Mandela’s name instilled fear in them.

    Your argument so far has made you seem like a sympathiser! And a little misinformed.

  • Mame Jennifer Mamelos

    kanye stupid west your gna get yours soon, our Messiah Jesus is coming soon to judge the whole world, and you and beyonce stupid knoles is gna see who is the real King. you people seeking for people to worship, praise and glorify unu like unu a God, but unu a dog, and unu face ago fall back ina unu owna vomit. the devil is a liar, and dats one of his biggest trick to fool fools like you, beyonce, jayz etc. the devil have unu in captive, unu a slave fi him. SETS OF FOOLS AND SLAVES!

  • timo

    Mandela….racist…the man who ended apartheid. And the people he was fighting were white colonialists who forceably took parts of africa a few hundred years ago, murdering thousands of natives and implementing an incredibly racist and horrific system which oppressed and demeaned black people for centuries.

    You can’t fight people like that by waving flags and making daisy chains. What he did was a necessity, and I’d rather that, than the country still be how it was then.

    what he did was not for religious beliefs or his opinion over others. He did it because his people were pushed so far they had to react.

    He also spent a third of his life in prison as a punishment for those crimes. And now thanks to him, the world is a better place.

  • Jim Hughes

    When do they lock him up for 20 years? I’m up for it!

  • Grizzly

    Hopefully Jesus will smack you silly with a dictionary.

  • nicname

    He is the perfect example and proof that man was never meant to live independent from God. Look what happens…power gets bestowed on unworthy individuals, imperfect mankind.

  • JoshuaCJCohen

    You forgot, “IMHO”, which apparently isn’t so humble because you think you get to decide what is and is not appropriate.

    Article was good satire and funny. I’ve got some tissues here if you want to dry your eyes.

  • Mo Doc

    Cool ! If he really wants to follow in Nelson Mandela’s foot steps he will have to go to jail for the next 27 years or so !

  • queen b

    kanye west is the biggest douchebag in the world to even claim he will be as great as Mandela is ridiculous and to say he is a trailblazer for rap artists i can name more rap artists that had true talent and he would not even make the cut!!

  • Maria Gonzalez

    I say do it Kanye, Only you can stop you and I don’t think you are a bad person at all! Just Remember ONLY GOD SHOULD BE WORSHIPED! JS AND GOOD LUCK YOU NEVER KNOW! <3 TO YOU AND YOURS <3 MARIA <3

  • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

    I hope you guys know that this story isn’t real, he never said that… and the Daily Currant is all satire, it’s just made up news to make you either laugh or go crazy because your an idiot and you believe it.

  • Guest

    It is basically a copy of an earlier satirical piece, where KW compared himself to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Even the first paragraph is virtually identical.

  • Marie Shanahan

    Ima let you finish, but Nelson Mandela rocked this civil rights things greater than anyone in the century. (Good natured LOL :) No offense Kanye West, but nobody is Nelson Mandela.