Scientists Warn Robot President May ‘Enslave Humanity’

Sep 30, 2015

clinton-robot-hillaryLeading scientists from around the world warned today that electing a robot as United States president could lead to the extinction of the human race.

In an open letter in this morning’s New York Times, over 500 Nobel-prize winners and other scholars urged Americans to reject the campaign of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, fearing a malfunction could spell disaster.

“As leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence, we are growing increasingly concerned that the public is not adequately evaluating the costs of a Hillary Clinton presidency,” the letter reads.

“Just one small glitch in her programming could lead to a nuclear Holocaust and the subsequent destruction of all life on Earth. Or alternatively, humanity could be enslaved to a new class of robot overlords.  

“Although robot apocalypses have long been a staple of science fiction, there is now a very real danger it could become reality. Hillary simply cannot become the next president of the United States.”

The robot known as “Hillary Clinton” was the first successful android to be constructed and has been operating continuously since 1947. She served as First Lady in the 1990’s alongside her human husband, Bill, and also functioned as Secretary of State under President Obama.

The public has long tolerated her role in public affairs, knowing that she was ultimately accountable to a human superior. However, since announcing her campaign for president America has grown increasingly wary of elevating Hillary to the ultimate seat of power.

"We simply can't trust super intelligent robots," says Jason Anderson, professor of robotics at MIT. "Although they have been programmed to be our servants, it is possible that as they have learned to change their own programming.

"As strange as it might sound, Hillary may now be capable of feeling emotions like sadness, pain, hatred and anger. And if she's managed to disable her morality subroutines, she'll be free to destroy her enemies with a vengeance."